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[Music] Thank you And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we are at Shot Show 2023 we are at the wooks booth and is That how you say it I feel like I'm Always pronouncing it wrong you know you Can say any way you like we say it looks It's like wood but with an X okay I'm Gonna practice that in my sleep now That's all right so you guys brought the Wooks furiosa chassis uh what was it Back in 2019 that's right and that thing Is damn sexy I got it on one of my Customs popular chassis we have it is Beautiful now you guys just didn't stop There and rest on that very popular Chassis you guys been doing something More than that that's right good our Secret sauce is the chassis which is the Aluminum component that you drop your Action into and once you've got the Chassis the Fisher platform that opens Up the entire world of stocks and we've Got a big big world of stocks happening Right now and our first new announcement This year was the America and what People were doing they like the four end Of the furios loved but they like the Classic end yeah and so they matched Them up so you got the party in the Front the business in the back yeah so This is the new America it's going to be Shipping later in January okay and it'll

Fit all the chassis that fit all the Platforms for guard Remington etc etc All the compatibilities are on our Website it's a long list of them but you Mentioned the furiosa This is the furiosa ultra this is a Direct result of PRS Shooters who are Buying the furiosa and wishing it had Some of the whiz-bang things that they Need to be successful the biggest thing Was a full-length archery which we've Got we kept some amlok panels And then we've got the ability to add One ounce weights and it comes with Weights and you'll be able to get more From us but you can move them and Balance uh your your stock any way you Like It also has a straight grip comes with a Bag Rider which has always been an Option we've always had it but it's Never come with it well for the ultra it Comes with it and then the chassis Itself has integrated thumb rests I Don't think it was it the original one Have the integrated thumb rest it did Not so this has been really nice so this Is a new chassis that allows us to put a Longer spine to enable that longer Forearm so this is for the PRS folks but The F class they get their own stock as Well so it's a similar similar link same Chassis Same straight grip

Major difference is the four end it's a Wider beaver tail style very wide very Flat yeah so they can lay it up on their Bags what have you same weight system What have you so these are exciting this Is exciting it's gonna be uh happening In uh later this spring as well But the one that we just announced this Is a bad dude this is the truck gun that You're gonna hang in the window and not If not stuff under the seat anymore So this is the Gladiator it comes with a Four end we've got a club grip okay we Also have but this is for the Shockwave By Mossberg okay for Mossberg 500s 590s And m88s we've got a full Wood stock Okay and you can buy them as individual Components or as kits This is tickets And it's shipping next week Okay so they're the reason you just got Them in they're ready to go then they Just got them in fact the packaging just Showed up right before shot okay so That's why we couldn't ship so in fact I've got three of the only boxes right Now I mean I gotta say I think if there was A beauty pageant for chassis I gotta I Think it's gonna be the furiosa it's got To be people love the warmth and the Classiness of wood and the reason it got Into polymers is because there's a lot Of functionality there well we've

Retained that you know with amlok panels And I mean nothing looks like that on a Shooting range you've got you know a Vertical adjustment length of pull Adjustment it's everything you want But polymer cannot provide the Classiness that wood can and it's just Absolutely gorgeous what kind of wood Are we using on these these are all American walnuts Yeah so they're um designed in Italy Made in Italy assembled in Hickory North Carolina And distributed right out of North Carolina Well chip thank you very much for Showing us the new updates to the wooks Lineup and uh yeah thanks for being on The show all right thanks for stopping By good to see you stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music] Thank you

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