What’s New from Bergara: Carbon Fiber, and lots of it

Whats new for 2023 from Bergara? lots from carbon b14 stocks to carbon b14 barrels, and maybe a bit of both down the line?
Shot Show 2023

And welcome back to Shot Show 2023 I'm Here with Colin we are at the Browning Browning burgara we're at the bragara Booth I haven't even been to the Browning booth and they got some new Rifles to add to their lineup for this Year uh can you tell us a bit about the New Rivals yeah absolutely so this year What we did we expanded in our Wilderness line uh so the Wilderness Series Falls right between our b14 and Our Premiere series Um so in that Wilderness line what we Did this year on the HMR and on the Ridge we added our carbon Barrel to them To shave off some weight for the folks That want to take it out a little bit Farther or just reduce the weight Overall so For example on the HMR here we were able To drop the weight about two two and a Half pounds number five Three Parcels yeah yeah we'll just keep On Counting keep counting keep counting So yeah so on this particular model from The steel barrel version to this one We're dropping two to two and a half Pounds depending on which which Chambering you're getting so Um still folks love that HMR stock they Just wanted to drop the weight a little Bit to make it a little easier to carry Around number six So this will be great so this one and

The ridge the ridge is a little bit it's On the other side more of a traditional Hunting style stock so just trying to Meet the demand on what people want There so then what we have here behind Us So this is the new b14 squared line so This one we are putting between our Wilderness line and the premiere line so In this our first one coming out here With this is the crest so completely new For for this year so we went with a Little bit heavier Barrel fluted folks Wanted to have that heavier Barrel but Instead of having that micro Barrel on There where you can't put a brake or a Suppressor on it we went ahead a little Bit heavier now it comes with the Omnidirectional brake uh that's um That's threaded obviously and then the Stock we completely built ourselves it's All carbon fiber with a it's the monocot Construction all foam core inside and we Have a carbon fiber spine that runs down The center of it for Adder rigidity Extremely ergonomic we had this out at The range the other day and the balance The feel everybody absolutely loved it So we're extremely excited about this One this year too in terms of price Point we'll be talking about for the one In your hands and versus this one yeah Absolutely so the the ridge carbon you Are about 15 50 full MSRP for the HMR

Carbon you're about 1850 MSRP so pretty Similar yep yep and then 1999 MSRP on The crest okay okay so again street Price you're going to be looking a Little bit less than that obviously so I'm just really filling out that line we Had a pretty big gap that's seven right Okay Well that was one from bergara And uh but yeah so it really filled out Our price pricing Gap that we had Between the standard Wilderness and Going into that premiere In terms of weight from one to the other Because I mean the goal for this you're Adding carbon the goals for the least Amount of oil what are we talking about For weight and weight uh don't quote me Exactly so we're gonna quote you I think So this these ones are all getting Chambered in initially in six five Create more six five PRC 308 and 300 Win Mag so we're right in that uh six and a Half ish pound you know give or take on These ones the ridge is going to be Extremely close to that is this one here On weight and then on this one here I'd Have to look again Um I think we're in the high sevens uh High sevens low weights so and most of That's going to be because the stock Obviously so yeah the HMR Stock's a tad Heavier absolutely so but yeah we're Extremely excited about that this year

So a lot of good features and Colin Thank you very much for coming on the Show we really appreciate it absolutely Great to see you stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music]

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