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And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at Shot Show 2023. I am at the M plus M booth and uh They have the M plus M m10x plus yes can You tell me a bit about it so the plus Is going to be the official next Generation of the m10x which this guy Right here uh the plus line is going to Include a few features it's still the Same m10x Um and all the features that are being Added to this are backwards compatible So if you have a early first generation Elite a second generation m10xz you can Apply all these upgrades to those if you Wish but basically this is going to be The official next gen we've had some Minor tweaks and changes that we've done To the Z line but this is going to be Everything finally coming together and More or less the final form of it so for Those of you who aren't familiar with The m10x in general this is a 76239 Firearm running off of standard AK-47 Magazines it is a long stroke adjustable Gas piston Um so you know being able to tune it to Whatever ammo you're using if you're Using cheap Surplus you know North Bernal steel for sure the cheapest stuff Basically Basically the most performance out of The cartridge as you possibly can so uh Overall at least to a nicer performing

More accurate smoother recoiling Smoother shooting firearm about half the Operational Parts about half the gas of The akm platform so more modernized uh Solid picatinny rail m-lok handguard and Ambidextrous controls we've got a 45 Degree throw AR style safety selector And we have a reversible charging handle You just push it in rotate pop it in the Other side Lock it in place and you can go right or Left so new for the plus the few changes That we've made for one the biggest Thing is we have gone from a Cast receiver to a machined receiver so This is just one solid piece Billet Machined We are also going from a gas night tried Button rifled barrel to a cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lane Barrel at the moment The Chrome line Barrel is only going to Be available on the 16 inch the 12 inch Pistol variant and the 18.6 inch DMR or Export version that most Canadians are Familiar with that's still going to be a Button rifle gas nitrite we're just not Able to currently export the Chrome line Barrels but we may be doing so in the Future if we're going to try the other Big thing is going to be the handguard The handguard here we just redesigned Largely for heat dissipation we found That if you're going crazy doing mag Dumps the old handguard if you're going

To be dumping like four or five mags Through which is a lot and most Shooters Aren't going to do that it did tend to Get we might you can especially in the States you got full 30s and you know Drums and you can go crazy Um but we just found that it kind of Gets hot stays hot so with this it helps Really bleed off a lot of the excess Heat also a little bit of a weight Reduction Um not much but it's noticeable Especially when you're tricking it out Putting a bunch of Optics and stuff like That we do have one of our In-house made well not in-house we do Get these from the same Factory as a Vortex and a Sig but this is our own Design Red Dot little mini mrd Um but that's about the like I said Finalized version of the m10x so All these features you can get put on Your old one or get one of the new ones Um as far as MSRP goes with all the Extra Machining features the older Models which we are still currently Producing are around about 1800 MSRP the New plus model is going to be a little Bit more expensive at about 2000 just Because the extra Machining the nicer Barrel the more features that you're Getting so you can kind of choose Um you know what's right for you and What you're what you're after awesome

Now this comes with the zhukov folding Stock Right is it that one yes so this is a Magpul zukov stock this is modified by Us so we use a different rear trunnion Which is a Cast aluminum Trend in here in the rear And we do modify the zukov stock onto That Um one big thing I would like to mention Also and this will be available on all Lines as we are that looks sexy We did announce this before this is our Adapter and largely we did this for the Pistol trunnion and this can be adapted To the rifle variant to change the Training on the m10x it's simple uh two Screws on either side one screw Underneath the pistol grip and you can Change up the whole returning so as you Can see I have this on a full 16 inch With a layish folding stock here and the Adapter is this little piece right here And all this is is four screws and you Can mount on the back so it's Ace Pattern so you know plenty of Accessories out there you can use a Stocks as they are you can use buffer Tube adapters folding mechanisms like I Have here we just wanted to add more Versatility modularity to the platform And you know give end users more options Than just the zookup the zukov's great Gives you everything you want but if you

Just want different or you know Stand long enough for you I mean you're A giant it does actually I love the Zukov I know it has a lot of length to pull it Has the cheek risers it's honestly fully Extended it's uh more than I would Even need but It's comfy One more m10x that looks different from The other ones uh yes so we also have We're introducing this here This here is our California compliance Model so basically it's still the same Standard m10x and as this is right now This does have the older handguard but We will be updating this for the plus Kind of depending so the two main things That we changed out is we did make a Different muzzle device here so this is Just a straight compensator you know Flash hiders and that thing being banned In certain areas this is still threaded Um then we have on the rear here the Thorson Customs Um camera of the exact model of it to be Honest with you but Thorson Customs a Compliance stock so this does feature Our pistol trending so if you did move Out of a band state or something like That you could always readily you know Make this into a normal looking firearm If you're so inclined but this will be Available hopefully in the next coming

Months few months um we're starting to Put these together as I speak so they'll Be shipping as is just like this without The Red Knot of course they'll be Separately with a 10 round PMag so be Compliant in most most band States All right well Matthew thank you very Much for taking the time to show us These the new updates the M plus M m10x And stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 Coverage Foreign [Music]

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