Top 8 New Pistols JUST REVEALED At Shot Show 2023

Top 8 New Pistols JUST REVEALED At Shot Show 2023
Here’s a first look at some of the most interesting new handguns from SHOT 2023
A highlight of SHOT show is seeing many of the new handguns that are being released for the year. It can be difficult to stay on top of every new release and innovation within the massive world of handguns, but we’ve pounded the aisles, the range, and the press releases of this massive firearms industry trade show to bring you this list of new handguns for 2023. Many of these guns are being newly introduced this week, but there are a few in the lineup that have been introduced previously but are finally shipping now. It’s sure to be a busy year of testing for the OL crew as we continue to test the latest pistols to hit the market.
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Firearm manufacturers kicked off 2023 With a whole host of new Firearms but These Advanced guns stand out from the Rest because of their world-class Performance and Technology One of the guns on our list is so Accurate that it instantly became the Weapon of choice of many competition Shooters so stay tuned till the end to Find out which one it is Rock Island Armory Ria 5.0 The Ria 5.0 is one of the most Flawlessly engineered sporting pistols You'll find It features a patented RVs recoil system Engineered to maximize Barrel mass and Linear movement for super soft recoil it Has a buttery smooth trigger for greater Accuracy in Rapid Fire situations and a Two-piece modular grip frame for Flexibility and control The gun is unnaturally nose heavy the Forward portion of the pistol is a Massive aluminum frame cut into a Picatinny rail the front heavy Architecture combines with the rest of This radically Innovative stuff to do Some of the most delightful things to The guns recoil characteristics The micro Hammer assembly is spunky Enough to ensure reliable ignition while Offering a trigger personality in Keeping with a finely tuned 1911. the Overall effect just like everything else

About the 5.0 is just so refreshingly Different it's not really a 1911 and It's definitely not a striker-fired Glock The 5.0 is indeed an entirely new Experience on the Range backed by Extensive testing its fit and Performance will make it hard to shoot Anything else plus it's made right here In the USA Magnum Research bfr Thunder snub How could you not love the novelty of a Snubnose 4570. This Magnum Research thundersnub is Chambered in 4570 government and Although it has a three inch barrel its Overall length is over 10 inches and it Weighs in at around three and a half Pounds So it's small compared to its siblings But it will dwarf any normal snubby This is a five-shot single action Revolver with a transfer bar safety and A frame mounted firing pin this allows It to be carried with all of the Chambers loaded opening the loading gate Allows the cylinder to turn freely in Either direction for easy loading and Unloading The grip frame for this gun is the Bisley grip with smooth black Micarta Grip panels instead of the rubber Plowshare grip frame The fully adjustable rear sight and the

Fixed blade front sight are standard Features although the front sight can be Replaced with a fiber optic tube if you So tubes The nipsen Tucks to the barrel and Cylinder give the Thunder snob as felt Unloaded weight of just three and a half Pounds we can assure you the muzzle Flash is just as incredible as you can Imagine FN 510 Tactical Chambered in one of the most popular Personal defense calibers the 10 Millimeter FN 510 Tactical Pistol offers Industry first capacities and an overall Package not much bigger than the FN 509 It comes with a whopping 15 round Standard capacity and 22 plus 1 extended Capacity The FN 510 also features a threaded Barrel for muzzle devices Optics cut for Red Dot Optics and suppressor height Night sights At just 1.45 inches wide and just six Inches tall with the standard magazine This powerful defensive pistol packs Serious performance into a full-sized Package that can still be concealed and Comfortable to shoot A weight of just over 30 ounces and an Ergonomic grip helps tame The Recoil of The heavy duty rounds as a result quick Target reacquisition allows for Speedy Follow-up shots

Whether hiking in the back country or Defending the home front the FN 510 Tactical handily delivers the capacity To confront any possible situation with Accuracy and precision in a highly Controllable package Rossi rp63 The Rossi rp63 is a stainless steel Revolver with a three inch barrel that's Chambered in 357 Magnum which of course Means you can also run 38 Special Through it the rp63 is a solid option For home defense use but also fits the Bill for everyday carry it features a Rounded grip frame to reduce printing When concealed and has a six round Capacity The factory sights are fixed which is a Wise design feature for a carry gun such As this and the front sight is ramped to Reduce the risk of snagging on the Drawstroke The firing pin is mounted on the hammer Which is a long time feature of Rossi Revolvers a match grade trigger makes The gun a pleasure to shoot and enhances Accuracy High Point jxp 10. This absolutely hideous handgun has all The features High Point promised and It's still forthcoming yc9 including Forward slide serrations a slightly Curvier slide and an enhanced textured Grip featuring the oso Suave High Point

Logo It also comes with a re-contoured Polymer frame featuring a picatinny rail Under the dust cover so you can double The value of the firearm by slapping on A tactical weapon light The jxp10 has a slightly more Streamlined profile than its Predecessors but this thing still has All the high point Hallmarks including The janky trigger and bend piece of Metal thumb safety Highpoint has always been a favorite Among Penny Pincher gun buyers the jxp10 Is no exception coming in at a Bargain Basement price of just 225 dollars This gun is practically cheaper than the Ammo that feeds it even pimped out this Gun is far from sexy but the reliability To dollar ratio is hard to beat Taurus tx22 compact Taurus USA expanded its semi-automatic Rimfire handgun lineup with the addition Of the tx-22 compact the tx-22 compact Is a striker-fired gun with a smooth Trigger pull and a crisp brake The pistol has a high contrast white dot On the front sight and the rear sight is Serrated to cut down on glare the pistol Comes from the factory with a slide Milled to accept hollow sun K footprint Optics Adding the weight of an optic can affect Reliability on most Rimfire pistols but

The tx-22 adjusts for this by reducing The weight in the slide with proprietary Slide lightning cuts There's also a 1913 pattern accessory Rail for mounting weapon mounted lights Or other gear and the alloy steel barrel Is threaded for suppressors right out of The box Despite these compact Dimensions the Tx-22 compact still provides an Impressive capacity of 13 Rounds and its Staggerstack magazine Each Taurus tx22 compact ships with two Magazines and 10 round magazines are Available for those living in capacity Restricted States FN 545 Tactical Styled after the FN 509 family platform The 545 tactical share all the same Features other than caliber featuring a Polymer frame the 545 have enhanced grip Texturing for exceptional retention While firing likewise interchangeable Back straps allow you to dial in the fit For a solid purchase The machine steel slide includes front And rear caulking serrations for Enhanced manipulation under duress or With wet hands Housed within the slide is a 4.71 inch Cold Hammer forged recessed Target Crowned Barrel chambered in 45 ACP A polished feed ramp and chamber also Ensure feed reliability

The threaded barrel accepts a vast Majority of muzzle devices and Suppressors similarly the frame includes A four slot picatinny rail for lights And other accessories Rounds are sent down range via a Target Grade trigger with a crisp pole weighing Approximately six pounds featuring Industry first capacity the FN 545 Tactical includes an 18 round magazine The pistol is available in both black And Flat Dark Earth Rossi rm66 Perfect for range day Ranch work or Revolver competition shooting the Rossi Rm66 will squeeze the best possible Ballistics out of the 357 Magnum Cartridge The rm66 features Rossi's prized double Action trigger and an unbelievably crisp Single action trigger Pole To allow you to take the best advantage Of those triggers the rm66 has six inch Barrel pairs with a red Ram front sight And a fully adjustable rear sight The rm66 has six shots of 357 Magnum on Tap and its steel cylinder the full Underlug Barrel adds an additional Weight which helps manage Magnum recoil Further rating recoil reduction is the Wrap around rubber grip cushioning your Hand during firing there are already a Considerable number of accessories Available for the rm66 as it fits common

Holsters and speed loaders for similar Sized medium frame revolvers But the Rossi rm66 isn't just about Performance it's also about Legacy and History This is a revolver you can wear on the Range take hunting with you and most Importantly hand down to your children At some point [Music] [Music] Thank you

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