Top 8 Low Recoil Hunting Calibers in 2023!

Top 8 Low Recoil Hunting Calibers in 2023!
If you’re tired of added gun weight, extra kick, increased muzzle blast and more expensive ammunition, then it might be time to turn away from your magnum round.
So in today’s video we will be taking a look at 10 best low recoil hunting cartridges. These light-recoil rounds have proven that you can have excellent field performance without the added punishment. Watch till the end and you will be amazed to find which round performs the best.
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If you're tired of added gun weight Extra kick increased muzzle blast and More expensive ammunition then it might Be time to turn away from your Magnum Route so in today's video we'll be Taking a look at 10 of the best low Recoil hunting cartridges These light recoil rounds have proven That you can have excellent field Performance without the added punishment Watch till the end and you'll be amazed To find out which round performs the Best Six millimeter Creedmoor the six Millimeter creedmoor's Big Brother the Six five Creedmoor is noticeably absent From this list that's only because of The two cartridges I think that the six Millimeter Creedmoor is more versatile The six millimeter Creedmoor like other Long-range six millimeter cartridges Produces minimal recoil and allows Competitive long-range Shooters to call Their own shots There are a variety of factory match Ammunition offerings for the six Millimeter Creedmoor but there are also Varmint and big game loads as well The Creedmoor is a killer but recoil is Very mild it's also a great option if You're searching for a light Mountain Rifle or for a low recoil starter gun For kids or new Hunters 25 ought 6 Remington

You've probably heard of the 25 odd 6 Remington but have probably never seen Or shot it Moore's the pity this 25 Caliber offshoot of the 30-06 is like Its cousin the 270 Winchester a Wonderfully effective hunting cartridge With light recoil and flat trajectory The 256 was a favorite for hunting Medium-sized predators and even larger Animals such as deer and Antelope when It comes to the 25 odd 6 Remington Ballistics they're fairly impressive Considering this cartridge was first Developed in 1912. a 117 grain bullet Has a speed of 3200 feet per second and Energy on target is 2 500 foot-pounds This is pretty impressive considering This is largely used for smaller game Hunting and target shooting 300 hammer The 300 Hammer gets my vote as the most Underrated hunting cartridge on the Market today The hammer is the handiwork of gun maker Bill Wilson and although Bill might be Best known for producing custom 1911 Pistols his real passion is hunting Feral Hogs Thoroughly unimpressed with the Ballistics of the 300 Blackout Wilson Wanted to build a 30 caliber cartridge That would function in his AR-15 rifles Reliably and offer the power needed to Cleanly kill pigs when he couldn't find

What he wanted he designed it and that's How the 300 Hammer came to pass The 300 Hammer will push a bullet at 2290 FPS which beats the 300 Blackout's 1900 FPS velocity with that bullet in Fact the 300 Hammer is nipping the heels Of the 308 Winchester But it can be built in lighter rifles And produces less recoil During testing Bill killed over 1 000 Feral Hogs with the hammer Seven millimeter 08 Remington The success of the various six fives has Certainly cut into the seven millimeter 08's popularity but that doesn't change The fact that the seven millimeter 08 is A superb all-around hunting cartridge it Shoots splatter and produces less recoil Than the 308 Winchester upon which it's Based and because it will fit in a short Action it's a great choice for Lightweight Mountain Rifles It'll Propel a 150 grain bullet to Around 2 800 FPS carrying more than 1 500 foot-pounds of energy at 400 yards Performance on game is similar to the Hotter seven millimeters without the Recoil muzzle blast added gun weight and Powder consumption Even in relatively light rifles it Produces about 12 pounds of recoil Energy which is about 40 percent less Than the seven millimeter Remington Magnum

Most hunters can learn to shoot the Seven millimeter 08 well and that's one Reason this cartridge has earned a Reputation as an efficient killer 30 30 Winchester The 30-30 Winchester first arrived on The scene in 1895. so to say this Cartridge is old is an understatement However the 3030 has managed to hang on And despite his Century of competition From newer cartridges it remains one of The top selling rounds in America Millions of 30 30 rifles have been Produced and sold and countless heads of Game have fallen to this round The round will push a 150 grain bullet About 2 400 FPS and a 170 grain bullet At around 2 200 FPS With anemic ballistics and a centriole Design why would anyone carry a 30 30. For starters while the 30 30 doesn't Impress on paper it does a very good job Of killing deer-sized game at moderate Ranges 30 30 lever guns are short enough to be Mobile in a deer blind or in dense woods And these fast handling firearms are Perfect for tracking and still hunting The 30-30 dumps Hogs with authority and A Sleek lever gun allows for fast Follow-ups with modern ammunition and an Aperture site a 30 30 lever gun is fun To shoot and it's easy on the shoulder 350 Legend

When the 350 Legend arrived on the scene It left a lot of people scratching their Heads in an era of bottleneck PRS Cartridges why would Winchester release A straight wall 35 caliber Center fire Round that fired light for caliber low BC Bullets at velocities around 2 200 FPS While the round didn't immediately Appeal to Western Shooters who wanted a Long-range rig the legend was a huge Success in eastern states where local Laws don't allow the use of bottleneck Cartridges during deer season In Ohio Michigan and other states Hunters finally had a center fire Cartridge designed for their style of Hunting To 150 yards or so it's a superb deer Cartridge capable of killing big bucks Meat damage is minimal thanks to the Cartridge's modest velocity and recoil Is less than 10 pounds 224 Valkyrie As one of the newer Kids on the Block Federals 224 Valkyrie represents a Significant Step Up in performance over The 223 Remington you won't find it at Every rural pit stop selling ammo but It's well worth the effort to look for It based on a necked down 30 REM 6 8 SPC Case the round was initially developed For the AR platform to take advantage of The superior ballistics of long

Streamlined bullets The 224 Valkyrie can be deadly on Deer-sized game especially with Federal's 90 grain Fusion soft point Load this little ballistic Wonder steps Out with a muzzle velocity of 2700 FPS And a muzzle energy of around 1 450 Foot-pounds energy doesn't drop below 800 foot-pounds until the round is about 350 yards downrange of course deer don't Read ballistic energy charts and are Unlikely to complain that the round that Killed them was lacking in theoretical Killing power Far more important factors are bullet Construction and bullet placement and The 224 Valkyries combination of reach And Mild recoil contribute to Accurate Bullet placement especially when Launched from barrels of 20 inches or More to take advantage of the round Speed Recoil is cheerfully minimal out of a Nine and a half pound semi-auto rifle The 90 grain Fusion load generates less Than four and a half foot pounds of Recoil energy 243 Winchester Some big game Hunters right off the 243 Winchester as being too anemic for deer But that couldn't be farther from the Truth While it certainly lacks Magnum Knockdown power choosing the proper

Projectile and making decent shots has Bagged this round nearly as many deer as Any other on this list Ammo and bullet selections abound making It easy to tailor the 243 for varmints Predators deer and other medium-sized Game What's more the 243 Win will reach out To 300 yards for clean kills with Correct shot placement though closer Range shots offer greater certainty Almost every manufacturer builds a rifle For this round including plenty of Compact Bantam or otherwise smaller Framed stock variants

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