Top 8 Best Long Range Calibers in 2023!

Top 8 Best Long Range Calibers in 2023
Want to send it really far downrange? We cover a few of our favorite long range cartridges. Complete with ammo suggestions, capability, rifles, and more. In this video, I aim to help you decide which cartridge may be best for you, your wallet, and what you may be able to expect out of these long-range capable cartridges.
Really though, some cartridges simply outperform others at long ranges. To clear up any doubts we decided to list the most accurate and deadly long range cartridges of all time.
One of these rounds is so good that has become the choice of US Army’s elite snipers. But, no matter who uses them, they have one thing in common: They hit their mark at quadruple-digit ranges.
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You know what they say about opinions Yep when it comes to long-range shooting And the best cartridges for the job Everyone’s got one really though some Cartridges simply outperform others at Long ranges to clear up any doubts we Decided to list the most accurate and Deadly long-range cartridges of all time One of these rounds is so good that it Has become the choice of U.S Army’s Elite snipers but no matter who uses Them they have one thing in common they Hit their Mark at quadruple digit ranges 338 Lapua Magnum Just how good is the 338 Lapua in the Hands of a skilled shooter it’s Unbeatable it was used to make one of The longest confirmed sniper kills in Combat an astonishing 2707 yarder The shooter was not using Factory ammo But it’s certainly a testament to the Effectiveness of this cartridge which Was originally designed for the US Military in the 1980s It’s become quite popular among Long-range civilian Shooters too and a Number of rifle makers are offering high Quality guns at relatively affordable Prices Hornady makes a match bullet that is Tough to beat on the Range the 250 grain Bthp has a BC of 670 and a muzzle Velocity of

2860 FPS Six millimeter Advanced rifle cartridge The six millimeter Arc is one of the Hottest new calibers on the market it Has shown exceptional performance in Hunting competition and combat roles and Many call it the future of rifle Ammunition The Hornady six millimeter Arc cartridge Was developed to fill the gap between The 556 and 308 Winchester cartridges Typically to get the velocity and energy Of a 308 in an AR-15 package you had to Get into a larger AR-10 patterned rifle Six millimeter Arc allows you to stay in An AR-15 platform along with increased Velocity and energy on target out to 1 000 yards and Beyond While purpose built for the AR platform The six millimeter Arc shines when hand Loaded for a bolt action rifle making it An excellent hunting cartridge option it Remains supersonic past 1000 yards G7 Ballistics are amazing for its size it Shoots roughly two mils flatter than 308 At 850 yards and smokes the 6’5 Grendel 308 Winchester Is it any wonder the 308 Winchester has Long been a favorite long-range Cartridge for snipers and other shooters For years it’s not only widely available The venerable 308 is also Factory loaded With a range of bullet sizes and styles Many of them use the highest quality

Components and offer outstanding Performance at mind-blowing distances Federal premiums gold medal Burger 308 Rounds use a 185 grain Burger Juggernaut Otm bullet gold metal match primers and A specially formulated powder for total Consistency and accuracy it has a BC of 552 and a muzzle velocity of 2 600 FPS 224 Valkyrie The 224 Valkyrie was developed with Long-range shooting in mind from its Inception it’s hard to believe that a 224 inch caliber bullet with a cartridge Overall length that fits inside an AR-15 Magazine well can be capable of 1000 Plus yards I have my own doubts because I am a bit of a cynic after reaching out To 1 250 yards I’m now a firm believer In the 224 Valkyrie It is a screamer and with increased Velocity comes increased range When coupled with bullets that have a High ballistic coefficient the results Are impressive it also has less Wind Drift and less bullet drop than the 223 Remington or the 6’5 Grendel Ammo prices are a bit steeper than Previously mentioned cartridges in my Opinion the 224 Valkyrie is one of the Best AR-15 cartridges ever made this is Due to the performance characteristics That set it apart from other cartridges If you had the pleasure of shooting the 224 Valkyrie let us know your thoughts

In the comments section below Six five Creedmoor Few recently introduced cartridges have Garnered so much attention in the Shooting world as the 6’5 Creedmoor it’s Done so for good reason hornady’s 2007 Modification of the oft-forgotten 30 TC Was designed specifically for precision Target shooting It quickly became a common sight of Matches it has since become a popular Hunting caliber too and is available in A wide range of rifle makes and models A number of ammo manufacturers offer High quality long-range 65 Creedmoor Ammo including barns the company’s new Vortex LR ammo is ideal for hunting and Is loaded with Barnes all copper lrx Bullets The 6’5 Creedmoor uses a 127 grain boat Tail bullet with a BC of 468. 300 Winchester magnum When Chester introduced this powerful Belt cartridge in 1963 and it quickly Gained a loyal following with hunters And Target Shooters alike it’s a popular Round at long range matches and it’s Well suited for a variety of long-range Hunting situations particularly for Large-sized game Hornady’s match 300 win mag ammo is Loaded with the highest quality Components including 178 grain ELD match Bullets they have a BC of 547 a muzzle

Velocity of 2960 FPS and 3462 feet pounds of energy 28 Nosler There are several nozzler cartridges now Ranging from 22 to 33 caliber but the 28 Has been standout in terms of popularity The 28 Nosler is a refined cartridge but It’s also very fast and that is one Reason that it performs so well at long Distances Nosler’s 175 grain accubond LR Ammunition at a muzzle velocity of 3125 FPS carries 3794 foot-pounds of muzzle energy and Retains more than 2 000 foot-pounds of Energy at 600 yards The bullet has a BC of 648 and when Cited in 1.2 inches high at 100 yards It’s dead on at 200 yards and Strikes Just 5.6 inches low at 300 yards That makes it an ideal choice for those Who want to hunt large game like elk at Extended ranges plus this round is very Accurate if you want to shoot targets up To 1000 yards or more the Nosler has the Goods to get you there Recoil is stiff but not at all Unmanageable or even unpleasant for Experienced shooters 300 Weatherby Magnum At one time the 300 Weatherby was the Most powerful 30 caliber magnum Available to Consumers Introduced by Roy wetherby in 1944 it

Held that title until Remington Developed the 300 rum Despite losing that superlative the 300 Weatherby Magnum is still a highly Effective round for long distance Shooting on the Range or in the field And it remains weatherby’s most popular Brand named cartridge Its recipe for success is raw speed it’s The fastest of the factory six fives Driving a 156 grain Burger Elite Hunter Bullet at 3050 FPS from the muzzle and Generating over 3 200 foot-pounds of Energy When cited in 3.9 inches high at 200 Yards with that load the 6’5 is dead on At 300 yards and drops just under 9 Inches at 400 yards It also clings to energy at 500 yards Most Weatherby Factory loads carry Roughly 1 500 to 2 000 foot-pounds of Energy which is slightly less than most 300 Winchester magnum at the same Distance That makes this a potent elk and moose Cartridge [Music] Thank you

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