Top 7 New Pistols of 2023! Best New Handguns 2023!

Top 7 New Pistols of 2023! Best New Handguns 2023!
Here’s a first look at 7 of the most interesting new handguns from SHOT 2023
Are you ready to feast your eyes on the hottest and most badass handguns of 2023? We’re talking guns that are so sleek and sexy, they make James Bond’s Walther PPK look like a rusty old pea-shooter. So, whether you’re a gun enthusiast or just looking for a conversation starter at your next party, sit back and enjoy as we take you through the best new handguns of 2023.
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Are you ready to Feast your eyes on the Hottest and most badass guns of 2023 We're talking guns that are so sleek and Sexy they make James Bonds Walther PPK Look like a rusty old peashooter so Whether you're a gun enthusiast or just Looking for a conversation starter at Your next party sit back enjoy as we Take you through the best new handguns Of 2023. Staccato 2011 CS 3 167 dollars Staccato 2011 has been cranking out high Quality Hammer fired pistols for a lot Of years and their name is synonymous With quality 2011 pistols The Cs is staccato's new compact model Designed to bring the reliability and Shoot ability of the full-size 2011 Pistols to a carry gun featuring a Compact aluminum frame it weighs just 23 Ounces unloaded it has a stainless three And a half inch Bowl barrel and a crisp 4 to 4.5 pound black anodized aluminum Curved trigger this new staccato uses Dedicated 16 round magazines that allow For a slightly narrower 1.2 inch grip Width than on other 2011 models it has a Fiber optic front sight and Dawson Precision optic system rear sight plate Installed the Cs has a skeletonized Hammer and both the front and rear Caulking serrations as well as Ambidextra safety levers and a single

Slot accessory rail on the frame ERG 9 Elite 349 dollars If you need a little help getting over The stigma of Turkish Firearms this just Might be the gun to do it 2023 brings us An edgy redesign that features enhanced Grip surfaces increased capacity and red Dot compatibility Just like its predecessor 4340 steel Comprises both the slide and Barrel Making it extraordinarily robust and up To the task of even the roughest service The sights on the brg9 elite are a Common three dot setup whereas the rear Ramp sight dots being white and the Front sight red Both the front and rear sides are drift Adjustable the slide and four inch Barrel are made of 43-40 steel that Slide takes a lot of design cues from Other common polymer frame striker-fired Semi-autos on the market with deep Serrations four and aft A two slot Picatinny style rail section Near the muzzle allows for a simple Mounting of a light the brg-9 elite also Comes with a lot of extras especially For a pistol that retails for well under Four hundred dollars Ruger Security 380 369 dollars Following up on the success of their Security 9 Pistol Ruger is now offering

The security 380 which shares many of The security 9's features but in a Smaller package and a milder caliber That's easier to control during recoil The security 380 is also easier to Manually cycle thanks to ruger's light Rack system which consists of slide Serrations caulking ears and a lighter Recoil spring The security 380 is constructed of a Glass-filled polymer frame which accepts A flush 15 round magazine or a 10 round Magazine for restricted States The aluminum alloy slide Sports a black Oxide finish the fiber optic front sight And drift adjustable steel rear sight Are more prominent than that of many Similarly sized pistols High Point yc9 eat Canon two hundred Dollars High Point is unapologetically open and Honest about what they make you don't Buy High Point to flex or win a Competition you buy one because you want An affordable gun that is going to go Bang every time you press the trigger As the C9 was starting to show its age The ohio-based company decided to Remodel the old standby to include front Cocking serrations a threaded barrel for Muzzle devices or suppressors and an Accessory rail built into the frame Fitting most lights designed for Sub-Compact pistols such as the

Streamlight tlr-7 They have also re-engineered the Magazines they will be a two to one Stack magazine featuring a 10 plus one Round capacity Also new is the siding system you can Replace the rear sight with a section of Pick rail allowing for most any optic to Be placed on the pistol Additionally the Front side is compatible with Glocks and Other aftermarket siding options opening Up all kinds of possibilities be it Fiber optic or tritium The new yc9 also is a wrap around Textured rubber grip to include Interchangeable back straps with either A flat or rounded option best of all the Yc9 is still going to mimic the 199 Dollar retail price that made the Gen 1 So popular in the first place Beretta adx cheetah Beretta's bringing back its 380 with the Introduction of its adx cheetah Providing a compact ergonomic handgun With heightened capacity compared to Other 380 ACP chambered options on the Market The adx incorporates the classic open Top slide design popularized by the Beretta 92 series and is outfitted with The slim vertex grip complete with an Easily accessible frame mounted safety As well as a Picatinny accessory rail At the top of the gun users will find an

Optics ready slide and the pistol ships With a cover plate that incorporates the Rear sight One of the standout features of the Beretta adx cheetah is its adjustable Extreme s trigger which features over Travel adjustment that allows Shooters To shorten the trigger's reset travel to Just one millimeter the gun uses a Double action single action operating System with a skeletonized hammer that Speeds up lock time Despite the gun's compact size it Incorporates a 13 round flush fit Magazine providing plenty of capacity in Its 380 ACP chambering Equipped with a 3.9 inch barrel the Beretta 80x cheetah measures in at 6.8 Inches long 4.9 inches high and 1.4 Inches wide Unloaded the pistol weighs 25 ounces Suggested retail pricing on the new Offering is 799 dollars Glock g47 the most prominent release From Glock this shot season is the new G47 there aren't many major departures From well-known and well-liked Glock Features rather a fine tuning of sorts In layman's terms the g47 is essentially A g17 length MOS slide that's mounted on A Gen 5 g45 frame The frame does not extend to the front End of the slide unlike most Glock Models and it looks like the g34 style

The g47 frame is ergonomically sound and Features interchangeable back straps and Raised grid pattern texturing Like other contemporary Glock frames it Lacks finger groups many shooters were Grinding them off anyway The frame has a single shot accessory Rail that will accept a light the slide Is the same overall length as the g17 And features front and rear caulking Serrations and an MOS Optics cut It accepts standard 17 round double Stack g17 g19x g34 and g45 magazines as Well Shadow systems dr-920l with an Impressive 5.3 inch sight system looted Barrel patented optic mounting system And excellent reliability the shadow System's long slide dr-90l pistol is an Impressive wolf-size handgun Shadow systems dr-90l full sight radius Barrel offers best-in-class accuracy and Control during rapid fire The long slide configuration soaks up Recoil making it the Brand's fastest Uncompensated design The reduction in belt recoil and Improved shot to shot recovery of the Dr90l gives Shooters an edge when Accuracy and speed matter The dr-90l's frame features configurable Ergonomics interchangeable back straps Allow Shooters to adjust the grip angle To fit their natural point of aim an Extended beaver tail and aggressive

Trigger guard undercut work to Dramatically reduce recoil and increase Controllability The frames wrap around grip texture is Aggressive enough to keep the gun firmly In the shooter's grip without being Uncomfortable for daily wear The drop safe flat-faced aluminum Trigger has a 4.5 to 5 pound trigger Pull and a crisp tactile reset Shadow system's patented optic cut Allows Shooters to mount the mini Red Dot optic of their choosing available Immediately at dealers Nationwide the Dr-9020l retails for 1175 dollars Thank you

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