Top 7 Most Underrated Guns Better Than Your Carry Pistol!

Top 7 Most Underrated Guns Better Than Your Carry Pistol!
The world of handguns is vast, and there are countless options available to firearms enthusiasts. However, some firearms often go overlooked and underrated, despite their quality and effectiveness. Some of the best underrated handguns on the market today include the IWI Masada, the CZ P-07, and the Walther PPQ. These handguns offer a variety of features and benefits, such as excellent accuracy, reliability, and a comfortable grip. They also come in a range of calibers, making them suitable for a variety of different purposes.
In this video, we will explore some of the best underrated handguns on the market, discussing their features, capabilities, and why they deserve a closer look.
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I love weird and unappreciated handguns As such it's high time I've put together A list of my favorite underrated Handguns so in today's video we take a Look at some of the handguns that Deserve some love but are often Overlooked keep watching to see which Models made the list Iwi Masada Iwi combines some of the best features Of its competitors and Incorporated them Into the Masada It's the mating of the Sig Sauer P320 FN 509 tactical and Glock 19x The Masada is truly ambidextrous with Magazine release buttons and slide stops On each side no need to disassemble the Pistol to swap the mag release to the Other side Interchangeable back straps accommodate Small medium or large hands The Masada ships with mounting plates For the Trijicon RMR loophole Delta Point Pro Sig Sauer Romeo 1 and Vortex Venom as well as a blank plate if you Don't want to run an mrds As for plusing up on spare mags it looks Like your only option is to pick up Factory iwi mags at 30 each there's no Aftermarket or common design mag out There that fits the Masada The Masada has many of the features of Better known veal proven pistols and it Performs just as well

With so much potential for growth amid The hopeful release of different frames The Masada could give the Sig P320 a run For its money and with the masada's 480 Price tag we think the new offering from Iwi is surely worth it Steyr A1 Most people know Steyr from other their High-end bolt guns or the always awesome Steyer Aug very few have ever paid Attention to the stire handguns and That's a real shame the A1 series is a Polymer frame semi-automatic handgun Available in either nine millimeter or 40s and W the A1 series is comprised of Several different models with varying Grip and barrel lengths this includes The ca1 which was a Glock 19x before the Glock 19x was ever thought of These guns sported awesome trapezoid Sights that are very quick to get on Target and intuitive to use The guns were ergonomic powerhouses that Were comfortable to hold and shoot It's a real shame they never caught on Browning high power How can the Browning high power be Underrated when so many countries Adopted it for military service that's Fair and to be honest the high power is Only underrated in the United States Here everyone adopted the 1911 while Ignoring the superior high power because Well I have no idea why to this day the

High power is still a very effective Pistol and modern magazines extend the Capacity up to 18 rounds it's all metal So it's not the lightest pistol but it's One of the easiest to shoot it's super Accurate and the trigger is often good But not excellent that silly magazine Disconnect safety mucks it up and Removing it makes the trigger a bit Better although only have a trained Gunsmith do such a thing It encapsulates the Browning tilting Barrel design well known and used by Most modern handguns The high power is sadly out of Production by Browning but EAA is Importing affordable Gershon models of The gun that are worth a peek Walther PPQ in a world of boilerplate semi-autos Very few guns stand out but the Walther PPQ is one of them it has superb balance And its grip is simply the best I've run Across of any production pistol And yet When the argument about the best Semi-auto handgun starts and Glock fans Roll up their sleeves to do battle with The 1911 crowd the PPQ doesn't get a Mention if more Shooters had this gun in Their hand I can assure you that would Change The PPQ is reasonably priced accurate And has excellent sights and undergoes Walther's 10 000 round durability and Vertical drop tests to ensure proper

Function the M2 version has a Traditional push button magazine release But you can also get a PPQ with the Panel style trigger guard mounted safety That requires you to Simply press down On the trigger guard with your shooting Finger to release the magazine HK P30 The hkp30 couldn't be saved by the hands Of John Wick for some reason everyone Focuses on the USP Mark 23 and of course The vp9 The vp9 is just a striker-fired P30 so I'm not sure why this gun gets less love Than the P2000 Anywho maybe it's because only cultured Shooters can appreciate a rock solid Dasa design that the P30 utilizes Speaking of the P30 has the best to Conquer design ever in the V3 model of The P30 instead of a side mounted to Cocker like Sig we get a button located By the hammer just reach up with your Thumb and press it and the hammer drops Safely and securely Like most HK products the P30 is very Well made extremely reliable and quite Accurate the trigger isn't bad and the Single action stands out The interchangeable grip panels make it Very easy to fit the gun on your hand Regardless of its size A massive rail makes mounting Accessories easy and HK dropped the Silly proprietary rail with the P30

The P30 is Glock 19 sized and well Suited for Duty concealed carry and Home Defense Polymer frame Dasa pistols never seem to Do well and the awesome P30 is a Testament to that continual rejection Colt series 80 Government model 45 ACP The Colt Government Model underrated Yes Actually it is In this day of cheap underperforming 1911s and terribly expensive super Accurate 1911 pistols the middle of the Road 1911 handguns and the eight to nine Hundred dollar range don't get the Attention they should the Colt Government model series 80 is a great All-around 1911. the pistol is a Well-earned reputation for reliability The Trigger action is smooth and Reliable if not the lightest that is Still well suited to personal defense The pistol will put five of hornady's New subsonic 45 ACP 230 grain xtp load Into less than three inches at 25 yards That is a good performance Another way in which this handgun is Underrated is the modern revisionist History and faulty science of all Calibers are the same This is a shaky bandwagon to jump on a Generation ago the popular press gave us Unverifiable and unrepeatable stopping Power studies and ridiculous goat Shooting tests that were regarded as a

Hoax by professionals The 45 ACP is a great choice for those Willing to master the handgun Beretta PX4 Storm Last but not least we turn to one of my Favorite manufacturers Beretta The American Firearms industry has Seemingly ignored the Beretta PX4 Storm Series and that's a shame As you know by now double action single Action guns with polymer frames don't do Well even when they're as awesome as the PX4 Storm Beretta does a fantastic job with Triggers and that's also present here Beretta utilizes a rotating Barrel first Pioneered by the Beretta 8000 series Pistol this rotary Barrel reduces recoil And helps make the gun more controllable It works but it's not a revolutionary Break in Recoil reduction It is worth noting that The Recoil Reduction is prominent enough that it Makes the nine millimeter a very soft Shooting pistol however be warned the Sub-Compact model doesn't keep the Rotary Barrel function [Music]

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