TOP 7 Milsurp Guns UNDER $500 | Cheap Surplus Firearms 2023

TOP 7 Milsurp Guns UNDER $500 | Cheap Surplus Firearms 2023
Does a surplus guns market still exist in 2023?
The good news is that the cheap surplus market still exists. Admittedly the day of super cheap 7.62×25 and 9mm Makarov is gone. These days, most surplus guns have some high ammo costs, but there are plenty of cheap guns on the market. I’ve done a deep dive and found several rifles and handguns on the surplus market that cost less than 500 bucks.
I scoured some well-known surplus websites, auction websites and beyond to find out where the surplus beginner can start. The following guns are available for 500 dollars or less. Although, keep in mind this surplus market is volatile, and things can change quickly, so the prices might be around 500 or so.
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Who remembers the days when surplus Stores were being stocked with cheap SKS Rifles and even cheaper mosins remember When no one cared a whole lot about Surplus stuff the ammo and the guns were Super cheap and it was a buyer's market Does a surplus guns Market still exist In 2023 the good news is that the cheap Surplus Market still exists admittedly The day of the super cheap 762 by 25 and 9 millimeter Makarov is gone these days Most Surplus guns have some high ammo Costs but there are plenty of cheap guns On the market I've done a deep dive and Found several rifles and handguns on the Surplus Market that cost less than 500 Bucks The following guns are available for 500 Or less although keep in mind this Surplus Market is volatile and things Can change quickly so the prices might Be around 500 or so Chinese type 53 rifles Speaking of Mosin Nagant the Chinese T-53 does provide an affordable option In the mosinagon family the t-53 rifles Are seemingly the only Mosin nagants Going for less than 500 on the Surplus Market these days China likes to copy soviet-era rifles And the type 53 was their take on the Mosin m44 carbine while some made a cry That the type 53 is of lesser quality Than the m44 they are wrong these are

Well-made rifles they just weren't well Stored they feature folding Spike Bayonets shoot the 762 by 54R rounds and Provide that ugly Mosin design at an Affordable price point Condition varies wildly and so does the Price check the bore for pitting and Rust but other than that you can likely Get a t-53 in Shooter's grade for a Couple hundred bucks depending on where You shop Turkish M38 Mausers Turkish Mauser still presents the famed Mauser action in an affordable platform These Stout bolt-action battle rifles Served around the world and the Ottoman Empire certainly loved them the M38 Mausers fired the eight millimeter Mauser most commonly it's a heavy hitter That packs a punch and is a ton of fun To shoot Prices vary but they seem to remain well Under 500 for most dealers and should at Least come with the bayonet Prepare thy shoulders for the thump of The eight millimeter Mauser round it's a Heavy hitter that doesn't hold back Carcano m91 Calvary The m91 calvary Carby descends from the Gun famed for Killing Kennedy and it has Long been a cheap option for surplus Rifles hell even Oswald's was cheap at The time they remained cheap these Italian bolt action rifles aren't the Best rifles however they are robust and

Reliable enough These shorty carbines are ugly but come Equipped with bayonets they feed from On-block clips and shoot the famed 6.5 Italian round It's expensive ammo but can be a fairly Cheap rifle on the Surplus Market they Are essentially the Mosin Nagant of this Generation at least at this price point Swiss k-31 I recently included the Swiss k31 on my List of guns you should buy with your Tax refund and for good reason the rifle Features a very unique straight pole Action a rarity among bolt action Service rifles the k-31s are chambered In the potent and affordable 7-5 Swiss Cartridge which is similar in Performance to 30 odd 6. Swiss surplus rifles are almost always In excellent condition which can't be Said of every Mosin pulled out of a Musty crate as with almost every other Mill serp gun on the market k-31s have Steadily increased in price over the Years as supplies dry up there's a large Batch available right now with prices Ranging from 300 to 330 dollars SKS rifles yep The Humble SKS has Exploded recently holy crap I never Thought people would ask over a grand For an SKS but here we are yet there are Still good deals to be had on these Semi-auto 762 by 39 millimeter rifles

You can find SKS rifles in rougher Conditions that aren't exactly Parts Matching for less than five hundred Dollars While they aren't Exquisite they are Functional Shooters I love shooting an SKS and I'm sad I wasn't around to buy Them by the crate Lee Enfield number four the Lee Enfield Number four rifles aren't nearly as fine Looking or as classic as the smle MK3 Still they are Dependable reliable Rifles they just tended to be simpler And easier to produce and that was Pretty important with the upcoming Second World War These are quite accurate though and tend To be reliable Shooters don't expect Matching numbers on the Surplus market For under 500 but you can have a Competent rifle the lien field action Won't leave you disappointed Polish radam p64 Russian and even Bulgarian Makarov Pistols have climbed in price Significantly however the humble polish Rate on p-64 can be an applicable Stand-in the p64 isn't a one for one Makarov but is fairly similar to the Makarov Both use the nine millimeter Makarov Caliber both use a straight blowback Design with a Dasa trigger and obviously Both are semi-auto pistols the p64 is a

Little smaller than the Makarov and Holds only six rounds like most European Pistols you can expect a terrible Trigger but an ultra reliable design The p64 can be found for under 300 bucks Making it a great solid first Surplus Pistol although the ammo is expensive CZ 52 Produced in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s For their forces the cz-52 fires the Extremely potent 762 by 25 millimeter Tokarev round The cz-52 was replaced by the cz-82 in The 1980s as a result of this thousands Of surplus cz-52 handguns eventually Flooded the American Market At one point they were so common that You could purchase a cz-52 pistol in Pretty good condition two magazines and A military issue holster for less than One hundred dollars Among other countries the Soviet Chinese Czech and Yugoslavian military and or Police forces used Firearms chambered in 762 by 25 millimeter so military surplus Ammunition is also relatively common and Inexpensive as well Prices have gone up since then but They're still a pretty good buy for a Shooter on a budget The big downside to the cz-52 is that it Is a difficult gun to shoot accurately By my account it has a terrible trigger Poor sites a sharp recoil and a fierce

Muzzle blast however it's still a unique And fun gun to shoot especially Considering it's one of the least Expensive military surplus guns Available these days The real key to buying affordable Surplus guns is being willing to shop Lots of the recent Spate of high prices Might seem typical but if you shop Auction websites and keep your eyes open At gun shows you can get into the game Quite cheaply I'm only a man a man with a tight budget And a love for Surplus goodies however I Want to turn it over to the audience What are your tips for getting into the Surplus guns Market Thank you

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