Top 7 High-Capacity 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry 2023

Top 7 High-Capacity 9mm Pistols for Concealed Carry 2023
Looking for a concealable 9mm you can tuck just about anywhere, but still shoot almost as easily as a full-size handgun?
The defensive-handgun market is flush with affordable, accurate and dependable choices, but these seven compact high-capacity 9mm pistols stand out from the rest of the field.
Never before have we had such a wide field of affordable, durable, accurate and dependable choices in defensive handguns, and that’s especially true of the new wave of small 9mms with a good amount of capacity. The ability to deliver a number of accurate shots against an attacker can be critical, whether your interest for such a gun is concealed carry or home defense.
We compiled a selection of high capacity handguns from Beretta, FN, GLOCK, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Walther and many others.
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Never before if we had such a wide field Of affordable durable accurate and Dependable choices in defensive handguns And that's especially true of the new Wave of small nine millimeters with a Good amount of capacity the ability to Deliver a number of accurate shots Against an attacker can be critical Whether your interest for such a gun is Concealed carry or Home Defense while The defensive handgun Market is flush With quality carry guns these 10 compact High capacity nine millimeter pistols Stand out from the rest of the field Mossberg mc2c Convenience and capacity Seems like a never-ending tug of war for Concealed carry guns go for one and you Typically drastically affect the other Aiming to address just this Mossberg Might have hit the sweet spot with a Welcome advancement of its MC line of Pistols Minted the mc2c the double stack pistol Vastly improves on the original mc1st's Capacity while keeping proportions Nearly the same Holding 13 plus one rounds with its Flush fit magazine and 15 plus one with Extended mags the pistol doubles the Firepower of the single stack nine Millimeter At the same tick it's barrel length and Height are only fractions of an inch

Greater than its older brother Quite a feat one Mossberg pulled off by Turning to Steel magazines for more Structural support as tidy as the Original the mc2c also boasts the same Top features such as a flat face trigger Oversized trigger guard and simple Takedown Six hour p 365 XL The pistol that changed the face of Concealed carry it's not too much of a Stretch the Sig p365 is proven among the Most Monumental handguns to hit the Market in a spell serving up what many Consider the perfect on-person Self-defense package The p365xl version has a slightly longer Slide and a longer grip as well so it Shoots more like a full-size pistol While still being extremely concealable The P365xl's 3.7 inch barrel is long enough To deliver plenty of nine millimeter Power down range comes with two 12 round Mags and extended 15 round magazines are Available The gun and two 15 round mags is almost A box of ammo on your belt One thing making the p365xl so Controllable and concealable is the Sharp angle to the grip It gives you the ability to wrap all Your fingers around the front but it Angles sharply up to the back strap to

Conceal better The p365xl comes with Sig's x-ray three Day night sights but the XL slide also Features a plate for mounting a red dot Sight HK Vp9sk nope no Hammer here kind of crazy With an HK pistol but the gun Maker's Modern Striker Fired vp9 more than Proves it knows more than one tune As to the vp9sk it's the shrunk down Version offering all the over Engineering of the original and a size Perfect for tucking along your waistline You seldom here a disparaging word from Someone who's been behind the trigger Like most of hk's Wares the ergonomics Are well thought out on the nine Millimeter with exchangeable back straps Conforming to nearly any hand size a Large trigger guard gives fast access to The trigger even with gloved hands and Wings at the back of the slide make Manipulation a snap And the trigger itself is unassailable One of the best you'll find out of the Box Springfield Armory Hellcat a very small Nine millimeter at only four inches tall Six inches long and one inch wide Springfield armories Hellcat offers 11 Plus one capacity and an optional 13 Plus one magazine Weights only 17.9 ounces unloaded with

Flush magazine making the Hellcat one of The smallest offerings out there 11 round magazines are flush fitting and Most concealable and they come with an Optional extender floor plate to give Your pinky extra purchase if you don't Mind the mag making the gun a little Taller The 13 round mag sticks out the bottom But with an extension matching the grip Shape and texture the polymer frame has Springfield's adaptive grip texture for A Sure Grip without a braiding skin a Generous beaver tail under the slide Helps index the pistol on the draw and Control recoil Striker Fired the pistol has no manual Safety beyond the safety lever in the Center of the trigger the three inch Barrel is Hammer forged and the slide Billet is machined Both have a matte black melonite finish Which is corrosion and wear resistant a Variety of siding options are available And the OSP model is machined to take a Small red dot sight such as the shield Rmsc All Hellcat frames are slotted for Accessories such as small lights or Lasers with a single locking point at The front of the rail base models start At 569 dollars and go to 599 dollars Ruger American compact Ruger continues to innovate with entries

Like the American compact this isn't an Ultra compact pistol and is on the Larger side of all the offerings but It's still pretty appealing with the 3.55 inch barrel a standard payload of 12 plus 1 rounds is complemented by a Large extended magazine of 17 plus one Rounds in a package still only 1.05 Inches wide 4.48 inches tall and 6.65 Inches long The stainless steel slide is matte black Nitrate finished Novak low profile fixed Sights provide a snag free draw the Glass filled nylon framed American Weighs 29.2 ounces has a wraparound grip Module that'll adjust Palm swell and Trigger reach to fit a wide range of Hand sizes The media module comes installed and a Large module is included in the Box the Under frame rail mount has three locking Points adaptable to a wide variety of Lights or lasers personally I believe The gun's an excellent design with Plenty for people to like Pistol seems to be an evolutionary Design that draws inspiration from Modern handgun successes while staying True to the company's roots and making Durable reliable firearms FN 509 midsize Cooked up for the U.S military's modular Handgun competition the 509 has an Unimpeachable resume

While the compact model certainly comes In a smaller package the midsize offers A greater accuracy potential thanks to a Few key differences boasting a four inch Barrel the nine millimeter has a greater Sight radius making it easier to keep a Sight picture steady Furthermore a longer grip thus gives the Shooter more control over the gun As far as its ability as a concealed Carry gun don't let the 509's dimensions Fool you it might be a smidgen larger But conducive to staying Under Wraps at 26.5 ounces unloaded it also won't weigh You down exceptional 15 plus one Capacity and intuitive controls The shooters get duty pistol capacity in A very concealable package Taurus g3c One of the most affordable of today's Top tier compact nines is the Taurus g3c A 10 plus one or twelve plus one polymer Frame pistol with a 3.2 inch stainless Steel barrel overall length of 6.3 Inches a height of 5.1 inches width of 1.2 inches and a weight of 22 ounces The striker fire g3c has an internal Striker block safety manual thumb safety On the left side or trigger block safety On the center of the trigger and a Loaded chamber indicator The slides treated to a 10 of her finish And it's nicely sculpted to reduce its Profile

It also features front and rear cocking Serrations unlike its g2c predecessor The sights on the g3c are steel with a Plain serrated rear sight and a white Dot front sight A single action trigger has a re-strike Capability something most guns lack The Taurus g3c's polymer frame has a Subtle Palm swell and slight beaver tail And it features panels of aggressive Stippling The frame also has dished out memory Pads to help you locate your firing hand And support hand thumbs it's slotted for A small lighter laser with one forward Locking point The gun ships with three magazines with Yellow followers and if you're able to Get the 12 rounders in your state they Have a small cutout in their base plates To give you extra gripping room should You encounter a MAG that's being Stubborn due to dirt or Grit Thank you

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