Top 7 Craziest Shotgun Models In The World!

Top 7 Craziest Shotgun Models In The World!
Here’s a first look at the most interesting shotgun designs of all time.
Welcome, fellow shotgun enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most innovative and downright crazy shotguns ever created. From futuristic designs to outrageous modifications, these firearms push the limits of what’s possible with a shotgun. Whether you’re a hunter, a competitive shooter, or just a lover of all things shotgun, you won’t want to miss this deep dive into the most innovative and wild shotguns out there. So, get ready to be blown away as we explore the world of crazy shotguns!
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Shotguns are hugely powerful firearms That really give you some might in the Shooting realm yet you might be asking How many rounds does a shotgun hold one Issue gun owners complain about is that They usually have a very limited Capacity however that's not always the Case in today's video we're going to be Taking a look at some of the best high Capacity shotguns available today I'm telling you up front these are not Traditional shotguns what you're going To see are the new breed of shotguns With a trick or two up their sleeve Without further Ado let's get started Cry Precision 612 cry Precision Engineers were brainstorming ways to Enhance the weapons utilized by Police Special Forces and other law enforcement Officials to assault buildings and other Similar tasks and they came up with this Revolving shotgun called the 612 the 612 Is a modular weapon with interchangeable Barrels for various applications it can Be configured as a full-length Standalone weapon with a stock and hand Guard fitted with a short barrel and Rear pistol grip for use as a compact Breaching weapon or mounted to a rifle As a master key style accessory shotgun This 12-gauge revolving shotgun features A detachable cylinder with a capacity of Six rounds the Standalone version is Just 88 centimeters long

Standard Manufacturing dp-12 The standard manufacturing dp-12 is one Of the best high capacity shotguns Designed for the most Discerning Shooters who demand extreme Firepower And require consistent reliability While the Kel-Tec KSG might have been The first to employ dual magazine tubes And Bullpup operation standard was the First to pair the surety of double Barrel operation with the reliability of A pump action The dp-12 it's a double-barreled 12-gauge premium defense pump weapon That operates uniquely when charged one Pull of the trigger fires the right Barrel and a second pole fires the left Work the slide to eject the two spent Halls and insert two fresh rounds you're Guaranteed two shots with each slide Rather than the one you have in a Standard pump action Having 16 rounds of 3-inch 12 gauge Goodness at the ready is impressive even More so when you realize that it's 8 Sets of Two Shots each the twin seven Round tubes are loaded through the Bottom of the gun with the loading gate Located behind the pistol grip it makes For Rapid recharging on the Fly by Letting the shotgun point at the ground While holding the pistol grip in the Strong hand another strong point for the Dp-12 is the high level of ambidextrous

Operation Not only is the ejection set up to avoid The pitfalls of right side ejection for Left-handed Shooters but the slide Release wraps around the trigger guard To be operated by either hand even sling Attachment points are provided on both Sides of the gun at the muzzle and the Swivel can be swapped in seconds to Accommodate righties or lefties Operation is dirt symbol thanks to the Intuitive pump action and the pull pop Design gives the dp-12 excellent balance Despite considerable weight and cuts Down on the felt recoil 2. Legacy Sports Citadel rss1 based on the AK platform The Citadel rss1 uses a gas operated System that powers the action and offers Up smooth cycling as well as reduced Recoil of light and heavy loads This scatter gun is available in 12 Gauge with two and three quarters inch To three inch chambering and a 20 inch Barrel The barrel is Chrome Moly lined proofed For steel shot and internally threaded For Benelli mobile chokes in addition The rss-1 is equipped with fully Adjustable front and rear sights it also Comes with a full-length picatinny rail Located on the dust cover for mounting Optics and accessories Furthermore this model Sports an Enhanced safety lever for one finger use

Large easily operated magazine release And easy to use bolt hold open and bolts Release levers Tipping the scales at eight pounds this Amazing shotgun measures 40 inches in Overall length and ships out with two Detachable five round magazines it also Accepts Vapor mags Remington 870 DM the 870 DM is truly one of the best high Capacity tactical shotguns out there the DMS feature everything that made the 870 Shotgun so popular for the last 57 years With the simple addition of a detachable Magazine system in place of the Traditional tube magazine Other than how it is fed the Remington 870dm behaves quite similarly to its Tubular magazine brethren fire around Work the action smoothly to reload Lather rinse repeat as needed the Biggest difference comes once the Remington 870dm runs empty Rather than needing to grow a third arm To facilitate faster loading you can Simply drop the empty magazine to the Deck and replenish with another loaded Mag The polymer magazine holds six 12 gauge Shells giving a shooter seven rounds of Tactical shotgun Firepower and all the Ease of operation of an 870 pump The 870 fits well in the home defense Shotgun Market where buyers will Appreciate the extra capacity and reload

Ability with the power that handguns Just can't match and more perceived Reliability than semi-autos In fact it may be the ultimate choice in A home defense shotgun Kel-Tec KSG 25. Designed primarily as a defensive Shotgun the KSG 25 features a single 30 And a half inch barrel fed by two Separate magazine tubes a manual Selector lever behind the trigger guard Allows you to select which tube is Feeding the hardened steel receiver The KSG ejects downward to clear the Chamber and gives you more reliable Operation when you need it most The tool tube magazines hold an Impressive 24 rounds of two and three Quarter inch shells or 20 rounds of Three inch shells giving you some Serious Firepower A familiar crossbolt style safety a pump Release lever located in front of the Trigger guard and the ability to clear The chamber without feeding rounds are Important safety features in any Home Defense shotgun The Sitel synthetic forehand and pump Have top and bottom Picatinny rails for Mounting lights Optics and accessories The synthetic stock has a nice thick Soft rubber recoil pad to tame The Recoil of this powerful shotgun Take it to the range for shooting fun During the day and sleep peacefully at

Night with the KSG 25 by your side Kalashnikov USA ks-12t The ks-12t is a semi-auto 12 gauge Tactical shotgun designed to continue The legacy of the well-loved Russian-made Sega shotgun The ks-12t has a six position Collapsible buttstock adjustable pistol Grip Tri-Rail for end and a flash Suppressor for a total length of 42.5 Inches with the butt stock fully Extended and 38.5 inches Wing collapsed Most of the currently available Sega Accessories will work on the ks12 Including magazines drums muzzle devices And chokes it features a selectable Two-stage gas system allowing the Shooter to use both combat and sporting Loads it ships with a 10 round magazine But larger capacity box magazines and Drum magazines are also available However a 10 plus one round magazine Capacity is pretty good for a semi-auto Shotgun and you generally don't want the Overall weight of the weapon to get too Crazy If you're looking for a magazine fed Semi-automatic scatter gun that will Hold 10 Rounds the Kalashnikov USA ks-12 Shotgun is one of the best options Sega 12. once a common and inexpensive Shotgun choice in America Sega 12 has Surged in value since they were banned From importation in 2014.

The sega's obvious appeal to AK Aficionados combined with its ability to Accept a detachable magazine helped make It an extremely popular shotgun Originally manufactured in Russia the Sega 12 shotgun has its roots deeply Planted in the birthplace of its Brethren the iconic AK rifle Sega 12 shotguns are patterned after the Time tested and reliable AK action but Cheaper to accept both two and three Quarter and three inch 12 gauge shells It is restricted to semi-automatic Action only and uses single stack Detachable magazines for five or eight Shells in their unconverted state they Consist of a hunting style straight Stock and for rent the price you'll pay For one seems like highway robbery to Those who know what they had cost before Foreign

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