Top 7 Concealed Carry 9mm Pistols 2023 | Best 9mm CCW Handguns 2023!

Top 7 Concealed Carry 9mm Pistols 2023

How’s it going, everybody? So you’ve been thinking about finally buying a Concealed Carry handgun for some time, now. Maybe you’ve already settled on a Nine Millimeter – we can’t blame you! But which one should you get for your Concealed Carry? Do you go single stack or double stack, full size or compact? Hopefully, we can help you narrow down your decisions with this rundown of 10 of the best concealed carry handguns chambered in nine millimeters.

Walther PDP Compact

PDP might as well stand for Pretty Damn Perfect because Walther blew it out of the park with this gun. The PDP Compact features a four inch barrel, a width of 1.34 inches, and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The ergonomics of the PDP are awesome and the gun feels so good in the hand. Besides feeling good, the grip texture and slide serrations are aggressive and sticky; all controls are large and easy to engage, especially the slide lock. Walther also allows you to swap frames and slides to create numerous gun configurations – in most respects, Walther’s compact model blows the Glock away and is an awesome gun.

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

At its launch, the Springfield Armory Hellcat Micronine millimetre quickly established itself as a serious player in the concealed carry world. The team at Springfield has pushed forward the evolution of the Hellcat line yet again with their new Hellcat Pron model. The new 15+1 capacity Hellcat Pro offers shooters a version of the pistol that combines performance capabilities more in line with a much larger pistol but is still an extremely concealable form factor. The pistol comes out of its box measuring 6.6 inches in length, 4.8 Inches in height and just one inch wide – weight is just 21 ounces while its barrel measures 3.7 inches – well this is still what I would classify as a compact pistol but one that has performance capabilities more in line with what you’d expect from much larger pistols like its OSP optics ready capability and 15 round flush fitting magazine.

Running the Hellcat Pro at range is comfortable familiar experience but with distinct fresh take – everything ergonomically and control set wise remains identical to the Hellcat Micro compact Pistol – so if you loved your Hellcat chances are you’re going to enjoy this new pro model even more!

Sig Sauer P365

The P365 is currently considered to be the pinnacle of micro-compact pistols – it was designed to be the ultimate everyday carry pistol that one might need. With its slim frame profile measuring 1″ wide combined with an impressive 11 + 1 capacity (12 +1 available) concealment will not be an issue while its XSeries grip modules ensure maximum comfort even when shooting hotter nine-millimetre ammo rounds without compromising firepower or accuracy.

Sig absolutely nailed it producing a Pistol that fights far above its weight Class and is as close to a jack of all Trades pistol that anyone has produced To date. It’s small enough to pocket carry but Large enough to control comfortably and it’s Incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. Boasting a modular design capable Of accepting magazines with capacities Of 10, 12, and 15 rounds in a frame that’s only one inch Wide, it’s not too big nor is it too Small; It’s just right.

Due to the release of the XL SAS and Optic ready models Legacy p365 models Are popping up on the secondary Market As current owners trade up to the latest Model. Take advantage of this opportunity and Snap one up.

Canik TP9

Canik tp9 Elite SC Beyond its exotic Origins, the Canik tp9 Elite SC is a very nice piece of work That’s affordable, sturdy and nice Looking without being over the top in Any area. It comes with two interchangeable back Straps, a kit for installing a miniature Reflex sight, holster, 12 round Magazine, and 15 round magazine. Even better, this slide is milled in such A way that adding a reflex sight does not require an adapter plate or any other Modifications.

The Canik TP9 offers tactical features such as front and rear serrations and a Picatinny rail, along with a Tungsten Cerakote finish to resist corrosion and wear. The gun stands out from the pack with an oversized ambidextrous slide release and a reversible magazine catch. The grip texturing is effective, though it may be too subtle for some people. The rest of the ergonomics are excellent, with thumb shelves and relief cuts that promote a high grip.

The Canik TP9’s real claim to fame is its exquisite trigger, which had just a bit of stacking on the take-up, then a crisp break at around 3.5 pounds of pressure – making this handgun an amazing choice for concealed carry!

Savage Stance Micro Compact

The Savage Stance Micro Compact is intended as the first of a new line of handguns, following modern trends in carry guns design with aggressive surface textures that wrap 360 degrees around ported front slide serrations for increased purchase. Above all else, it features a removable chassis as the serialized component of the pistol which provides flexibility to offer a wide variety of grip frames.

The ergonomic grip comes with two interchangeable back straps for small or large sized grips both at an 18 degree angle. The gun is designed to be comfortable to carry in a holster and easy to conceal due to its beveled front within thin profile. It is offered in three color options with or without manual safety and in choice of standard sites night sights or package including Viridian red laser. Prices range from $479 for versions with standard sites and $548 with night sights up to $561 if you want laser package.

FN 509 CC Edge

The FN 509 CC Edge builds on Tactical features showcased in company’s 509 LS Edge while providing an easy-to-shoot and concealable package for self-defense. Equipped with shortened frame and slide, it measures just 7 1/2 inches long and comes equipped with 4 2 inch barrel topped off FN self-indexing compensator claimed to reduce muzzle flip by 25 percent making it easier get back on target fast accurate follow-up shots.

The FN 509CC Edge Pistol is a must have for gun enthusiasts. Featuring a Gold Titanium nitride treated Barrel to reduce friction and fouling buildup, the pistol fires smoothly and accurately. The barrel is visible through lightning cuts in the slide which also reduce weight and increase cycling speed. Additionally, its low profile optics mounting system allows users to mount popular micro red dots on the market. The suppressor height iron sights can be co-witnessed with an optic for even more precision. For easy operation, it comes with a flat-faced trigger with a built-in safety blade, an ambidextrous light stop lever, and single-sided reversible magazine release. A three slot picatinny rail also makes it easy to add lights and lasers for greater accuracy.

Ruger LCP Max

Shooters wanting a small easy-to-shoot pistol should look no further than the Ruger LCP Max in 380 ACP. It features a longer grip than its predecessor for better control and capacity, as well as raised wings on its slide for comfortable recoil absorption. Its 6lb 12oz double action trigger operates without any stacking while its large green tritium front sight coupled with generous black u-notch rear sight make targeting simple regardless of age or hand strength issues. The Ruger LCP Max comes equipped with either a 10 or 12 round magazine that fits flush within the redesigned grip making concealed carry easier than ever before – at just $1,569 suggested retail price!






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