Top 7 Best Rifles JUST REVEALED At Shot Show 2023

Top 7 Best Rifles JUST REVEALED At Shot Show 2023

Are you eager to check out the top-notch rifles unveiled at SHOT Show 2023? Look no further! We have gathered an extensive list of all the best new guns of 2023 right here, just for you.

New Rifles Released for 2023

Every year, we have plenty of rifles released for consumption. Today, we’ve decided to make a list of new rifles just released for 2023 that you might not be aware of. Keep watching because by the end of this video, you’re sure to want to buy at least one of these guns.

Wilson Combat six millimeter Arc Tactical Hunter

With Hornady’s impressive new six millimeter Arc cartridge, the Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter brings AR-15 rifles to a new level of precision. Not surprisingly, everything about the Tactical Hunter is premium, from the machining on the upper receiver to the trigger and stock. There’s plenty of rail space on the gun to mount any combination of thermal, reflex, optics, scopes, lights, lasers, and other accessories you think you’ll need on a hunting rifle.

Wilson Combat includes an M-lock compatible five slot Picatinny rail section and M-lock QD mount with the rifle, and these guns come with 15-round metal ASC magazines. The Tactical Hunter’s match grade barrel is Wilson’s own design, and it is both threaded and fluted. A mid-length gas system with a low profile gas block keeps the rifle running smoothly, and the Wilson premium bolt carrier assembly is precisely machined.

Accuracy is exceptional with groups consistently ranging from right at an inch for three shots out to 1.6 inches. That type of accuracy makes the Tactical Hunter in six millimeter Arc a suitable long-range target rifle, and there’s little doubt rifles chambered in this caliber will begin showing up more frequently in PRS gas gun matches. Because recoil is so mild, it’s very easy to maintain sight picture when shooting and call your shots. It’s also a great weekend range rifle, perfect for the casual shooter who likes to ping steel at long distances.

Browning X Bolt speed Sr

The Browning export speed suppressor ready is made for mountain hunting with its reduced barrel length, increased stiffness, and fluted barrel profile for improved cooling between shots. The new ovix camo pattern is suitable for a variety of environments, and the export’s shortened threaded barrel allows you to mount a suppressor on this rifle while maintaining a reasonable overall length. Now ready for a suppressor, a radial style muzzle brake and thread protector are included, and with the shorter overall length of the rifle, it turns into a formidable brush gun.

This rifle is an export at heart and therefore comes with a three lug bolt with shortened bolt through a tang mounted safety with bolt release, crisp feather trigger, an outstanding rotary magazine, and an action that’s bedded fore and aft. The speed Sr is available in a variety of calibers, ranging from the varmint ready 204 Ruger up to the flash shooting 300 PRC. Finally, it’s everything we want in a single Browning Hunter rifle, and with an MSRP of $1,379, the price is good for a rifle of this quality.

Cobalt Kinetics SPR

The Cobalt Kinetics SPR is an outstanding looking AR-15 with all the bells and whistles one could want. First off, you can’t help but notice the build quality on the SPR is phenomenal. From the brand name components to the perfectly applied cerakote finish, it just looks immaculate. But this is much more than just a great looking firearm. The internals are what really separates the SPR from the rest of the pack.

The first thing that is abundantly clear after handling the SPR is that it is smooth. The way the bolt glides back and forth is not an easy accomplishment, and it’s certainly a testament to the tight NATO alternative like six Millimeter Arc. Chambered in six millimeter Arc, the SBR has excellent balance, making it a joy to shoot and handle. The SPR also features a side-folding stock that locks in both open and closed positions, which is another nice touch. The SPR is a rifle that would be perfect for a variety of applications, including target shooting, hunting, and home defense.

Overall, these are just a few of the new rifles that have been released for 2023. Each of these rifles has its own unique features and benefits that make it stand out from the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just getting started, there is something for everyone on this list. Be sure to check out these rifles and see which one is right for you.


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