Top 6 Super-Quiet Guns For SHTF

Top 6 Super-Quiet Guns For SHTF

Lots of Preppers spend plenty of brain Cells coming up with the perfect plan For how guns will fit into their SHTF Procedures But most don’t stop to consider the consequences of actually using those Guns. If you’re dealing with a long-term Survival situation with little to no Rule of law the Roar of a nearby gun or The pattern crack of distant gunfire Will get plenty of attention attention You don’t really want. Today we’re going to show you a fine Selection of whisper quiet guns perfect For any survival scenario. Stay tuned Because one of these guns might just Save your life one day.

CVA Scout

The CVA Scout is the quietest 300 BLK I’ve ever heard. It runs sub surprisingly accurately and Slings supers at about one inch at 100 Yards. This rifle is so quiet you won’t Need hearing protection when using Subsonic ammo. It’s everyone’s favorite To shoot and because it’s a single shot It doesn’t blow through your hand loads. The Scout was also one of the most Popular single shot rifles sold in 2020 For a lot of good reasons. That list is a long one but starts with The company’s well-deserved reputation For quality in all of its products.

Scouts are brake action rifles that ship With a duracite scope rail on the Receiver to ease optic mounting. The Synthetic stalks are ambidextrous and The hammer spur can be reversed. They Include a crushed Zone recoil pad all Have 14 inch length of pole depending on The model. The metal has either a blued Or stainless finish. Heavier calibers including the 35 Whelen 4 for 4 Marlin 4570 government and 450 Bushmaster where 25 inch barrel With fluting in a stainless finish and Matching muzzle brake. MSRP is 419 Dollars. If you prefer your metal work blueed and No break one will set you back about 349 Dollars. There’s plenty to choose from And each one comes with that legendary CVA quality. In fact, Scouts are covered By the company’s lifetime warranty.

Henry X model 38 Special

The X model is Henry’s take on a classic Lever action with some more modern Features featuring High Vis fiber optic Sights, a side loading gate, a threaded Barrel, and a synthetic stock with M lock Compatible for end. The new Henry X Series guns retain the classic lines of A lever action with modern capabilities. The small section of rail at the Foremost six o’clock position of the Forend doesn’t get in the way at all and Neither do the small M lock slots at the Three and nine o’clock positions. Even though the 38 Special is primarily A revolver cartridge, there are plenty of Lever action rifles chambered in it and It’s when the round is fired from one of These rifles with a suppressor attached. The often overlooked caliber becomes Hollywood quiet By using a longer Barrel like a 16 inch Barrel on a Henry model X, the round Actually loses velocity, ensuring that It’s subsonic by the time it leaves the Muzzle. What about terminal ballistics well Honestly, they aren’t great at range but This is a close range cartridge and Inside of 50 yards will do serious Damage to both two and four-legged Attackers. Plus, if a shooter wants to Maximize the efficacy of their carbine They can always load some 357 Magnum Rounds at the rear of the tube as Insurance. Ultimately, there are irrefutably better Defensive cartridges available for Shooters but if you’re looking to Quietly dispatch a raccoon or coyote on Your farm, the suppressed 38 Special will Let you hear the impact of the round.

Silencerco Maxim 9

Silencer code turned a lot of heads when

They unveiled the integrally suppressed Maxim 9 pistol. It is unique across the Board from design to Performance. The silence comes from silencerco’s Unique delayed blowback design which has Several advantages. For starters, the Design pushes gases forward out of the Barrel resulting in significantly less Port noise and gases coming out of the action. This results in a much quieter shooting experience.

Additionally, the Maxim 9’s suppressor is built into the gun, eliminating the need for additional attachments. This also means that the gun is more compact and easy to carry. The Maxim 9 is also compatible with standard Glock magazines, which makes it easy to find and purchase additional ammunition. Overall, the Silencerco Maxim 9 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quiet, compact, and easy-to-use pistol for survival scenarios.


In conclusion, having a quiet gun is an important consideration for any survival scenario. It can mean the difference between being heard and remaining undetected. The CVA Scout, Henry X Model 38 Special, and Silencerco Maxim 9 are all excellent options for those looking for a quiet, reliable, and effective weapon. Each of these guns has unique features that make them well-suited for different situations. Whether you’re looking for a rifle, a lever-action, or a pistol, one of these guns might just save your life one day. Remember to always consider the consequences of using a gun and to take the necessary safety precautions when handling any weapon.

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