Top 6 Next-Level GLOCK Clones 2023 | Best Custom Glocks 2023!

In this post, we will explore the top 6 next-level GLOCK clones of 2023. From custom designs to optimized features, these firearms are a must-have for any GLOCK enthusiast. Discover the latest and greatest GLOCK clones on the market and find the perfect addition to your collection. Read on to learn about the best custom Glocks of 2023.

Top 6 Next-Level GLOCK Clones 2023 | Best Custom Glocks 2023!


Glock pistols are arguably the most popular firearms in the world, but with so many similar models available, it’s best to explore some alternatives. The video focuses on the top 6 GLOCK clones that offer something different, and the article will delve into their unique features and performance. Whether you’re a Glock enthusiast, a firearm fanatic, or just curious about the latest innovations, keep reading to discover some exciting custom Glock alternatives that could be the perfect match for you!

The FX19 Patriot

The FX19 Patriot is a 9mm compact pistol with a custom polymer frame and a 1911-style grip angle. The grip has aggressive texture on the front, sides, and back strap, providing supreme grip in multiple environments. The barrel is threaded, allowing for suppressor use, and the flat-faced trigger has an adjustable take-up and overtravel. With a weight of 23.5 ounces, this pistol is lightweight yet durable.

The Zev Technologies oz9

The Zev Technologies oz9 is a custom-made pistol combining a steel chassis with a replaceable polymer grip. It features standard and rear serrations, and the trigger has a crisp, short reset and a skeletonized design. The trigger guard is undercut, allowing for a higher grip, and the slide has a titanium nitride coating. The oz9 offers consistent accuracy with each shot, making it a suitable option for both practice and self-defense.

The Polymer 80 PFC9

The Polymer 80 PFC9 is a Glock alternative that offers aggressive texture on the front, sides, and back strap, similar to the FX19 Patriot. This provides superior grip, even in adverse conditions. The pistol has a 15-round capacity and a 4″ barrel. The PFC9’s custom polymer frame is known for its robustness, and the trigger has a crisp, short reset. The styling is streamlined and contemporary, suitable for sports shooting and personal defense.

The Gray Ghost Precision Combat Pistol

The Gray Ghost Precision Combat Pistol features aggressive grip panels and improved barrel lockup, making it reliable even under adverse conditions. The pistol utilizes a threaded barrel, allowing for suppressor use, and has consistent accuracy with every shot. The grip angle is also ideal for shooters who prefer the 1911-style grip angle. Additionally, the slide has front and rear serrations, enhancing the gun’s ruggedness.

The Lone Wolf LTD19

The Lone Wolf LTD19 is a striking and unique pistol that is lighter than its Glock inspiration. It has extensive cuts on the sides of the slide, providing a stylish look and reducing felt recoil. The LTD19 also features a gray frame and a silver slide, adding to the already unique appearance. The pistol has a 10-round capacity, making it suitable for concealed carry, and the barrel is threaded, allowing for suppressor use.

The Shadow Systems MR920

The Shadow Systems MR920 features a modular frame system that enables shooters to customize the grip size and backstrap to their liking. Additionally, the slide has front and rear serrations, providing improved grip and slide manipulation. The barrel has a black nitride finish and is fitted with traditional polygonal rifling, ensuring reliable accuracy. The MR920 also utilizes an adjustable, flat-faced trigger, which has a curved serpentine-like shoe.


If you’re in the market for a Glock alternative, the top 6 custom GLOCK clones presented in this video offer fantastic options and enhancements. From sleek aesthetics to superior grip and more, these GLOCK clones have something for everyone, and the article has covered their unique features and performance in detail. Whether you’re a fan of sport shooting, self-defense, or just like to collect unique firearms, these GLOCK clones are worth considering.


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