TOP 6 BEST 5.7×28 PISTOLS 2023! Who Is The NEW #1?

TOP 6 BEST 5.7×28 PISTOLS 2023! Who Is The NEW #1?
Here’s a first look at the best 5.7×28 pistols of 2023.
Originally designed in the 1990s by FN Herstal the 5.7×28 round became a legend. Recently more and more manufacturers are jumping on the 5.7×28 train and supporting this once-niche round. While I wouldn’t quite call it mainstream just yet, and it’ll likely never be as popular as 9mm or .45 ACP, it certainly has a sizable cult following. In this video, we’re going to dive deep into the world of five-seven pistols and unveil the top contenders that are taking the shooting world by storm.
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Originally designed in the 1990s by FN Herstel for submachine guns the five Seven by 28 round became a legend Recently more and more manufacturers are Jumping on the 5-7 by 28 train and Supporting this one Niche round While I wouldn't quite call it Mainstream just yet and it'll likely Never be as popular as nine millimeter Or 45 ACP it certainly has a sizeable Cult following in this video we're going To dive deep into the world of five Seven pistols and unveil the top Contenders that are taking the shooting World by storm Caltech p50 Why do you think the shape of this Semi-automatic pistol is so unusual It's not hard to guess the pistol is Equipped with a super capacious 50 round Magazine it was designed by the American Company Kel-Tec which specializes in the Design and manufacturing of firearms Unlike its competitors this model has Five seven by 28 millimeter rounds Placed horizontally The magazine was barred from a Belgian FN hearstall P90 submachine gun and the Set includes two magazines The gun without ammunition weighs 3 Pounds and has a nine and a half inch Barrel The trigger safety and magazine release Latch can be placed on the left or right

Side for added convenience a QD slot and Picatinny rail are also provided Cmmg banshee mk57 Let's move away from handguns for a Minute and talk about one of the few Five seven by 28 millimeter ARS on the Market Cmmg is a Powerhouse in the world of Pistol caliber carbines and the Banshee Is one of their most popular offerings The mk-57 it's actually available in 10 Calibers with three barrel length Options and numerous configurations Among those choices so you can pretty Much style it how you like when Chambered in 5 7 by 28 the action is Built on a delayed radial blowback Design This operating system combines some of The features of a traditional direct Impingement AR-15 with the blowback Operation normally found in the pistol Caliber AR type rifles The Banshee mk-57 pushes a 27 grain Bullet at just over 2 200 feet per Second to offer effective performance Out to 200 yards A pleasant surprise was the last round Bolt hold open a feature that required a Fair amount of engineering to achieve oh And did we mention it takes fn57 Compatible mags that's vastly preferable To cmmg selling some proprietary thing Smith and Wesson m p 5.7

The m p 5.7 is a full-size handgun with A 22 round magazine capacity and an All-new system that's designed to Maximize Effectiveness while minimizing Recoil it incorporates a gas operated Tempo barrel system to effectively Harness the 5.7 by 28 millimeter round Creating a lighter recoil for an overall Better shooting experience in addition To harnessing extra capability from each Fired round the system also provides for Fast easy extraction after unlocking The m p 5.7 includes an Optics Ready Cut Slide ideal for micro slide mounted Red Dot electronic sights The 5-inch Barrel on these pistols also Has a threaded muzzle cut the extremely Crisp single action trigger of the Pistol is enhanced by the flat face of The trigger shoe Each m p 5.7 ships with two 22 round Magazines and the suggested retail price On the gun is 699 dollars Diamondback dbx 57. The dbx 57 is a great shooting platform That features all of the benefits of the 5 7 by 28 cartridge like low recoil in a Familiar feeling gun the first feature That stands out to a user about the Dbx57 is its profile it is very slim Measuring just one and three quarter Inches at the widest point it's hard to Believe that it even weighs 3 pounds When unloaded

The dbx has an 8-inch Barrel complete With a threaded muzzle and a proprietary Flash hider the reciprocating charging Handle is ambidextrous and there's a Picatinny rail section at the rear to Attach a folding brace The trigger safety and handguard are all AR-15 compatible which means that They're easy to change the continuous Top rail is Picatinny spec and perfect For attaching Reflex sights or a red dot Paired with a magnifier it's just long Enough to provide an effective sight Radius for backup sites While the dbx looks and handles Something like an AR-15 its function is Unique the dbx operates from a dual Piston system which can be adjusted Without needing to disassemble the gun And as one could expect when shooting a 5.7 chambered firearm the Diamondback Dbx was a pleasure to shoot Driving this pistol to a Target is fast And transitions are quick Follow-up shots are a breeze a red dot Sight with backup irons would be an Effective EDC siding solution Pdws are one of the greatest Tools in a Self-defense Arsenal and Diamondbacks Dbx 57 wouldn't take up much space in Yours Fn57 FN took the 5.7 by 28 round designed for The P90 submachine gun and packaged it

In a vicious sidearm that scared the Life out of American people it achieved Mythical status with special forces Central American drug lords and Ryan Reynolds in six underground all carrying The fabled level AAA body armor beater Developed by FN early on in the life of The cartridge this handgun actually Caused significant changes to be made to The overall design and dimension of the Round particularly so it would feed Reliably in a handgun Like the P90 the 5.7 is a lightweight Polymer framed gun that has a high Capacity for its size with 20 rounds on Tap and a Glock 17 sized frame The gun is not striker-fired as many Would assume instead it uses an internal Pre-cocked Hammer design it's also Deceptively light at just 1.6 pounds Loaded modern models utilize blacked out Controls and a fairly nice trigger even The older models are surprisingly Accurate the flat trajectory of the five Seven by 28 round only helps the gun Perform even better Ruger LC carbine MSRP 819 dollars Straddling the line between a pistol and A home defense rifle ruger's LC carbine Is a great choice for personal Protection the gun is small only 22.5 Inches long with the collapsible stock Folded weighs just shy of six pounds and Shares magazines with the Ruger 5.7

Pistol making things simpler if you own The pistol and rifle the LC carbine Design offers a more familiar AR style Format with lots of rail space and M Lock slots for accessorizing like other Recent router pistol caliber carbine Designs the LC carbine is Amber Everything with the charging handle Magazine release and folding stock Offering complete flexibility for right Or left-hand operation The Only Exception is the left side only bolt Release however most owners will release The bolt by pulling back on the Non-reciprocating charging handle The biggest advantage to the 5-7 round Is the extremely light controllable Recoil that is very similar to a 22 Magnum Rimfire round but with more Proven lethality than the nine Millimeter round In the LC carbine the round delivers Extraordinary light nearly unnoticeable Recoil with zero muzzle rise the 16-inch Barrel on the carbine means that a 40 Grain round of American Eagle FMJ will Zip out of the muzzle at slightly more Than 2000 FPS providing enough oomph to Reliably hit targets at 100 200 and even 300 yards As a home defense option the Ruger LC Carbine is a fantastic easy shooting Fast slim and light format the 5.7 Option offers a lot of ammo capacity

With a low incidence of wall Pass-through of errant rounds [Music]

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