Top 5 MUST HAVE GUNS Everyone Should Own!

Top 5 MUST HAVE GUNS Everyone Should Own!
What are the five firearms that you need in order to accomplish any mission?
Luckily for you guys we’ve decided to do all of that heavy thinking for you. Today we’re going to be talking about the only 5 guns you actually need. This list includes everything from range work to personal protection to hunting. Stay with us till the end as we go through our list of must-have guns for every purpose imaginable.
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What are the five firearms that you need In order to accomplish any mission Luckily for you guys we've decided to do All the heavy thinking for you today We're going to be talking about the only Five guns you actually need this list Includes everything from range work to Personal protection to hunting Stay with us till the end as we go Through our list of must have guns for Every purpose imaginable 22 LR rifle There are two uses for a 22LR rifle Plinking and small game you can do a lot Of both for not much money The Ruger 1022 is the most popular model It's in every gun store it's been in Production since the 1960s and there are All sorts of accessories for it however Plenty of other examples exist such as Competing Guns by Mossberg Marlin Remington Savage and plenty others Besides you can choose semi-auto bolt Action even lever action rimfires by Henry which are a joy to shoot When it comes to hunting small game is The most bang for the buck in terms of What you have to spend to get after them It's also the most neglected category of Game As to recreational shooting well what Else need to be said you can do more Shooting with a 22LR than anything else And for dirt cheap

Pump action shotgun Unless you compete in certain specific Shooting events all the shotgun you'll Ever need is a 12 gauge pump action Shotgun This is perhaps the most useful of all Firearms the Remington 870 is the most Popular example though the Mossberg 500 Is right behind it plenty of other Brands also make respectable examples Too Despite what some people say the fact is You don't need a three and a half inch Magnum for waterfowl ballistic testing Is shown the larger shell doesn't pay Enough dividends to make the shoulder Dislocating recoil worth it Good ammunition a good choke and good Placement with a three inch shell are More than adequate to put down geese Ducks sandhill crane and so on You can also get after turkeys Upland Birds and small game while you're at it Get a model with a swappable rifle Barrel and you can load slug or Sabo for Big game Those boys in the midwest seem to do Just fine with them and they're also Great for Hogs among long guns the Shotgun is the preferred home protection System among long guns Plenty of people take out the plug and Load five for guarding the home and Replace it when they hit the goose field

Turkey Woods Or Duck Blind Loaded with double odds or triple op Buckshot it will make mince meat of the Most Savage Intruder sure you could sub The pump for a decent semi-auto and Everything previously mentioned applies Unless you shoot skeet or trap Competitively and are mandated to have An over under or side by side a 12 gauge Pump is all you need Full-size Magnum revolver If you have to carry a big gun in the Woods one of the best choices is a Ruger GP100 or other service size Magnum Revolver a 10 millimeter semi-auto also Works very well For most of the lower 48 the most you'd Have to worry about is Black Bear and Maybe a wolf or coyote or snake Elk and moose can certainly be a threat But they are naturally skittish for the Most part attacks are very rare If you do a lot of Back Country travel In Grizzly country size up to a 41 Magnum or larger for most people a 357 Magnum or 10 millimeter is all the Packing gun you'll need if you want a Full-size gun for home protection that Gives it dual rolls AR-15 rifle There's been a lot of controversy about AR-15 lately what this can't tarnish is The fact that the AR-15 is a fantastic Gun

It's 223 Remington ammunition isn't hard To Source in a wide range of Configurations yet what makes it so Popular is its modular design you can Deconstruct and rebuild an AR-15 in a Matter of minutes it can accept a huge Range of different parts too allowing You to build the AR-15 to your Requirements like the M1911 it's an American icon too the military version Has been used in every us conflict since Vietnam and is used by Special Forces Around the world The Patriotic American nature of this Gun also means that finding AR-15 parts Is far from difficult Nor is this gun expensive to buy Countless companies now make their own Spin on the AR-15 so there are always Plenty of used ones around If you want a rifle that will serve you Well start with an AR-15 Nine millimeter concealed carry pistol The civilian carrier arguably doesn't Need the kind of carrying capacity law Enforcement officers and military Personnel do because civilians don't Generally get into extended shootouts For concealed carry a compact or Sub-Compact pistol like the Smith Wesson M p Shield nine millimeter is all the Handgun you'll need There are plenty of other great choices Glock 19 or Glock 26 cz-75 compact Sig

P365 XL Springfield XDS or XD mod 2 Subcompact a decent Commander or officer Frame 1911. so so many great guns to Mention A pistol that can be fired accurately And safely when operated by the user and Also that can be easily packed in a Concealed carry holster and carried Discreetly is not hard to find and not Expensive to obtain You can do all the target shooting you Want with Hardball then load it up with Jhp for CCW use Sure having a bigger handgun for home Defense is desirable and are even more Fun to shoot but a decent compact is all The handgun you'll likely Ever Need Bonus gun Surplus firearms A surplus weapon is a handy weapon to Have for a few reasons for one bambo is Probably readily available and Inexpensive 2. the weapon itself is Probably cheap and in low demand the Surplus weapon can be handy as a backup Rifle should you get low on ammo stores The weapon can also be used to arm a Trusted but ill-equipped neighbor or Family member Surplus weapons are also amazingly Durable as most were built during a time When fighting was in trenches and Hand-to-hand combat was commonplace This applies to both rifles and handguns

I haven't seen any surplus shotguns in My life but hey if they show up go for It most of these weapons are out of date When it comes to Firepower and feature Either a bolt action a fixed magazine or Low capacity magazines A surplus weapon may be handy But it's a maybe in most situations [Music] Thank you

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