No, you didn’t hear wrong, there is such a thing as a tactical revolver. And it might just be your best bet for EDC and home defense. Design features vary from one model to the next, but what they do have in common is utter reliability under the worst conditions. We listed the top 5 tactical revolvers and their key features plus something you need to consider to help you choose the best one for you. Can you believe that one of them only costs $359 but is still much more powerful than those expensive ones? Stick till the end to find out which one that is.
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No you didn't hear raw there is such a Thing as a tactical revolver and it Might just be your best bet for EDC and Home Defense Design features vary from one model to The next but what they do have in common Is utter reliability under the worst Conditions We listed the top five tactical Revolvers and their key features plus Something you need to consider to help You choose the best one for you Can you believe that one of them only Costs 359 dollars but is still much more Powerful than those expensive ones stick Till the end to find out which one that Is Smith and Wesson performance center mnp R8 The Undisputed king of tactical Revolvers is the Smith and Wesson m p R8 Besides the eight round capacity Stainless steel cylinder the R8 has a Scandium alloy frame that keeps its Weight down to 36.3 ounces unloaded the Barrel is a two-piece affair with a Steel shroud that is held in place at The muzzle by a special nut that Maintains tensions on the barrel Increasing its accuracy potential Batman pr8 incorporates all the modern Changes Smith and Wesson has made to its Revolver designs Gone out of the pinned Barrel Preston's

Cylinder stop Hammer mounted firing pin And Tiny pins to hold the extractor's Star in position In place is a frame mounted firing pin a Cylinder stop integral with the recoil Shield angular Cuts in the ends of the Extractor star arms that keep it in Position plus a key operated internal Safety Lock In keeping with its performance Central Origins the m p R8 has a smooth double Action pole and a crisp clean single Action pole the black synthetic grip has Finger grooves and Pebble textured Panels on the sides if you're looking For a duty carry gun and want 8 shots of 357 mag in a very controllable package The m p R8 might just be what you're Looking for Chiappo rhino The kiapo Rhino looks like it was pulled Straight out of the year 2080. it has Hard edges and an angular cylinder Something I'm personally a fan of The hammer is almost entirely shrouded By metal when forward It is all sorts of weird but also fairly Advanced and smart in its design Chiappa makes the rhino in a variety of Calibers including 357 Magnum 40 Smith And Wesson nine millimeter and 44 Magnum What's really different about Chiappa And the Rhino is that the barrel aligns With the bottom cylinder this place is

In line with the wrist which helps Reduce muzzle rise and really directs The force more rearward than upward Chiappa makes numerous Barrel links and For our tactical revolvers we'll stick To the four five and six inch models The four and five inch guns feature Bottom accessory rails for mounting Lights and lasers the six-inch models Implement an optic rail for many red Dots This allows you to make your already Space Age to revolver a bit more modern And ready for home defense hunting and Playing Space Cowboy Korth and Xs Thenxs is a very distinctive looking Revolver with aggressive milk Cuts lots Of rail space and a two-tone finish If traditional styling is your thing This may not be the gun for you this 357 Magnum brings an 8-shot cylinder to the Table and it's cut to accept Moon Clips With barrel length options of four or Six inches That excess Barrel is cold Hammer forged From 416r stainless steel and threaded Into the frame the ribbed railed and Scalloped steel shroud fits over the Barrel precisely and is actually Installed first the fully adjustable Rear sight comes standard while the Front sight features removable side Panels to offer Shooters the ability to

Customize their sights for any situation Thanks to the unique lock work and hand Fitting that excesses trigger is Absolutely amazing the eight and a half Pound double action pole is the Smoothest that I've ever experienced and It is consistent throughout the Hammer's Travel There's no stacking staging or Hesitation This single action trigger was clean and Consistent at two and a half pounds with Zero creep designed in collaboration With Jim Wilson the grip includes three Finger grooves and a flare near the top That provides a comfortable thumb rest Finally rail sections are present to Allow the mounting of either a red dot Sight or a magnified handgun scope Shooting the nxs was pure pleasure Thanks to the weight balance and grip Design Even full power Magnum loads were Comfortable to shoot The handgun came perfectly zeroed which Allowed me to focus on shooting the Smallest groups that I could It was quickly apparent that this is an Incredibly accurate handgun Priced at 5 299 dollars I'm fully aware That the amount of money you have to pay To own this handgun is unrealistic for Most of us But I hope everyone can appreciate

Learning about the nxs Kimber k6s tle The Kimber k6s tle is what the company Calls the next evolution of their Revolver line Kimber really did nicely designing this Gun for Duty and concealed carry it Doesn't have sharp edges the frame and Barrel are beveled and smooth to Drastically reduce snagging and cut down On printing too It has a concealed Hammer making it a Double action only gun As Factory triggers go the trigger on The k6s is excellent it's smooth Consistent and has a clean crisp brake Single action is ridiculously easy Double action is one of the better out Of the box poles I've experienced no Complaints my pick is the three inch Barreled version which weighs 23 ounces Empty with an overall of 7.62 inches Making it the smallest top house gun Candidate here why a three inch or one The longer sight radius helps also the Gun is chambered a 357 Magnum this means You can also shoot 38 special and the Slightly more powerful 38 Special plus P Cartridge The gun comes with tritium three Dot Sights that enable you to see the sights Even in the dark the case success tle Sports green G10 scalloped grips yes They look good but G10 grips are also a

Big help when it comes to controlling The gun during recoil Smith and Wesson model 69 combat Magnum A few years ago Smith and Wesson Introduced the model 69-44 Magnum Revolver its L frame has been offered in A 7 shot 357 Magnum version for some Time in turn Smith Wesson recently Introduced an even lighter version of The model 69. the combat magnum model 69 In 44 magnum which features a two and Three quarter inch barrel and a round Butt grip This tactical revolver is more suited to Concealed carry than the four-inch Version with an excellent set of sights And the smooth Smith and Wesson action Is much to recommend it I think most of Us will carry it with 44 special Ammunition but there are 44 magnum loads That aren't full power that can be Controlled in the model 69. While I'm a fan of classic Smith and Wesson revolvers the newer guns are more Durable and more accurate the frames are Strengthened in critical places and the Steel is stronger than ever Modern CNC Machinery ensures the throat And Barrel dimensions are a good match And provide excellent practical accuracy

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