Top 5 Best BUG-OUT GUNS For Survival 2023

Top 5 Best BUG-OUT GUNS For Survival 2023
Forget all the Doomsday Prepper fantasy when it comes to bug-out guns. Walking around like you’re in the apocalyptic wasteland, adorned in a leather G-string and carrying a tricked-out AK-47, is as good as taping a “PLEASE LOOT ME” sign on your back. Same goes for a lot of the other “tacti-cool” crap a lot of preppers are packing for an SHTF evacuation scenario.
You you’re looking for something light, versatile, rugged, and concealable even in your bugout bag, that will still help you pack the firepower you need to be protected when you’re en route to your safe-zone… then check out my list of firearms that can actually save your life in those crazy life-or-death situations.
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Forget about all the doomsday prepper Fantasy BS when it comes to bug out guns Walking around like you're in the Apocalyptic Wasteland adorned in a Leather g-string and carrying a tricked Out AK-47 is as good as taping a please Don't loot me sign on your back same Goes for a lot of the other tactical Crap a lot of preppers are packing for An shtf evacuation scenario if you're Looking for something light versatile Rugged and concealable even in your bug Out bag that will still help you pack The Firepower you need to be protected When you're in route to your safe Zone Then check out my list of the firearms That can actually save your life in Those crazy life or death situations Beretta CX4 carbine and Beretta 92fs Nine millimeter Luger the idea of having A PCC and a handgun that accepts both The same ammunition and magazines is Hardly original but that doesn't mean it Isn't practical the the Beretta 92fs Holds the distinction of being one of The most iconic but also reliable and Long lasting Duty pistols in history Besides their inherent reliability Beretta 92 pistols are noted for their Slick actions and fixed Barrel design That aids in accuracy Beretta 92 Magazines are also fairly easy to find And affordable and come in many Different capacities including 15 17 18

20 and 30 rounds the Beretta CX4 is a Futuristic looking and highly ergonomic Pistol caliber carbine that's been Manufactured by Beretta since 2003. it Features controls that can be easily Swapped between sides to accommodate Both right-handed and left-handed Shooters and comes with sling mounts and Accessory rails on the top and sides to Accept Scopes Red Dot sights lasers or Flashlights the magazines are loaded Behind the trigger in order to mimic the Operation of a pistol thanks to its Shorter length the cx-4 is a highly Maneuverable weapon which makes it ideal For tight corners or as a truck gun Recoil is also very light and Controllable the primary benefit to Having a PCC and handgun that share Commonality in magazines is obvious you Only need to have one type of magazine On your person that can be used to Reload either weapon furthermore the Nine millimeter round will experience Superior velocity and ballistics when Shot out of the 16-inch barrel of your Cx-4 versus the 4.9 inch barrel of your 92. all in all having a Beretta 92fs Holstered on your hip and with a Cx4 Slung across your chest will represent a Formidable defensive combo for any shtf Scenario double folder this is an AR Pistol that becomes Ultra compact when Folded into thirds equipped with

Deadfoot arms modified Cycle System one Can fire the gun after swinging the Barrel assembly back into place The footprint of the double fold AR is Very small barely longer than the Receiver itself at 10 and three quarters Inches This rifle caliber firearm not only can Fit into a backpack it can fit into a Small soft-sided lunch cooler this makes It ideally suited for concealing in a Non-conspicuous carrying case The fold AR system holds repeated zero After folding and unfolding countless Times and fold AR has used independent Third-party testing to confirm this You'll need a small device to unlock the Cam lever to fold the rifle and this can Be something as simple as a shell casing Caliber options include 556 NATO 300 Blackout and six five Grendel depending On the model The double fold AR produces the smallest Possible AR in the world making it a Great bug out gun and is my personal Favorite of all of these systems Caltech Sub 2000 the caltex Sub-2000 is a unique Folding rifle that comes in pistol Calibers specifically 40s and W and nine Millimeter The gun feeds from a wide variety of Different pistol magazines from Different manufacturers when folded in Half the Sub-2000 Sports an overall

Length of only 16 and a quarter inches Unfolded the rifle is still a short 30.5 Inches it weighs in at only four and a Quarter pounds and fits well into a Standard backpack or even a messenger Bag the Sub 2000 comes in both gen 1 and Gen 2 models and the various models can Take Glock s w Canik Beretta 9296 series And Sig magazines It's quite a bit more potent than the Previously mentioned rimfires making it A better dangerous animal gun and an Excellent close range gun for medium Game A very simple blowback system means it's Quite reliable it does have more recoil Than a standard carbine due to this System but it is still easy to control The sights are okay nothing special but Plenty usable out to 100 yards Adding Optics to the gun is tricky but Doable With the right defensive rounds the gun Will cause some serious damage to Anything I suggest a solid round Something like 147 grain nine millimeter Jhp or even a fancy hardcast load a 180 Grain 40 S and W load will deal with Some hurt too Mossberg 590 A1 12 gauge The 12 gauge pump action shotgun is one Of the most versatile weapons you can Bug out with because of its ammunition Buckshot rounds are devastating for Self-defense at close ranges birdshot

Can be used for bird and small game Hunting and slugs can be used for big Game hunting within moderate distances If needed the Mossberg 590A1 is Essentially a Mossberg 590 with a few Crucial upgrades designed to boost its Durability and combat effectiveness To this end it comes with a thickened Barrel a parkerized finish a metal Trigger group and a safety on the rear Receiver an even abandoned lug at the End of the barrel As a testament to its durability the 590 A1 is notable for being the only shotgun To pass the US Army's grueling pump Action shotgun torture test back in the 1980s and is still seeing service to This day Kiapa little Badger the key up a little Badger found a spot on the list due to How well it fits all of my standards It's the lightest rifle on the list Likely the most affordable and it is Extremely versatile This folding rifle is chambered in Either 22LR 22 Magnum or 17 HMR and Weighs 2.9 pounds and comes with four Shot rails to attach accessories to The small peep sights are quite Adjustable and very easy to use The gun folds in half to be only roughly 17 inches long it's super thin and fits In a backpack with hardly any room taken Up while the 22LR version is excellent

The 22 magnum variant will pack more of A punch This would likely be a better choice for A survival rifle or its game-getting Abilities The gun is very easy to operate all you Have to do is load the gun close it up [ __ ] the hammer and pull the trigger Simplicity also means it's not going to Fail because you forgot to clean it it's Not a rapid fire weapon but with Well-named shots you can quickly get Dinner and kill off snakes coyotes and Other pests It's less than 200 and even outside of a Survival rifle it's a cool toy to play With also the threaded barrel makes it Very easy to suppress [Music] [Music] Thank you

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