Top 10 Smith & Wesson Pistols 2023 | Best S&W Handguns 2023

Top 10 Smith & Wesson Pistols 2023 | Best S&W Handguns 2023
Smith & Wesson has been one of the leaders in self-defense and tactical weapons for years with their top-notch designs and perfection in the art of producing some of the world’s leading firearms. The Smith & Wesson name has become synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. There are growing numbers of Smith & Wesson firearms owners across the globe, especially in the United States, and for good reason. The American gunmaker has built a solid reputation over many years of service in military and law enforcement agencies.
We scoured the internet and narrowed down a collection of what we believe to be the best all-around Smith & Wesson handguns for just about any budget. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research.
Without further ado, these are the best Smith & Wesson pistols for target shooting and a variety of other applications gun owners can appreciate.
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Smith and Wesson has been one of the Leaders in self-defense and tactical Weapons for years with their top-notch Designs and perfection in the art of Producing some of the world’s leading Firearms the Smith and Wesson name has Become synonymous with quality Performance and reliability there are a Growing number of Smith and Wesson Firearm owners across the globe Especially in the United States and for Good reason the American gun maker has Built a solid reputation over many years Of service in Military and law Enforcement agencies Hey guys in this video we are going to Check out the best Smith and Wesson Handguns you can buy right now without Further Ado these are the best Smith and Wesson pistols for self-defense target Shooting and a variety of other Applications gun owners can appreciate Smith and Wesson M P 9 M 2.0 metal The return to All Metal Guns as opposed To the ever popular polymer frame models Is another recent Trend in the pistol World Bill with a T6 aluminum frame this new M P9 M 2.0 metal includes a four and a Quarter inch barrel M 2.0 flat face Trigger two 17 round magazines and comes With a slide cut for mounting micro Red Dot Optics Wearing a new tungsten gray cerakote

Finish this mnp maintains a different Look from the Exton m p models in Addition to the frame composition Other features shared with the rest of The m p family include a low Barrel Boraxis forward slide serrations pick a Tinny slide on the dust cover and the Patented takedown lever and sear Deactivation systems allow for Disassembly without pulling the trigger Bam 2.0 flat face trigger allows for Consistent finger placement and more Accurate and repeatable shooting For the purposes of carrying this new M P9 Smith and Wesson claims the new M P 9 M 2.0 metal will fit all existing M P 9 Compatible holsters as well as working With current M 2.0 17 round nine Millimeter magazines Coming with two 17-round magazines the m P 9M 2.0 metal Bears a price tag of 899 Dollars some 270 bucks more than a Standard polymer framed M P 9 M 2.0 in Nine millimeter with the same length Barrel Smith and Wesson CSX Smith and Wesson went back to the Drawing board when designing its latest Micro Compact concealed carry pistol and The result is a unique offering in the Form of the metal framed hammer-fired Nine millimeter chambered Smith and Wesson CSX This new pistol features an aluminum

Alloy frame complete with Interchangeable back straps and includes A 10 round flush fit magazine as well as An extended 12 round magazine it also Has front and rear caulking serrations With an extended tab on the back of the Slide The CSX isn’t optic ready but its Compact package is streamlined for Concealment with metal white dot front And rear sights this new handgun Sports Ambidextrous controls including a thumb Safety and elongated slide stop as well As a reversible magazine release button The flat face trigger also incorporates A trigger safety and the 18 degree grip Angle is optimal for many users natural Point of aim Smith and Wesson model 350 a new Giant In the Smith Wesson’s x-frame family the Newly introduced model 350 is an all Stainless steel revolver with a cylinder Capacity of seven rounds Firing the world’s fastest Straight-walled hunting cartridge it is Designed for a medium-sized game and Especially Whitetail hunting The caliber itself deserves some Attention introduced by Winchester in 2019 the 350 is claimed as the world’s Fastest straight-walled hunting Cartridge delivering more energy than a 30-30 Winchester 300 Blackout or 223 Remington with 20 percent less recoil

Than a 243 Winchester with 20 percent More penetration It’s an ideal cartridge for medium-sized Game and especially Whitetail hunting Now back to the revolver the model 350 Comprises a double action single action Revolver Built from stainless steel It comes with a seven and a half inch Ported barrel wearing a red ramp front Sight an adjustable rear sight A Hogue rubber over molded grip helps Provide solid purchase The cylinder holds seven rounds while Moon Clips help facilitate loading and Unloading the MSRP in the U.S for the Model 350 revolver 350 Legend is 1599 dollars Smith and Wesson M p30sc Shield EZ Smith and Wesson became one of the first Firearm manufacturers to offer a handgun In federal premiums all new 30 Super Carry cartridge The Smith and Wesson M p30sc Shield EZ Incorporates all of the features found In earlier Shield EZ handguns with the Added benefits offered by the all-new 30 Super Carry cartridge The Smith and Wesson M p30sc Shield EZ Externally looks almost exactly like the 380 ACP and nine millimeter Luger models That came before it aside from the Chambering the new model retains all of The features that made the shield easy

Popular for personal defense There’s a grip safety located on the Back strap of the grip frame and models With and without bilateral thumb Safeties are available it comes equipped With white dot All Steel sights and two Magazines come with each gun Smith and Wesson m p 45 M 2.0 And what can only be described as a Brilliant run by Smith Wesson the m p 45 2.0 has re-emerged as a favorite on the Market In the design of the m p the needs of Military and law enforcement were Considered from every conceivable angle Featuring a reinforced polymer chassis Superior ergonomics and ambidextrous Controls this pistol is the new standard In reliability when your job is to Serve And Protect and your life is on the line The clever design features like the grip Interface the large trigger guard and The well-integrated sights and slide Serrations make this a great duty pistol It’s an easy top competitor on the 45 ACP pistol market for the money you’d be Hard-pressed to find a better gun for Normal day-to-day use No other 45 ACP polymer pistol offers This combination of Versatility Durability and safety Smith and Wesson SW 22 victory Best w-22 Victory is a single action Blowback semi-automatic 22LR pistol with

An enclosed hammer in the slide It features a match grade Barrel that is Easily interchangeable after you run a Few thousand rounds through it Many people like the takedown of this Pistol but I don’t like having to use an Allen wrench because the new Ruger Mark IV allows for a tool-less takedown Within seconds The snw victory requires you to remove a Hex nut that can be easily lost if You’re not careful or loosened during Firing if you’re not careful in Reassembling it The front fiber optic site is very Bright and offers a clear line of sight And if you don’t like it it comes with a Picatinny rail for an optic or scope Attachment In the end this pistol offers no recoil And is perfect for target shooting Smith and Wesson m p bodyguard 38. Tactical revolver sounds like an Oxymoron but is what Smith and Wesson Pulls off with its m p bodyguard 38. Lightweight and configured to optimize Manipulation the 38 Special revolver is A marked break from Smith and Wesson Dogma but works in particular Smith and Wesson moved the cylinder release from The left side to the rear of the frame Making it ambidextrous and giving Shooters greater access during reloads Additionally the gun maker has dehorned

Every square inch of the five round Revolver ensuring it draws smoothly and Without a hitch Aiding in this is a low-rise ramp front Sight and smooth stainless steel Cylinder utilizing the aluminum alloy The Bodyguard 38 comes in at a scant 14.4 ounces making it acceptable for Almost any conceivable style of carry And a plus P rating gives the handgun Added punch Smith Wesson m p Shield The Shield is one of the most popular Single stacked nine millimeter pistols And there’s a reason for that it’s Affordably priced easy to conceal and it Is loaded with features like white low Profile three Dot sights and a smooth Six and a half pound trigger This polymer frame Striker fire 9 comes With two different magazines a seven Round version to maximize concealability And an eight round version to maximize Capacity At 0.95 inches wide and just 6.1 inches Long with a 3.1 inch barrel The Shield Is perfectly proportioned for easy Concealment under light clothes The textured grip offers a secure hold Without being overly aggressive and Painful for ungloved hands Metal Parts receive a corrosion Resistant finish to protect the gun Against the abuses of daily carry

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