Top 10 New Revolvers JUST REVEALED For 2023

Top 10 New Revolvers JUST REVEALED For 2023
Despite the ever-growing market of polymer semi-auto handguns, new revolvers are not only still being produced, but also generating a lot of buzz in 2023. From Rossi and Colt to Taurus and Magnum Research, there’s a spinner for every wheelgunner this year.
In today’s video we are going to take a look at 10 new revolvers for 2023 that caught my eye. We have also included a special revolver on our list that is so expensive that you might have to sell a kidney to own one! What makes it so special? Keep watching.
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Despite the ever-growing market of Polymer semi-auto handguns new revolvers Are not only still being produced but Also generating a lot of buzz in 2023 From Rossi and Colt to Taurus and Magnum Research there's a spinner for every Wheel Gunner this year In today's video we're going to take a Look at 10 new revolvers for 2023 that Caught my eye We've also included a special revolver On our list that is so expensive that You might have to sell a kidney to own One what makes it so special keep Watching Zinc Rzmk 357 Bullpup revolver the zinc rzmk 357 is a very interesting concept Perhaps the most interesting release at Shot Show 2023 This is a double action six shot top Brake revolver chambered in 357 Magnum It's made of stainless steel and will be Available in black and silver colors the Revolver has iron sights the height is 5.67 inches the overall length is 6.85 Inches and it weighs 33 ounces But this is where all the similarities End to traditional revolvers it features A rare mounted cylinder and the cylinder Looks to be completely sealed when the Action is closed the biggest advantage Of the rzmk 357 design which is also the Main advantage of all Bullpup Firearms

Is that compared to Firearms of Conventional layout a barrel is no Longer at a given overall length or the Gun is more compact at a given barrel Length The overall Aesthetics are very Desirable and modern Taurus Raging Hunter 460 10 and a half Inch Keeping with the bigger is better theme Taurus is adding a railed 10 and a half Inch barrel 460 Magnum revolver with a Massive muzzle break to their raging Hunter lineup The Raging Hunter 460 revolver features A proprietary compensator that Drastically tames The Recoil of the Powerful 460 Magnum round additionally It features a first in class bottom rail For attaching stabilizing devices like Bipods or shooting sticks Like all other 460 Magnum handguns the Raging 460 with its 10 and a half inch Barrel and compensator can safely Chamber and fire the less powerful 454 Castle and 45 Colt rounds According to Taurus with the compensator Even the most powerful 45 Colt rounds Feel like a pop gun Rossi rp63 The Rossi rp63 is a stainless steel Revolver with a three inch barrel that's Chambered in 357 Magnum which of course Means you can also run 38 Special

Through it the rp63 is a solid option For home defense use but also fits the Bill for everyday carry it features a Rounded grip frame to reduce printing When concealed and has a six round Capacity The factory sights are fixed which is a Wise design feature for a carry gun such As this and the front side is ramped to Reduce the risk of snagging on the Drawstroke The firing pin is mounted on the hammer Which is a long time feature of Rossi Revolvers a match grade trigger makes The gun a pleasure to shoot and enhances Accuracy Taurus 605 Toro What's the ultimate fighting revolver For personal protection It's hard to beat a small frame 357 Magnum with a three inch barrel Now imagine that instead of being Limited to iron sights your 357 Magnum Would accept a compact Red Dot sight You don't have to imagine anymore The Taurus 605 Toro is the first ever Small frame 357 Magnum Revolver that's Red dot ready The mount accepts Optics that fit the Holosun-k footprint it also doesn't lose Any of the great features from the 605 Defender It still uses all steel construction the Excellent trigger and of course holds

Five shots of fight stopping 357 Magnum Without Optics installed the 3-inch Barrel is concealable when an inside the Waistband holster The revolver handles 38 special Ammunition as well as the longer 357 Magnum cartridge The Magnum generates considerable recoil And isn't for everyone As a last-ditch defense against Dangerous animals this handgun is about As light a magnum as you may deploy For most uses and for most people 38 Special loads for personal defense are All we may handle in a lightweight easy To pack revolver Magnum Research bfr thundersnub How could you not love the novelty of a Snub nose 4570. This Magnum Research thundersnub is Chambered in 4570 government and Although it has a three inch barrel its Overall length is over 10 inches and it Weighs in at around three and a half Pounds So it's small compared to its siblings But it will dwarf any normal snubby This is a five-shot single action Revolver with a transfer bar safety and A frame mounted firing pin This allows it to be carried with all of The chambers loaded opening the loading Gate allows the cylinder to turn freely In either direction for easy loading and

Unloading The grip frame for this gun is the Bisley grip with smooth black Micarta Grip panels instead of the rubber Plowshare grip frame the fully Adjustable rear sight and the fixed Blade front sight are standard features Although the front side can be replaced With a fiber optic tube if you so tubes The nips and Tucks to the barrel and Cylinder give the Thunder snob as felt Unloaded weight of just three and a half Pounds We can assure you the muzzle flash is Just as incredible as you can imagine Rossi rm66 Perfect for range day Ranch work or Revolver competition shooting the Rossi Rm66 will squeeze the best possible Ballistics out of the 357 Magnum Cartridge The rm66 features Rossi's prized double Action trigger and an unbelievably crisp Single action trigger Pole To allow you to take the best advantage Of those triggers the rm66 has six inch Barrel pairs with a red Ram front sight And a fully adjustable rear sight The rm66 has six shots of 357 Magnum on Tap and its steel cylinder the full Underlug Barrel adds an additional Weight which helps manage Magnum recoil Further rating recoil reduction is the Wrap around rubber grip cushioning your

Hand during firing there are already a Considerable number of accessories Available for the rm66 as it fits common Holsters and speed loaders for similar Sized medium frame revolvers But the Rossi rm66 isn't just about Performance it's also about Legacy and History This is a revolver you can wear on the Range take hunting with you and most Importantly hand down to your children At some point Taurus Judge executive grade The executive grade Taurus Judge moves The well-known revolver from the mail Room to the top floor with a hand-fitted Action presentation grade grips and Polished satin finish a brass bar front Sight and other improvements Like all the other judge models this is A five shot revolver with a lengthened Cylinder to accept standard 410 bore Shotgun shells The real advantage of the shotgun Platform of course is the variety of Ammo choices and the resulting Versatility Judge revolvers will shoot birdshot Buckshot or slugs depending on the Shooter's needs furthermore the same Revolvers Will Chamber and shoot 45 Colt Ammunition as well opening up even more Ballistic options Firing five rounds of something as

Formidable as triple op Buckshot has the Potential to put a lot of lead into an Assailant very quickly with enough Destructive power to summarily end any Criminal confrontation [Music] [Music] Thank you

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