If you’re as excited as we are about the latest innovations in firearms, then you’re in for a treat. In today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the coolest new guns for 2023. From cutting-edge designs to advanced features, these firearms are pushing the boundaries of technology and style. Whether you’re into pistols, rifles, shotguns, or something in between, we’ve got something for everyone in this showcase of the hottest guns hitting the market in 2023. So, if you’re ready to geek out over the latest and greatest in firearms, then grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of the coolest new guns
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As gun enthusiasts we're always eager to See the latest advancements in firearm Technology and this year promises to be No exception today we're taking a closer Look at some of the most exciting new Guns hitting the market in 2023 your son Mc-14t the Garson mc-14t is a 380 ACP Pistol inspired primarily by the Beretta Model 86. the defining feature that Makes it reminiscent of the Model 86 Specifically and what differentiates him From other Beretta cheetah series clones Is the inclusion of a Tip-Up Barrel While clearly influenced by the Beretta Model 86 The Gerson mc-14t is not a Direct clone and has plenty of features That set it apart and arguably improve Upon the original design firstly while The Model 86 featured a single stack Eight round magazine the mc-14t instead Has a double stack 13 round mag similar To other 380 ACP Beretta cheetah models Other features such as its accessory Rail checkered composite grips and Ambidextrous manual thumb safety help Bring your son's new pistol into the 21st century the rest of the mc14t Should be pretty familiar to anyone Who's handled a Beretta cheetah variant Before including its Dasa trigger and Fixed iron sights the Garcon mc-14t is Available on six Color Finish options And will have an MSRP of 498 dollars Daniel Defense dd4 R3 this lighter

Weight fully ambidextrous version of our Industry standard ddm4 offers right and Left-handed Shooters with even more Flexibility and control a 12 and a half Inch RIS 3 rail provides an easy Attachment of m-lok accessories and a Mid-length gas system provides smooth Reliable cycling while also reducing Perceived recoil and wear and tear on Parts their grip uses a polymer design With a soft rubber ergonomic wrap that Feels amazing and works just as well Daniel Defense keeps the ambidextrous Theme going with their grip and rip Charging handle the handle is oversized And can easily be manipulated with Either hand shooting the Daniel Defense Dd4 R3 is a pleasure The Recoil is Surprisingly extremely manageable Although we only got a brief look at the Dd4r3 the rigidity accuracy lightweight And increased versatility speak well of The new series we can't wait to spend Some more time with these rifles the Quality of these rifles is definitely on The higher end and the cost reflexes Dylan rifle company the Beast Tac 501 The Beast is a full action magazine fed Long-range precision rifle chambered for 50 BMG aimed at both military and Civilian extreme long-range marksmen the TAC 501 is designed to deliver sub MOA Accuracy at extended ranges the heart of The Beast is the MacMillan tac-50 action

Which as the company notes is the basis Of the rifle that is credited with the World record longest successful sniper Shot the trigger is a Remington 700 Style unit made by chimney and the Action feeds from five round detachable Box Magazine on top of the action is a 30moa rail for Optics mounting lilja Supplies the barrel which measures 27.5 Inches is made of stainless steel and Its muzzle comes threaded with a side Baffle muzzle brake the barreled action Is housed in a custom gray bow carbon Fiber stock a version of grebo's Ridgeback which Dylan offers in three Color options The stock has an adjustable cheat piece A built-in thumb shelf and thumb hook And its length of pole is adjustable With spacers the rifle is supplied with A tilting and panning BNT Atlas bipod That mounts to an M lock section on the Forehead the TAC 501's metal Parts can Be had finished in black or natural Stainless cerakote the entire package Weighs 28 pounds and is 55 inches Overall the rifle is supplied with an SKB lockable hard case and a cleaning Kit G-Force arms gatlander the gatlander is A 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun sporting an 18-inch barrel with a lightning fast Inertia Drive action the gatlander Ensures you'll be able to throw lead

Down range quickly accurately and Effectively it's chamber for two and Three quarter and three inch shot shells With a five plus one capacity offered in Three different models the standard Model boasts Turkish walnut furniture Robust ribbed handguard Picatinny top Rail a stout raised front sight and Ghost ring rear sight in addition an Oversized charging handle and bolt Release has been added for faster Weapons manipulation These features make it easy to use in All weather or lighting conditions as Your hands will always be ready to Safely grip it and operate the controls Also the aggressive checkering on the Forend makes it easy to gain a secure Grip even while wearing gloves Aero Precision Solas the Solus is a shooting System that is offered as everything From a complete out of the box firearm To a stripped action allowing the end User to mix and match for customization The soulless action uses a Remington Model 700 footprint uses 700 compatible Triggers and is threaded to accept small Shanks Savage Barrel threads its one Piece design is machined out of 416 Stainless steel with an integral recoil Lug and an integral 20 MOA scope base The chassis is machined from 70 75 and 6061 T6 alloy it uses aics pattern Magazines and has an ambidextrous

Magazine catch that is adjustable to Accommodate magazines from various Manufacturing lecturers Aero Precision Is currently offering two complete Solus Rifles both use the Solus action paired With a 6'5 Creedmoor chambered 22-inch Ballistic Advantage Sendero profile Honed and lapped Barrel the competition Rifle pairs this with a trigger Tech Single stage trigger and places it in The company's competition chassis it Weighs 11 pounds The soulless Bravo is offered in a Kinetic research group Bravo aluminum And polymer chassis which gives a more Traditional profile for the hunter or Recreational shooter and uses the Company's soulless single stage trigger It tips the scale at just over nine and A half pounds Marlin model 336 classic The resurrected Marlin Firearms company Now Under the Umbrella of Ruger brought Back another iconic lever action design The model 336 classic the original 336 An update of the model 1936 was Introduced in 1948. over the next 70 Years it became one of the most popular Rifles in America with more than 6 Million produced the 336 classic stays True to the original with a few subtle Updates it uses a 20 and a quarter inch Cold Hammer forged steel barrel and it's Chambered for the 30-30 Winchester Cartridge sights are adjustable with a

Semi Buckhorn rear and a hooded ramp and Brass bead up front the receivers Drilled and tapped for scope mounts Aside eject action and offset Hammer Spur will make adding Optics a snap a Classic underbarrel magazine tube is Retained on the new model Marlin and it Is loaded through a side gate in the Receiver providing up to six rounds of 30-30 win on board the receiver's CNC Machine from forged carbon steel Receiver and Barrel are satin blue Finished and the bolt is nickel plated The stock and forearm are of American Black walnut with both pieces checkered An homage to Classic Marlin lever Actions the trigger is gold color the Overall length of the model 336 classic Is 38.63 inches with a length of pull of 13.38 inches The rifle weighs seven and a half pounds Benelli montefeltro a backbone product In benelli's Upland and clay target Shotgun line the montefeltro has for Years been a favorite of discerning Shotgun aficionados and for this year The classically styled shotgun will be Available in eight different Configurations further broadening the Gun's versatility in a growing Market of Semi-automatic shotguns beyond the Line's available styling the new Montefeltro picks up the latest Benelli Technologies so that today's Hunters

Wing Shooters and clay target Shooters Can dominate the field without Stretching the budget too thin the Upgraded montefeltro comes with the Latest inertia driven operating system a Well-respected design that is crafted For the best possible performance and Notably reliable it also will include a Redesigned bolt handle to improve Manipulation even with gloved hands a Two-piece show latch is included that Makes for easier loading But Nelly Improved the ergonomics throughout two And some Walnut stock with checkering Panels and a satin finish is included it Pairs well with the deep blue finish It is offered in either 12 or 20 gauge Chamberings with available barrel Lengths spanning 24 26 and 28 inches With ventilated siding ribs compact Models are also available all Montefeltro models come with a MicroCell Recoil pad shim kit for drop and cast Changes and three cryo choke tubes [Music] Thank you

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