Top 10 Best Bolt Action Rifles For 2023

Top 10 Best Bolt Action Rifles For 2023
As technology advances, so do the capabilities of bolt-action rifles. With 2023 in full swing, gun enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the newest models to hit the market. From precision rifles designed for long-range shooting to versatile rifles that can be used for both hunting and target shooting, the latest offerings promise to deliver exceptional performance and features.
In this video we’ll take a closer look at some of the best new bolt-action rifles that will be available in 2023. We’ll explore the unique features and capabilities of each rifle, from adjustable stocks and modular chassis systems to threaded barrels and carbon fiber stocks. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just getting started, these new bolt-action rifles offer something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover what the future of bolt-action rifles holds!
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Get ready for The Ultimate Showdown the Latest and greatest bolt action rifles Have just hit the market and you won't Believe the Firepower they pack which One will come out on top is the king of The range find out in this exciting Video on the new bolt action rifles Released in 2023 Gun Works Workman Gunworks is known for its accurate range Verified expensive rifle packages but They just announced a more affordable Option that's still guaranteed to 1 000 Yards the Workman with an optic and Ammunition verified at distance many gun Work packages ring in at ten thousand Dollars or more the Workman is a package Offered at half that price which is Competitive with several other companies That offer accuracy oriented package Rifles The Workman has fewer Thrills than other Models but it should offer excellent Performance it's built on Gun Works Stainless glr receiver with a 22-inch Non-fluted stainless cut rifled barrel It uses the Gun Works gen 1 Magnus Carbon fiber stock that's ARCA Compatible The Workman has a trigger attack trigger Two baffle directional muzzle brake and Comes topped with a revic rs-25 scope The scope includes a custom BDC turrets With yardage and MOA markings that are Calibrated to hornady's ELD match

Ammunition the rifle comes with a data Package for that ammunition out to 1 000 Yards Chambered only in 6.5 PRC and as Delivered weighs 9.6 pounds MSRP 4950 Gagara b14 squared Crest an accurate Light rifle that's rugged enough for the Mountains it's what bergara is aiming For with the b14 squared Crest the Crest Is built around bergara's b14 action and Housed in a new carbon fiber stock That's stiff light and contoured for Comfortable ergonomics the forend is Slender but behind the action the stock Has a nice vertical grip an elevated Comb for comfortable precision shooting The stock features side cutie sling cups As well as swivel studs and a second Front stud for attachment of a bipod the Crest will be offered with 20 or 22 inch 4140 chromoly steel barrels the barrels Are fluted threaded and topped with Bergara's Omni muzzle brake actions and Barrels are finished in Sniper gray Cerakote and the bolt features an Oversized bolt handle and sliding Extractor The crust uses aics compatible magazines With an external magazine release lever Forward of the trigger guard it has a Two position m700 style safety that Allows unloading with the safety engaged Initial chamberings for the b14 squared

Crest will be the 6'5 Creedmoor 65 PRC 308 Winchester and 300 Win Mag and Although the starting weight of 6.9 Pounds isn't ultra light it's still Light enough to pack around MSRP 1999 dollars Savage Arms 110 carbon predator the 110 Carbon Predator combines the adjustable Accutrigger trigger an accufit stock With a proof research carbon fiber Wrapped Barrel to create a lightweight Easy to carry rifle that can withstand The elements and still perform when it Matters most Weighing in at six and a half pounds With a user adjustable accutrigger and a Crisp matte black carbon steel receiver The 110 carbon Predator ensures Optimal Performance for predator hunting like Many other rifles and Savage's 110 Series the carbon Predator has a Savage Accustock stock that uses their accufit Technology or a custom fit without a Custom price tag the proof research Carbon fiber wrapped Barrel has a Stainless steel interior and is threaded For a suppressor or muzzle device The rifle also has an aics detachable Box magazine two sling swivel studs and A two-piece Weaver scope mount on the Top of the receiver The 110 carbon Predator has an MSRP of 1695 dollars and is available in six Millimeter Arc 223 Remington 22-250 REM

308 win 6'5 Creedmoor and 300 Blackout Stevens model 334 The Stevens 334 is a unique three-lug Bolt action rifle featuring a carbon Steel receiver with an integrated recoil Lug that's drilled and tapped to Savage M110 spacing and includes a Picatinny Optics rail Made it to the steel receiver is a Carbon steel barrel that's free floated And button rifled with an 11 degree Target crown the rifle feeds from a Three-round detachable box magazine on The right side of the action is a Sliding three position safety and a Caulking indicator protrudes from the Volt shroud indicating that the rifle is Ready to fire An adjustable two-stage trigger Completes the barreled action Two stock options are available on the Stevens 334 lineup an oil-finished Wooden Sporter stock crafted from Turkish Walnut and a matte black Synthetic stock each capped with a Generous rubber recoil pad The rifle is offered in three Chamberings 243 Winchester 6.5 Creedmoor And 308 Winchester Suggested retail pricing on the Stevens 334 starts at 389 dollars for the Synthetic stock model all the wood Stocked version retails for 489 dollars Fierce Firearms MTN Reaper Fierce

Firearms has been building both premium Production and semi-custom hunting rifle Packages and they have earned a strong Following I was very impressed with the CT rival rifle I tested and reviewed Last year and they have several new Models for 2023 the MTN Reaper is a Streamlined version of the reaper Chassis rifle and should be an excellent And accurate option for hunters who are Looking to go light the Precision Machined two-lug action and fierce C3 Carbon fiber Barrel sit in a light Magnesium chassis that's decked with a Carbon fiber free float m-lok tube and Folding adjustable stock and cheek piece As well as an ergo pistol grip the rifle Includes a Knicks muzzle brake and zero MOA Optics Rail and comes chambered in Several short and long action cartridges It has a vixen Andy adjustable trigger And uses accurate mag detachable Magazines It's a streamlined platform that should Shoot great and pack easy Short action models weigh 5.8 pounds and Long action models come in at 6.6 pounds Chamberings include 6'5 Creedmoor six Five PRC 7 millimeter PRC seven Millimeter Rem Mag 308 win 300 Win Mag And 300 PRC Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical Mossberg has established its Patriot Family of rifles as good quality Accurate and budget friendly and they've

Always been solid performers in our Testing the new Patriot LR tactical has A more honed focus on precision shooting The rifle is built around a two lug push Feed Patriot action and is housed in an Adjustable and semi-customizable MDT Chassis it has a medium Bowl carbon Steel barrel with a matte blue finish And threaded muzzle it'll be available In 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 win with 22-inch barrels and 6'5 PRC with 24 inch Barrel The Patriot LR tacticals MDT chassis Uses v-block aluminum bedding and has a Nice vertical grip adjustable length of Pull and a height adjustable reverse Comb the four end features m-lok slots On the bottom and sides the rifle Includes a 20 MOA picatinny rail and Mossberg's lightning bolt action user Adjustable trigger that's found on many Patriot rifles the trigger guard is Slightly oversized and it has a large Paddle magazine released just in front Of it the Patriot LR tactical comes with A metal aics pattern magazine and is Compatible with other aftermarket aics Mags [Music] [Music]

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