Top 10 Best 9mm 1911 Pistols Better Than Your .45 ACP

Top 10 Best 9mm 1911 Pistols Better Than Your .45 ACP
You’ve seen the 1911 in hundreds of movies, and it’s probably the first gun that comes to mind when you think of a pistol. And when you think 1911, you think 230 grains of .45 caliber Americana. But what if you want that classic 1911 styling and shootability, but in a softer-shooting and cheaper flavor?
By combining the awesome history, ergonomics, and trigger pull of the 1911 platform with the 9mm cartridge you get a new breed of next-gen handguns that take the best of this icon and built on it to create the modern day 1911.
From sleek designs to top-notch performance, we selected the best 9mm 1911 pistols on the market today. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these game-changers.
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You've seen the 1911 and hundreds of Movies and it's probably the first gun That comes to mind when you think of a Pistol and when you think 1911 you think 230 grains of 45 caliber Americana but What if you want that classic 1911 Styling and shoot ability but in a Softer shooting and cheaper flavor by Combining the awesome history ergonomics And trigger pull of the 1911 platform With a nine millimeter cartridge you get A new breed of next-gen handguns that Take the best of this icon and built on It to create the modern day 1911 from Sleek designs to top-notch Performance We selected the best nine millimeter 1911 pistols on the market today trust Us you won't want to miss out on these Game changers Dan Wesson Guardian MSRP 1739 Dan Wesson's Guardian is one of the Most popular commander-sized 1911 Pistols available since its introduction It is only gained in popularity and Chambering it in nine millimeter has Certainly added to its appeal using an Alloy frame it remains lightweight the Bob's grip frame prevents printing under Clothing it's stipple hairy style grip Panels and low Mount sights are perfect For concealed carry with nine round Magazines it provides solid capacity in A slim single stack design if you're Looking for a commander-sized 1911 for

Concealed carry the Dan Wesson Guardian Should be at the top of your list Fusion Firearms Riptide C MSRP 999 dollars it's difficult to go wrong With any of the freedom series however The riptide C stands out as a gem Concealed carry 1911. it's the little Things that make it a self-defense Winner mainspring and front strap Checkering Fastback grip cut lowered and Relieved ejection Port front caulking Serrations among other things and the Four and a quarter inch barreled pistol Is 100 steel a bit Hefty but appreciated When you pick up the gun's Pace make no Mistake you can run the riptide sea fast Outfitted with the tradition series 70 Firing system it offers a very Predictable and light brake right around Four pounds Spend a bit more money and fusion will Customize any aspect of the riptide sea Ed Brown executive Carrie MSRP 299 dollars clean and classic with all The necessary features and nothing Extraneous Ed Brown's executive carry Sports the classic Ed Brown bobtail Housing which reduces the projecting Butt of the mainspring housing without Sacrificing the full grip size or Magazine capacity the slide has been Reduced to just four and a quarter Inches providing minimal printing a Lighter weight than an all-steel gun and

A design that pushes the limits of John Browning's original design Springfield Armory range officer MSRP 977 dollars Designed to be ready for competition out Of the box the range officer is Incredibly popular with first time 1911 Buyers with a very affordable MSRP of 977 dollars and actually selling for Around 800 the range officer features Many of the bells and whistles on guns With a much higher price tag the pistol Has the same quality forged frame and Slide used on the Springfield Trophy Match and trp models and it comes with Adjustable sights Precision fitting provides for excellent Accuracy the high swept grip safety Mainspring housing and long trigger make For solid accuracy there's a large Extended beaver tail on the grip safety And a healthy bump on the bottom for Guys like me with sparse Palms while the Exterior finish of the range officer is Below the level of the pre-70 Gold Cup The slide and frame fits are as good or Better recoil is soft the sights were Easy to see and the adjustable sights Allowed choosing the sight picture I Like to see at my level of Competitiveness I don't believe the Range officer will put me at any real Disadvantage over a pistol twice or even Three times the price let's not forget

That it comes with a serviceable holster A double magazine pouch an extra Magazine and a really good hard exterior Carrying case that provides great Protection to it when traveling with its Soft shooting characteristics it is Perfect for those spending extended time On the Range core Defender MSRP 1081 having owned several Colt Defender Pistols over the years I can say that They've all been reliable accurate and Comfortable to carry adding a nine Millimeter version to the lineup only Makes it better soft shooting accurate And easy to shoot the nine millimeter Defender is ready to go to work right Out of the box rubber grips lock this Compact pistol in place allowing for Smooth operation and little recoil an Upswept grip safety enhanced hammer and Aluminum trigger provide a solid grip Lowering and flaring the ejection Port Facilitates better reliability for those Looking to get a 3-inch barreled 1911 With proven reliability the defender Chambered in nine millimeter is a solid Choice Springfield Armory Prodigy MSRP 1499 The Springfield Armory Prodigy 1911 is a New arrival to the world of double stack 1911s and so far it has proven a Smash Hit available in 5-inch bull barrel or

Four and a quarter inch carry spec this New Prodigy nine millimeter pistol is a Great handgun a polymer grip module Helps keep the weight off the Springfield armory's 1911 hips but then You are packing 20 plus one rounds or 26 Plus one rounds of nine millimeter ammo With the extended mag that's a lot of Ammo for one mag and that kind of has to Be a tactical Advantage features include A forged steel frame and slide in the Finest stainless steel and the new Springfield Armory Prodigy is cerakote Finished in a stylish matte black aside From that this pistol is Optics ready And the high riding front sight is Designed to co-witness a red dot side up Top there's no also an accessory rail Underneath so you can go full tack to Cool with the new Prodigy nine Millimeter pistol the Springfield Prodigy AOS plates the agency Optics System plates mean you can slot your Favorite sight on top with ease it also Features an extended ambidextrous thumb Safety skeletonized hammer and deep Forward slide serrations that adaptive Grip texture is solid too and looks the Part we like the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy a lot and it's even better With a hex dragonfly Red Dot side up top That turns it into a total Marksman Obviously you can choose your own but Springfield Armory produced the hex

Dragonfly red dots and so it's Inevitable that they go together pretty Perfectly however you do it the Springfield Armory Prodigy is Potentially a game changer Dan Wesson Vigil CCO MSRP 1298 dollars bit tight is a drum and Finish to turn heads one wonders how Dan Wesson can hang such a relatively low Price on the vigil CCO buy the company's Standards its entry level but heads and Shoulders above nearly anything in its Price tier and Below every part of the Gun is forged or tooled including its Lightweight aluminum frame it's also fit For carry for those unfamiliar with the CCO 1911 configuration it's simply a Commander length slide on an officer Sized frame drastically cutting down on The pistol's height the main culprit of Printing a CCO maintains a longer sight Radius and more weight up front it's a Nice compromise keeping it low profile Yet extremely suitable you sacrifice a Round and the grips are abbreviated yet Dan Wesson doesn't leave you hanging Ample checkering on the front strap and Mainspring housing as well as hardwood Grips allow Supreme control also worth Noting the pistol comes with a tritium Front sight and tactical rear making it Low light ready Wilson Combat sfx9 MSRP 3055 the sfx 9 is one of the most Advanced Compact Carry 1911 pistols for

Sale today perfect for concealed carry And self-defense the sfx9s flat solid Steel frame comes with Wilson combat's X-tac tread pattern on the grips front Strap and back strap noticeably lacking From the rear of the frame is a Traditional 1911 grip safety it prevents The shooter from accidentally releasing Pressure on the grip safety while Placing their thumb on the manual safety Which can result in a failure to fire Especially among those who aren't Familiar with traditional 1911 design Some Shooters may miss this feature but I doubt most will the extended beaver Tail and grip design allow for a Comfortable High hold on the gun that Helps mitigate recoil and the back strap In bobtail design fills the hand Comfortably while remaining easy to Conceal a two slot rail on the gun's Dust cover allows easy mounting of light And lasers the sfx-9 stainless steel Slide Blends classic 1911 styling cues With modern treatments Features an angular tri-top design with 30 lines per inch serrations on the top Of the slide and 40 LPI serrations on The rear of the slide the bulletproof Hammer is skeletonized to improve lock Time the skeletonized trigger breaks Between three and a half and four and a Half pounds These components are popular among 1911

Builders and those who simply want to Upgrade their Factory guns so it's no Surprise that the hand-fitted sfx-9 is a Smooth operating premium gun that looks And feels like it came from a custom Shop all sfx9 pistols come with two 15 Round metal mechar double stack metal Magazines with such a long list of Premium features there's no doubt the Sfx9 4-inch is an excellent gun [Music] Thank you

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