Top 10 .45 ACP Pistols 2023 | Best .45 Handguns 2023!

Top 10 .45 ACP Pistols 2023 | Best .45 Handguns 2023!
Are you looking for the best .45 ACP pistols and handguns of 2023? These are some of the best .45 Auto handguns we found so far.
The .45ACP is as American as apple pie and the Fourth of July. Designed in 1904 by the immortal John Moses Browning, the .45ACP round has served Americans in combat through two world wars and several smaller conflicts. The cartridge was used in autoloading pistols, revolvers and the famous Thompson.
Today, advancements in the capabilities of the 9mm Luger round and the increased magazine capacity of 9mm pistols have seen the .45ACP largely supplanted as the most popular EDC round for civilians, as service pistols for law enforcement, and even as the sidearm of the US military. But the .45ACP still has a place in the American shooting culture, and I think it always will. And a great round needs a great pistol. Without further ado let’s check out the best .45 pistols.
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When it comes to self-defense rounds the 45 ACP is widely considered one of the Best on the planet Designed by the legendary gun maker John Browning the 45 Auto has served in Multiple conflicts including two world Wars Today we’ll run down some of the best Options for the best 45 ACP pistols on The market so let’s go through them and Find the perfect option for you Wilson Combat CQB The Close Quarters battle model from Wilson Combat is the company’s most Popular model Wilson calls it a thoroughly modernized Version of the original John Browning M1911 but don’t be fooled although it’s Built in the original M1911 style it’s Made for the modern shooter and performs Like it it features a stainless steel Frame and slide beaver tail with grip Safety contoured magazine well and G10 Starburst grips Reliable and accurate the CQB is perfect Whether you’re a competitive shooter Want to carry the best as your concealed Carry firearm or just love shooting at The range Smith and Wesson m p 45 M 2.0 And what can only be described as a Brilliance run by Smith Wesson the m p 45 2.0 has re-emerged as a favorite on The market At a little over a third of the price of

Most of the guns on this list this is The go-to value proposition In the design of the m p the needs of Military and law enforcement were Considered from every conceivable angle Featuring a reinforced polymer chassis Superior ergonomics and ambidextrous Controls this pistol is the new standard In reliability when your job is to Serve And Protect and your life is on the line The clever design features like the grip Interface the large trigger guard and The well-integrated sights and slide Serrations make this a great duty pistol The capacity is slightly lacking but You’re getting a much more manageable Gun than many on the list It’s an easy top competitor on the 45 ACP pistol Market For the money you’d be hard-pressed to Find a better gun for normal day-to-day Use No other 45 ACP polymer pistol offers This combination of Versatility Durability and safety Less bear custom premiere 2. the less Bare custom Premiere 2 looks ungainly From some angles but the brand has Established a fearsome reputation for Pinpoint accuracy that has seen some Serious love from the target shooting Community It’s a popular marksman’s weapon there’s No shimmy no drag from that stainless

Steel frame and slide they just work Together perfectly smoothly Nothing on this less bare looks Especially flashy until you get down to Those Minor Details so you may be Forgiven for checking out more exotic Looking offerings I wouldn’t blame you But for some nothing but a less bear Will do and you are also right Sig Sauer P220 Legion The P220 Legion is the most enhanced Version of the gun that started it all From the modern day Sig finished in the Proprietary Legion gray coating and Featuring custom G10 grips with a legion Medallion the P220 Legion is improved in Nearly every way This stainless steel slide Sports Sig Sauer Electro Optics x-ray high Visibility day night sights as well as Front caulking serrations that provide Greater purchase for cycling the action Clearing the firearm or conducting press Checks The P220 and Dasa includes a reduced and Contoured Elite beaver tail which allows For a higher grip and a reduced profile Thus eliminating printing More aggressive front strap checkering And additional checkering under the Trigger guard enhance the grip An X5 undercut has been applied to the Trigger guard allowing for a higher grip And greater control

The P220 Legion also features low Profile decocking and slide catch levers To reduce the risk of snagging An enhanced polish action with the SRT Short reset trigger is augmented with a Gray guns ink designed ps8 trigger In addition a solid steel guide rod adds Weight where it matters most the P220 Legion ships with three eight round Magazines Springfield Armory Ronin operator While the Ronin operator is a relatively New model for Springfield Armory they’ve Been in the 1911 business for a very Long time The Ronin encompasses features from Other Springfield 1911 models to bring Forth one heck of a handgun Featuring a forged receiver with a Series 80 style two-tone design with a Hot salt blute forged slide and forged Alloy frame the Ronin is an instant Classic The standard trigger is a skeletonized Gen 2 speed trigger it’s available in Both full size and Commander size Options regardless of your preferences There is a ronin model for you American Tactical fxh 45. When introduced in 2020 the American Tactical fxh-45 Moxie boasted a patented Polymer frame with two metal inserts for Added stability and durability It also featured a 4140 steel slide with

A parkerized finish The frame was built to have an ergonomic Feel with built-in finger grooves for 2022 this model will be joined by the New slightly smaller fxh Moxie 1911 Commander in 45 ACP The polymer frame has black polymer Grips and the slide is phosphate Finished Comes with one eight round magazine and Front rear sights barrel length is four And a quarter inches and weight is 1.2 Pounds without the magazine Colt 1911. This pistol needs no introduction it is The longest serving fighting pistol of All time and is offered by more Manufacturers in more configurations Than any other handgun It was the standard issue sidearm of the United States Army until the mid-1980s And is still used by some Elite military Operatives and units The 1911 is also the most customized Handgun of all time and was the Foundational firearm of Wilson Combat Which is the largest custom handgun Manufacturer in America In the civilian world the Combat Commander is likely the most popular and It’s available from Colt for 999 dollars Chambered for the 45 ACP cartridge the 1911 gained Fame in World War one and Won the heart of the American Soldier Ed Brown Cobra Kerry

Simply the Best is the phrase that comes To mind the Cobra Carry has been scaled Down to a four and a quarter inch slide Length making it easier to carry as a Defensive handgun with all the power and Reliability of a full-sized 1911. it Features the Innovative Ed Brown bobtail Housing which further reduces the Overall size and increases carry format While decreasing printing Fixed black rear sights accompany an Orange hdxr front sight for fast Target Acquisition Custom options from Ed Brown include a Recessed slide stop plush barrel with Recessed crown and heavy chamfer Kimber repeat the repeat line by Kimber Is available in a few different models Scorpius Dawn black ice and repeat With various calibers available to suit Any need the repeat line features Stepped caulking serrations and slide Lightning cuts for faster caulking front Strap stippling ensures a comfortable Stable grip in any condition All four models include stainless steel Frames and mil-spec guide rods Sights vary by model with the Scorpius And Dawn models featuring Truglo tfx Pro Day Night Sights with an orange front Ring the black ice and repeat models Feature Truglo tfx Pro Day Night Sights As the standard option finishes vary by Model

Hk45 The hk45 represents an evolutionary Advancement of the HK USP and shares the Same operating principles of that weapon The hk45 is a full-size pistol but Significant effort went towards making It more ergonomic than the HK USP by Incorporating features found on the Heckler and Coke P2000 These include an extended ambidextrous Slide release a textured ergonomic grip With finger grooves and interchangeable Back straps to fit differently sized Hands In order to accommodate the smaller more Ergonomic grip the hk45 has a magazine Capacity of 10 Rounds versus 12 rounds For the USP 45. in addition to the Full-sized model the hk45 is sold in Compact and tactical versions The primary difference between the three Models is overall length and barrel Length with the Tactical version having The longest 5.1 inch barrel and the Compact version a shorter 3.89 inch Barrel Designed for special operations with an Emphasis on durability and reliability Pistols like the hk45 could help the Big Bore cartridge keep a place at the table Of popular pistol calibers for decades To come [Music] [Music]

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