The Best PRS riflescopes: Top 10 Budget to Premium

The Best PRS riflescopes: Top 10 Budget to Premium
The Best PRS riflescopes: Top 10 Budget to Premium
Choosing the right precision optic isn’t easy.
and choosing the best precision optic for you is even harder
In this video I will make it a bit easier for you,
from all the optics, I have personally reviewed I have selected the top contenders at graduating price points to give you an idea of what you should buy at what price.
these Optics were selected for a few reasons: they provide the best value for the money.and they must have the following feature to be considered:
-good quality glass
-Wide magnification range 5-25 or similar
-FFP first focal plane
-Zero Stop
-Minimum of 70 moa of internal adjustment
-Exposed turrets

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lets start with the most affordable optic

for canada theres the
#1 Discovery ED PRS 5-25×56

usa link:
(use code ALEXO9B4) for 5% off

for USA and Canada theres
-#1 ARKEN SH-4 GEN II 6-24×50 Full Review

link to purchase: use code: EPIKARMS

-2# ARKEN EP-5 Review: America’s most affordable Precision Optic

link to purchase: use code: EPIKARMS

-3# Riton X5 Conquer 5-25X50 review

-4# Element Titan 5-25×56 Review

-5# Vortex VIPER PST GEN II 5-25X50 FFP review

-6# Tract Toric UHD 4-20×50 review

-7# TRACT TORIC ELR 4.5-30×56 Review

-8# IOR TX Raider 3-25×56

-9# USO FDN25X: when do you NEED the very BEST?

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And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews today we’re going to Be doing the top 10 PRS Optics that are Right for you we’re going to be starting With the lowest price point all the way To the highest and these are all my Recommendations based on the reviews That I’ve completed on these Optics over The years so I’m going to be doing this Video every year as an update so you Always have an updated list of the top 10 PRS Optics and for these Optics just For your information they’re all going To have Christmas tree cell reticles They’re all going to have exposed Turrets they’re all going to have 10 Mils per Revolution they’re all going to Have zero stops they’re all going to Have wide magnification ranges all the Essentials that you demand for PRS so Let’s start off with actually a bonus One for the Canadian industry this is Made by Discovery Optics this is the Discovery Ed PRS so it has 10 mils per Revolution it’s got 31 mils of internal Adjustment the turrets are super audible Super positive listen to this Really really nice uh the focus Parallax Also quite smooth you’re going to notice It has an oversized focused Parallax Knob now usually they do this because Getting the fin finish close to Perfection or Perfection at this price Is pretty much impossible so having a

Smooth focused Parallax knob can be Accomplished by adding more leverage so If you put a larger wheel with really Really nice knurling on this you can Accomplish a smooth Parallax knob that Way also the magnification is a little Bit stiff but again it comes with a Throw lever which will help compensate For that the glass quality in this is Excellent and at 560 Canadian there is Nothing that even comes close to this in Terms of competition so if you are on a Budget and you have 560 570 to spend This is absolutely the optic I recommend You buy I recommend nothing else at this Price unless you have slightly more to Spend now let’s talk U.S and Canada Market so arcan Optics is a company you Probably would have heard of if you’re Looking for an opt stick around this Price in the U.S their prices are Ridiculously low at 299 dollars right Now on sale the sh4 624 by 50 31 mils of Internal adjustment they are on sale for 299 or a regular price 464. in Canada they’re 700 dollars But still this is the best value for Your money that you can find in the Current industry today this one has 31 Mils of internal adjustment it’s got a Very simple style zero stop this one is The only different one that has eight Mils per Evolution as opposed to the Other ones which all have 10. it has a

Super audible positive Curts listen to These So really really nice and the focus Parallaxes are also quite smooth the Glass quality in this is really really Nice too Next our third recommendation is another Arkin the 5 to 25 by 56. the main Differences between this one and the sh4 It has 10 mils per Revolution it still Has like 31 mils of internal adjustment A simple style zero stop that doesn’t Use up any of the amount of internal Adjustment the fin finish on this is Also very very nice and the glass Quality is Ed glass as opposed to the Sh4 which had HD glass So at this point in time this one Retails for the sale is 449 currently or 564 us or 900 Canadian this is my top Recommendation if that’s your budget now A little bit of interesting information About Arkin I think they kind of Revolutionize the industry because prior To them the deliverables you would get For like you know 564 dollars which is The regular retail price was kind of Disappointing you didn’t really get a Zero stop you got okay glass the Reticles were decent the fit and finish Was mediocre and actually the Competition from the large companies is Still very much that their focus Parallax knobs are usually kind of small

And dainty they’re kind of stiff the Magnification also usually pretty stiff Uh their deliverables aren’t nearly as As appealing as the Arkin Optics which Is really why Arkin kind of exploded in Popularity they were kind of like nobody Until now they’re like the most popular Budget optic in the industry their Offerings they’re in terms of glass Quality features they’re they’re blowing Away the competition in the past you Would never see an optic with like 32 Mils of internal adjustment for 560 the U.S never Never five years ago this did not exist Now it’s really pushed a lot of the Companies the large companies to kind of Scramble and try to come up with Something somewhat comparable which is Why we’re going to see on this list is The majority of these Optics aren’t from The big massive companies they’re a lot From medium to smaller size companies Next on our list is the ride on five Conquer so it doesn’t have the 32 mils Of internal adjustment but it tracks Really well and it’s got about 70 moa’s Worth of internal adjustment or 20 meals Now the race for 32 males has really Been pushed by the industry by the ELR Kind of community that kind of made I Guess everybody believed they needed 32 Mils when you don’t Just the I guess a month or two ago I

Was shooting out a thousand 495 yards And not only needed to dial 16 mils and That was on a 6.5 Creedmoor so I would Be very capable and able to do it with The ride on five conqueror with its 20 Mils if I have the correct base on it And keep in mind you can also use the Reticle for additional holdovers if Necessary so it very much is is Competent in the current PRS type Industry so it’s got good quality glass The fin finish on the five conqueror is Really nice it does have a thrill lever Also to make the magnification slightly Smoother it’s a good quality optic at 753 U.S or 1 100 Canadian next optic is Actually very comparable in price to the Right on five Conker is the element Titan they have a slightly different Approach on it it’s another 5 to 25 but By 56 millimeter objective Ed glass it’s Got 10 mils per Revolution as like all The other ones do and all the other ones To come also do but the difference on This one has a very simple and very User-friendly re-zeroing system you Simply remove the cap after unscrewing This top cap and you can re-zero your Turret I thought that was a very nice Way to approach it additionally they Advertise that they’re turrets their Internal components are manufactured out Of stainless steel which most companies Don’t advertise what they’re made of

Usually because they’re brass which is Not quite as hard as a stainless steel The glass quality and the fin finish on This element tighten is also quite nice To note at this price is the quality Control fit and finish you are going to Get some stiff Focus parallaxes you are Going to get some stiff magnification Rings it’s just very difficult for them To control these and keep them to Perfection kind of like you’re going to See when we go up from a thousand so our Next OpTic The Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 525 by 50. retails in the US for a Thousand and fifty dollars or in Canada There are a thousand five hundred Dollars uh they have 70 moa’s worth of Internal adjustment or 21 meal so again They don’t boast the most about internal Adjustment but as we went over earlier It’s not particularly necessary uh the Glass quality in this is a little step Up from the element Titan but it’s worth It if you have the additional money to Spend I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Viper PST which is why I actually don’t Have it in front of me right now Um because of its zero stop mechanism it Doesn’t have the most intuitive zero Stop mechanism that I’ve seen and that’s Why I kind of sold it but in terms of Glass quality fin finish it was quite Nice and at this price and going up is Where we really see the quality control

Really get itself refined get itself to Perfection our next recommendation is The tracked toric Ultra HD this is the Four to twenty this one retails for a Thousand two hundred and ninety four Dollars U.S or in Canada 1744 I think price increase over the Viper PST is absolutely worth it because The fit and finish on this is excellent And it compares to many others at a Higher price point so the focus Parallax Buttery smooth you turn this with it’s Like with really really nice ease the Magnification also perfect and this is Where you’re going to see much more Consistently over like a 10 optic batch As opposed to the 750 you’re going to See like one that’s buttery smooth Everywhere and then the rest have a Little bit of stiffness here and there And it has 70 MOA or 20 mils of internal Adjustment our next recommendation is Another track torque this is another Traktoric Ultra HD but this is the 4.5 To 30 magnification the big difference In this is actually surprisingly the Magnification is even smoother than the Track torque Ultra HD the 4 to 20. the Focus Parallax is about the same they Both have locking turrets And they both have very positive Slightly audible turrets this one on the Other hand has a ton of internal Adjustment it has 31 mils of internal

Adjustments so if you’re looking for an Extreme long range optic or a PRS optic This is an excellent option and I kind Of want to take a break at this price Point to kind of let you know that at This price and kind of Beyond so there’s A lot of competition at this price There’s the Athlon Cronus there’s the Delta Striker there’s the Apex rival There is many Optics around this price That are competitive with their Offerings they’re very the fin finish on These is excellent what we see beyond This this is where you kind of start to Spend a lot to get a little bit more This is kind of what I recommend is the Best value for your money and this one Retails 1 694 us or 2254 dollars Canadian so an excellent Value next on our list is the ior Raider This is the 3 to 25 by 56 optic this one Looks very different compared to all the Other Optics I’ve ever reviewed in fact It’s not made in any of the same Factories that the other ones are made Of which is why it looks so different This is a 56 millimeter objective 40 Millimeter tube it has 40 mils of Internal adjustment and by 3 to 25 Magnification range the magnification Ring is super smooth like really really Nice and smooth the focus Parallax again Really really nice and smooth the Turrets nice and audible they are

Obviously as you can tell locking Turrets it has a very simple style zero Stop mechanism actually quite similar Reminiscent to the Arkansas which is a Simple screw you screw it down until it Stops and that’ll stop you from going Beyond that point it does have a Secondary reference point on the turret So as you can see here this this simply Turns here has no impact on the internal Uh turret system it simply is an External reference point that you can Put only four males the 4.5 the 4.4 Whatever you wanted it’ll just like stay There so if you wanted if you know that At 500 yards you have about four mils so You can just leave that one there and Always just go back to that exact point Of reference I find it’s kind of a neat Take 40 mils is kind of way above and Beyond what the majority of us need if You need this amount of internal Adjustment well you know you need it There’s no point in just for the sake of Buying your PRS optic buying one with 40 Mils unless you are planning on using That a rifle that optic to longer ranges Maybe you want one excellent quality Optic for both disciplines maybe you Want it for your PRS rifle because you Don’t feel like splitting this amount Over two Optics because you can simply Use one for both so you can use this for ELR and for PRS also one other thing to

Note about this is has the widest field Of view On any optic in the industry that I’ve Seen so that’ll actually help you in PRS So that one is 2711 Canadian which is a ridiculously Good price for what it’s offering now We’re talking amazing glass quality I Got a ton of internal adjustment zero Stop everything you can want a fit and Finish that is is is amazing everything You would demand at this price so I’m Going to leave you some links in Descriptions below that one you can find It on m-u-r-e-a dot c a next is Our final recommendation this is the US Optics Foundation 25x or fdn 25x so it Doesn’t have the tons of internal Adjustment that the majority of the Other ones have but it has 72 MOA or 21 Mils it does have this interesting Hidden feature in the turret that gives You like an extra hidden amount of Internal adjustment I believe around 20 M away so you can kind of zero your Reticle and use the most of the amount Of internal adjustment from your 72 MOA Or 21 mils it has a really audible Positive turrets The fit and finish on this is excellent Excellent as you really expected this Price and the glass quality is where I Think it kind of shines beyond the rest It is marginal after the two thousand

Dollar price point it is marginal beyond The 2700 price point But it is still there so if you have the Money and you want that very marginal Advantage it does have the best glass Out of all the Optics that I currently Have and out of all the Optics that I’ve Currently reviewed and this one retails For 3 369 U.S so in Canada around four Thousand dollars so if you’re looking For top tier Optics these ones should be On the list so if you guys enjoyed this Video I would consider hitting like Consider hitting subscribe in the Description of this video I’m going to Leave links to all the uh of the Optics Reviews that I’ve done on each and every One of these individual Optics I’ll Leave some links in the descriptions Below for each and every one of them for You to be able to find these at this Price these are my recommendations based On the reviews that I’ve completed these Are the most competitive Optics at the Price points that they’re at so if you Guys enjoy this video consider hitting Like consider hitting subscribe and I’ll See you in the next review Foreign [Music]

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