Shot Show 2023: NEW From Christensen Arms MHR/FFT

whats new from Christensen Arms at Shot Show 2023?
some pretty new awesome super lightweight precision hunting rifles
the Christensen Arms MHR or Modern hunting Rifle along with their Ultralite FFT Carbon stocks for the Ridgeline and the Mesa
Shot Show 2023

Welcome back to Shot Show 2023 I'm here With court we're here at christensen's Arms and you guys have a new rifle an Entirely new chassis to show us today Can you tell me a bit about it sure yeah So this is the the mhr or the modern Hunting rifle Um a few things that make this unique is It's built on an aluminum mini chassis You know similar to our modern precision Rifle and part of this was designed Based on the success of that of that Platform Um so like I say it is a chassis rifle But it is built with the ergonomics of a Hunting style rifle we do have some Modularity built into it like rip Modules here can be changed you know if You're shooting from a bench or prone You may want a vertical So that that can go on there there's Different grip thicknesses you know so Different hand sizes and stuff like that Will work well Um This this stock here is a you know full Feature stock it has adjustable comb Adjustable length of pole you have all Your attachment points here you know M Lock QD this will accept you know M lock Attachments there and then the actual Stock parts are modular as well so you Can remove after you move to the grip This will come right off you can put on

You know our light kind of Minimalist Stock you know if you're going through Kind of a back country hunting type Situation we have a longer kind of Precision hand guard with you know a Full length ARCA rail on here so if You're shooting from a tripod something Like that works really well as well and We'll be talking about in terms of Weight so this starts off about seven Seven pounds right around there this Model here with the adjustable stock and Hunter forearm about 7.4 pounds in the Short action awesome so what are we Talking about in terms of MSRP MSRP is 34.99 Yep and we have an MOA guarantee what do We have yep so this this carries our Same sub MOA guarantee as the rest of Our Firearms Um lifetime warranty on you know parts And labor all that kind of stuff as well So you know we we take care of our Products they shoot great and we like to Stand behind them so okay in terms of uh Triggers what do you have in there So this is actually a trigger Tech Trigger adjustable adjustable trigger Check trigger we set up about three Three and a half from the factory this Is actually a custom shoe for I noticed In arms and that just kind of carries The styling of you know the whole the Whole product you know we have our kind

Of our faceted action flat sided bolt in This down to the custom trigger Is this a detachable magazine one or is This a uh so this this will ship with a Hinge floor plate but the really great Thing about this modern hunting rifle is You take out this front action screw Here remove the internal magazine Put it in a spacer and then it will Accept aics magazine so you can switch Back and forth based on kind of your Your hunting situation or you're Shooting from a bench situation or Whatever that need to be easy to go back And forth there yeah so really modular Like you were saying yes correct And do you guys make your own barrels we Do yes so all barrels 100 in-house Um you know we we do a button rifling do Our own drains Chambers everything and Then our own carbon fiber there in how Signatures and arms and that's one way That we can really control you know the Accuracy guarantee we can control the Quality tolerances everything so this is The new Um rfr brake that we put on it you know It Contour matches the barrel and it is A side port break so you don't get any Of that you know downward pressure that Our radial break will give if you're Shooting prone you're not kicking up a Bunch of dirt or anything like that so This is a new fft version of the real

Line what kind of changes have we made To the ridge line So yeah the fft stands for Flash Forge Technology and that's just kind of the Manufacturing process here with the Carbon fiber so you can see this the Black here that's not actually black Paint that's actually the carbon fibers That are running the length of the stock Here and what that did is it you know This this stock is a is a one-piece Shell there's not any seams or anything Like that so we're able to lose about a Full pound of weight just with internal Reinforcements that a traditional Composite stock manufacturing would need This has all the strength right here in The in the shell So that's a really cool thing Um this starts off you know under five Pounds with the titanium action this is The stainless action so we're you know 5.2 5.3 pounds so wow that's Ridiculously light extremely lightweight Rifle you know if you're if you're Packing it or carrying it it really Makes a difference Um so this is a short action this has a 20 inch barrel Your long action calibers will have a 22 Inch barrel so we that's something else We did shortened the barrels a little Bit helped a little bit with the weight But also you know if you're if you're

Packing them through the brush or the Trees you're not swinging that Big Barrel around catching it on stuff so It's it's a really Purpose Driven rifle That's designed for you know the serious Hunter Now a couple of other updates here fft Floor plate so you know our the Legacy Models have an aluminum floor plate and Aluminum bolt mod these are both carbon Fiber so those are kind of just some Other little touches that we've done to The product well Court thank you very Much for showing us these new products No problem and stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music]

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