Senex Bullpup what’s new with Senex Shot Show 2023

In this Shot Show interview we catch up to Brandon creator of the Senex Bullpup, (Senex MBLR-15)

this is our original interview with Brandon

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And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we are at Shot Show 2023 I'm here with Brandon at Cenex if You've watched our 2022 Shot Show video Brandon was here as well with his Original prototype of the Brandon what Was it called again uh mblr15 modular Bullpup light rifle at 15 annotating its Compatibility with AR-15 components so Its biggest thing was it was it's a Bullpup that accepts pretty much all Components from an AR-15 uh not all uh Your Barrel your bolt your gas system uh Cam pan firing pin uh pistol grip Magazine Um and a modified Fire Control System One of them sounds like all to me but Okay it sounds like it but uh actually I Got this nice little uh model over there Because a lot of people have been asking Is this a conversion kit it is not Um it's no more a conversion kit uh than What a Ford Ranger is to a Ford Mustang Just because I have the same motor motor And tires that's about where the Similarities in so okay good analogy for Any car folks out there okay so last Year I think in terms of production you Were at the phase you built your Prototype and you were looking at Manufacturers am I right something like That yeah so uh basically what happened Since last shot show is um sort of Looking around start hitting up some of

The contacts here Um got uh got linked up with a Manufacturing rep who actually pointed Me in direction of an engineer who's Been in the industry for a while Um so I'm very thankful to get linked up With him so we kind of took a tactical Pause for him to do a total design Review Uh once he looked at everything and said Hey let's let's work together I like What you got going on uh that was Probably May time frame okay so uh once We got into uh got into making some of The changes we hit the bolt carrier Group first Um so that's where most of the changes Are at uh we had to shift gears in September though was the problem Um because my uh my patent so I had to Filed a provisional patent before coming Out last year so I had to get the actual Patented uh utility pad written so we Had to get all the cad models ready for That as soon as we're ready for that It's like hey Shot Show is around the Corner so we gotta shift gear so we Really only have four or five months of Actual real progress on this uh so we're Coming back uh this year with the Advantage of we started the year working Together there's no patent uh to you Know patent paperwork to worry about or Documentation or anything uh which means

Hopefully come you know August September time frame we can start Focusing on Shot Show again next year But we have eight months to do it okay Uh so that's where we're at now man Um but things are moving forward good Stuff did you have like a I don't Remember the if you gave me pricing last Year ballpark pricing did we even talk About that last year oh we did uh I'm Not sure if it made it to camera or not Um but um basically uh same answer as I Have last year's I have a number in my Head that I want it to be I don't want To say it publicly I don't want to Ballpark it because you know you know How people will get man I say it and Yeah the next year yeah yeah I don't Want my toes the design hits the road Yeah yeah exactly But uh yeah so we've made a lot of good Progress man um most of it has been in The networking aspect uh got linked up With quite a few good manufacturers now Um So we've been talking about Um basically how how to supply the Prototypes and the initial production Stuff so things are things are moving Along real well yeah I remember last Year even at so after the video Published there was a lot of demand for This they were like I want one get me One now

Yeah I I gotta say the the response that I got I was I was really nervous coming out Here last year man I thought honestly I Really thought I was going to come out Here with what I had and I was going to Get laughed out of the show dude to be Honest you had something that nobody Else had who has a Bullpup that takes Not all AR-15 components but the Majority like who else does that who is Actually innovating in the industry a Lot of what we see is oh let's take an AR-15 and always do more AR-15s or in Both actions let's do another Remington 700 clone like we were so original yeah You know um basically what I did is I Come from a uh an end user background I Think I mentioned last year as a Reconnaissance Marine so a lot of what We did was Urban patrolling CQB uh Woodland petroleum reconnaissance Operations hence Marine Recon right yeah Who would have guessed they do Recon Um So it took a lot of those Lessons Learned and integrated into this Um you know what what firearm system can Do excel at all these different areas And the truth is not many if any uh so I Wanted to make a platform that was the Least versatile versatile enough that's A hardware for me versatile enough uh to At least be a base to perform in those

So that's why we got the barrel change System uh quick barrel change system so Now you're not limited by caliber Options that I provide Um which is good good for everybody Because I don't want to design it it's Great for the end users yeah and you Guys don't want to probably you know Have to order directions from me you Gotta have you have a lot of options uh Your hand guards for example I finally Got the uh the Quick Change handguard Working now you just pop a pin pull it Out put a new one on it's fantastic so If you're going from I don't know let's Say uh designated Marksman sup or you're Rocking a 20 inch barrel which is only Two inches longer the barrel I got on There now health and uh you were had to Roll into a raid which we've actually Run into that a couple times where it Was a just a simple surveillance or Reconnaissance that rolled into a raid Um but uh you just swap your Barrel swap Your hand guard which don't really take Up a lot of space in your pack relative To a whole other weapon system which was What a lot of guys would do a lot of our Snipers will carry around uh m110 or M40 And their M4 uh that's no longer what is The saying ounces become pounds and Pounds become pain yes yeah alco's Ounces ounces equal pounds of pounds Equal pain you think I'm a marine

Knowing that right I I'm convinced I have no experience other than Paintball That's honestly it's it's about the same Yeah the stakes are a little higher yeah Thank you for your service man I Appreciate you especially coming out During the video That's probably the best part you know Yeah oh yeah dude um I'll I'll tell you the the uh the Comments uh the feedback I've got has Been phenomenal from last year's Shot Show doing the watching these videos Reading the comments I read the comments Guys I found you you met you you Commented in the video last year and Other people were I think you were Chatting with somebody oh really yeah Yeah yeah I I try to man I might not be Able to answer them all I get tons of Emails Um Some of the things do get redundant I'm Like oh man this again I'm I'm sorry I Just pin the comment once once you like Comment under this video yeah I'll just Get Brandon to comment you could just go Into that feed Yeah there we go uh the the biggest Thing that I want to uh want to address From uh the last year though that I Haven't been able to successfully do is It's not a Bullpup conversion for an AR

It's not a drop-in kit or anything like That with the exception of the the few Useful components it is a very original Rifle so you said Barrel Bull carrier Group uh the the Bull carrier components Like the bolt gas key uh the bolt Carrier itself is not okay Um and be more than happy to do a Disassembly too so you can kind of get The picture so people can kind of see What you're I'm talking about as well Yeah yeah it sounds crazier when you Wore it the way you did but it's it's Real simple I promise Sounds good and what's your name again Brandon let's go Brandon yes All right thanks for having on the show Hey dude I appreciate you thanks again I knew your name [Music]

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