Savage 110 Tactical: Best Budget Precision Rifle

Savage 110 Tactical: Best Budget Precision Rifle
Savage 110 Tactical: The Best Option for Beginners
Savage Arms has build a reputation for have accurate rifles even in their most accurate rifles such as the Savage Axis 2. the Savage 110 Tactical being the Axis’ big brother is no exception to that rule.
the Savage 110 tactical is likely the best suited rifle for beginners or as a first option to precision rifle shooting who want a rifle they can grow with and an action they can build on.
Why the 110 tactical and not the 110?
-Accutrigger: all Savages have an Accutrigger, the ones on the 110’s are miles ahead of the savage axis 2 Accutriggers
-Extended/ oversized bolt knob (makes cycling the action easier more leverage for extraction and a lighter bolt lift
-Medium profile 24” fluted button riffled barrel. Button riffling is the easiest way to cut the lands in the barrels riffling but they are not usually the most accurate, savage has gotten that right!
-Takes AICS Magazines!
-the Stock: the stock has a variety of features that makes it great. changeable comb/lenght of pull, aluminum chassis embeded in the stock ensuring you are getting the most accuracy out of that barreled action.
The optic we were using is the
IOR Raider 3-25×56, this optic is impressive, While it being a ”top tier” optic makes you expect excellent glass and lots of internal adjustment, it won’t prepare you for this level, this optic has 40 MILS (or roughly 140moa) of internal adjustment (no that’s not a typo) and the widest field of view you will likely ever see on a optic with this magnification range (and amazing glass), If you are looking to pick one up take at

or contact them on facebook at

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info from website:
When the stakes are high, settle for nothing less than the precision and adaptability of the Savage 110 Tactical. The rifle’s AccuFit™ system lets tactical and competitive shooters customize length-of-pull for the utmost consistency, and the user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ provides a light, crisp pull. Together with the AccuStock™, which secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, the 110 Tactical provides the fit and function of a custom rifle—right out of the box. It features a suppressor-ready threaded barrel, a one-piece scope rail and 10-round detachable box magazine.

AccuFit system lets shooters quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull
User-adjustable AccuTrigger
AccuStock rail system secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length
Detachable 10-round Magpul AICS magazine
Threaded heavy barrel with end cap
20 MOA EGW rail
Gray synthetic stock
Soft grip fore-end and pistol grip surfaces
New Model 110 design and ergonomics
Tactical oversized bolt handle

MSRP $889.00
Action Bolt
Ejection Port Right
Barrel Color Black
Barrel Finish Matte
Barrel Length (in)/(cm) 24 / 60.960
Barrel Material Carbon Steel
Caliber 6.5 CREEDMOOR
Magazine Quantity 1
Magazine Capacity 10
Hand Right
Length of Pull (in)/(cm) 12.75 – 13.75 / 32.385
Magazine Detachable Box Magazine
Overall Length (in)/(cm) 46.5 / 118.110
Rate of Twist (in) 1 in 8
Receiver Color Black
Receiver Finish Matte
Receiver Material Carbon Steel
Type Centerfire
Stock Color Grey
Stock Finish Matte
Stock Type Law Enforcement Beavertail
Weight (lb)/(kg) 8.87 / 3.35

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Optics and rifle reviews today we’re Going to be reviewing the Savage 110 Tactical now in my opinion this is Probably the best value precision rifle On the market today like at 650 U.S or About a thousand dollars Canadian Nothing even comes close to this rifle In terms of features in terms of Performance so in terms of features We’re looking at a 24 inch button rifled Barrel that’s fluted that’s also Threaded it comes with a 20 MOA rail it Has an oversized bolt knob it takes aics Magazines with a 10 round mag has an Adjustable Accu trigger and what really Helps make it accurate it has a mini Aluminum chassis embedded in the stock Which is going to help you squeeze as Much accuracy as you can out of this Barrel to action so it really has it all Now this rifle can come chambered in 308 Winchester either with a 20 or 24 inch Barrel 300 Win Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC or in six millimeter Arc this Specific model here is in 6.5 Creedmoor It’s just easier logistically if I buy All my rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor four Reviews and also 6.5 Creedmoor is just Such an efficient round for shooting up To a thousand meters easily first let’s Start talking about accuracy so Savage

Even with their most budget rifles and This is still considered a budget rifle They always make sure accuracy is Excellent so for new Shooters when they Get a grifol regardless that it’s Reliable and such if it’s not accurate That person probably isn’t going to stay In the sport or if they’re going to go Shooting once in a while they’re not Really going to get into it unless they Have a rifle that can really put their Uh skills to the test People are generally unimpressed now This rifle I was very impressed now with Various different brands of match Ammunition this rifle performed very Well so let’s start with the worst let’s Go with Barnes 140 grain Otmbts So that was about a two and a half inch Group Next the 120 grain Hornady match Oh it’s a good group [Music] Next the Hornady Precision Hunter I Believe this is the 143 grains Pretty decent And next the Hornady Precision match With 147 grains And lastly the Nosler ballistic tip Nice So from what I’ve observed this rifle Does very consistently very well with Various different brands of match Ammunition so it’s it’s definitely a

Shooter you will be able to connect with Your targets out at long distances with This but obviously 100 meters won’t Convince you let’s try shooting at 720 Meters foreign [Music] Beautiful I love that Very nice let’s see if we can make three Beautiful three-shot group on that [Applause] Holy crap that is a ridiculous Three shot group This rifle is a hell of a precision Rifle Now that was a lot of fun that was a Pretty good group on that two foot by Two foot steel gong this this rifle this Barreled action can perform in fact Pretty much most Savage rifles perform Really really well Um but you know I had a few rounds left In my uh reloading box so I figured why Don’t I give it a shot at a thousand Four hundred and ninety yards 15. let’s start with the 15. I did look At a ballistic app but I mean Whatever [Applause] Oh okay yeah I was under shooting so um I’m at 16 0.6 let’s go to 17 . I’m going to have to drag it a little Bit left

Maybe a quarter mil [Applause] Just off the right at like we already Didn’t hit it but just off to the right [Applause] Low [Applause] That was a blast I had more misses than Impacts obviously I didn’t show you all Of my misses I had about 12 rounds left And they weren’t all the same load Because they were hand loads I was Testing another rifle and I figured ah Let’s just throw a few at that Target With this rifle and I got one on which I Mean I was quite I was happy for that But I kind of was hoping to get a few More on but regardless this rifle it can Perform if you do your part if I had put Better quality match loads that were Tuned for this rifle I most likely would Have been hitting within about four Shots in this rifle review we were Actually using the ior Raider this is a 3 to 25 by 56 millimeter objective now The magnification objective size isn’t Particularly like it’s not uncommon but What is uncommon what really is Impressive about this optic is the Amount of internal adjustment pretty Much the top tier Optics are going to Have around 32 mils of internal Adjustment this one has 40. so that’s One of the most amount of internal

Adjustment that I’ve seen in any any Premium value optic you pretty much Won’t really see anything more than 32 On most it also has a zero stop and a Second reference point on the turret and Not only that but this optic has the Widest field of view that I have ever Seen this actually is leagues in front Of the competition and also it has top Tier Quality Glass I was able to spot my Misses at that distance at 1490 yards With pretty good ease so anyway if You’re looking for a top quality optic The ior Raider is probably my favorite Within their lineup I’m going to leave a Link in the descriptions below it’s so they have some really really Good prices on these it may not be your First optic but it probably will be your Last and final optic you won’t really Need anything beyond the capabilities of That optic so next let’s talk about the Action so it comes with a oversized bolt Knob as you can see here this is going To make the bolt lift a lot lighter Because you have more leverage and it’s Going to make extracting rounds a little Bit easier what we did notice with this Action though is we had I’d say a few Failures to eject mostly when it Mattered the most when I was going Barricade to barricade which was a Little bit frustrating I did notice another

Um I did notice another issue in a Different area which isn’t quite well I’m not sure if it’s the actions fault Or how the magazine fits into the action But once I get on a barricade once the Magazine applies pressure it kind of Tilts slightly upwards and it gets in Contact with the bolt so as you can see Here the bolt is actually stopped where If I remove pressure it just slides Closed nice and easily so I apply Pressure again and it stops the bolt if I give it a good thump it’ll obviously Close and if you do this often enough it Will wear out a bit of the feed lips on Your magazine which I mean it’ll make it Easier to load magazines in the long run But really that’s Not a good solution in my opinion the Better solution to this issue is Actually the mag well so the Magwell is Obviously you can tell it’s fairly short If they were to extend this downwards And kind of turn into a barricade stop The pressure would not be applied to the Magazine and torqued onto the the action It would be on the magazine well So that’s my only other issue that I That I’ve observed with this rifle so a Few failures to eject and um well unable To close the bolt when pressure is Applied to the magazine otherwise like No issues whatsoever also this action Does come topped with a 20 MOA rail

What’s really nice is like having that Right from the get-go this rifle is like Ready to shoot the minute you buy toss An optic on it and you’re ready to go it Comes with this 10 round aics magazines And it also takes my steel aics Magazines from MDT without issue next Let’s talk about the trigger so all Savage rifles come with an Accu trigger That are adjustable this one I believe Is supposed to be adjusted between 1.5 And 4 pounds so I was actually able to Get this one to go as low as 1.5 pounds And it was extremely consistent the Breaking weight did not vary even by a Tenth of a pound at the lowest it did Vary by about a quarter pound at 5.5 Pounds which is the heaviest I could get This one to go it was varying by about a Quarter pound and it did come fact tree Around two and a quarter pounds so That’s pretty much where it was set at In my opinion this is probably one of The best value triggers for the money Out there I’ve I’ve tried so many Different rifles so many other rifles With adjustable triggers and at this Price nobody comes close to having this Good a quality trigger in fact I Wouldn’t recommend even replacing it There’s no creep at 1.5 pounds and Unless you really don’t like these this Little safety feature here I wouldn’t Bother changing it whatsoever and also

There’s like no creep whatsoever in this Trigger next let’s talk about the stock So Um I feel like they did a lot of really Good things with the stock but they also Did a few things that uh I think there’s Room for improvement so this is very Ergonomic it’s very comfortable to grip It’s really nice for offhand shooting But I think they could have improved the Grip angle so this is much more uh I Guess designed for hunters uh this is Much more conducive for offhand shooting Well if I’m on a bench rest for those of Us who have tried a more vertical grip Such as the mdtx RS the krg Bravo the Ruger Hawkeye I mean that is much more Comfortable to be shooting off Barricades and such than a grip like This this is kind of unnatural when You’re shooting let’s say on a benchrest You’re kind of not really inclined to Hold it like this because it’s not Really a natural way to grip it I think If they did something like uh you know The Ruger Hawkeye like a more different Angle like that it should be realistic To achieve that because this is Basically injection molded plastic so it Shouldn’t be all that hard to change That and obviously a lower mag well if They can extend this down to act as a Barricade stop this would be excellent The magazine release on this stock is

Really really nice too like it’s really Easy to just simply remove also the Magazines will drop freely Just like that it’s a very simple mag Release but hey if it works it works one Of the best features about this stock is Is it has like an integrated mini Chassis so an aluminum frame to go Between your action and your stock That’s what’s really going to help you Achieve the best accuracy out of your Build action had this just been a cheap Plasticky stock we likely would have not Been able to achieve such good groups so That’s really helping us in this also it Does come with two slings swivel studs On the bottom so you could put like a Caldwell bipod and a sling underneath And we also have another sling swivel Set on the bottom here you are able to Change the comb height by replacing this Plastic module here and you are able to Change the length of pull by adding or Removing spacers here it does come with A pretty cushy uh recoil pad here but I Mean it’s 6.5 Creedmoor doesn’t have a Ton of recoil anyway next let’s talk About aftermarket support so the Savage 110 has been in the market has been in The industry for a long time but Regardless of how long it’s been in the Industry after market companies won’t Really pick it up unless they have Confidence in the product unless it’s a

Solid product and the Savage 110 action Is very much a solid product in terms of Aftermarket barrels most companies will Make a aftermarket barrel for this and In fact a lot of aftermarket custom Actions will accept a Savage prefit Barrels so if you’re looking for an Aftermarket Barrel once you cook this One out or you really want a different Configuration in Canada there’s JC Custom barrels there’s also IBI in Canada outside of Canada there’s Krieger There’s Criterion there’s preferred Blank so there’s chalene there’s lots And lots of companies like any Barrel Maker can spin you a barrel for a Savage 110 there’s no shortage of that in terms Of triggers there’s chimney triggers There’s Jarred there’s elf trigger Tech Doesn’t seem to have one just yet but I’m sure that’s probably on their list Next in terms of Bolt knobs now the Aftermarket support is for the Savage 110 so for aftermarket bolt knobs you Probably don’t want anything other than This because you chose the Savage 110 Likely for ITS Tactical usage so you Probably want this large bolt knob but If you want something else there’s Always Anarchy Outdoors that offers Different bolt knobs for this there’s a Tactical works and there’s a variety of Other companies also in terms of rails If you want a different rail on this if

20 moas isn’t enough MDT actually offers One with 50 MOA also another with 40 MOA With 30 MOA and a 20 MOA Rail and I Believe they also have the zero M way Rail tally does offer rails as well as Well as Weavers but this one here is an Egw20 MOA Rail and actually talking About rails Um any Factory rifle that you buy you Should be removing these screws putting A dab of blue Loctite and torquing them To spec I have I’ve done this many times That I’ve kind of messed up a day of Shooting and wasted lots of ammo Wondering why am I not able to hit my Target out at distance and after a while I’m thinking maybe I should check my Amounts and it turns out I’ve done this About three times so far it’s pretty Frustrating so I strongly recommend you Do that with your rails also in terms of Stocks so in this configuration it’s Probably the best value right out the Gate there’s really no one else that Comes close to offering this much value With the mini chassis a good quality Barreled action that’s accurate with Changeable home height changeable length Of pull good quality trigger there Really isn’t anybody offering this much For this little but in terms of stocks If you really want to after a while if You want to gradually upgrade this is a Good Savage 110 is a good platform to

Work on so potentially you might want to Upgrade to an MDT MDT basically all of Their chassis are going to be able to Accommodate the Savage 110. the wooks Furiosa is going to be able to Accommodate it XLR Industries the krg Bravo would actually be a good option And as well as the oryx chassis so what I’m probably going to end up doing with This stock is replacing it with a GRS Biofrost stock lastly is the warranty so Savage on paper has a pretty mediocre Warranty they have a one year limited Warranty you gotta registered in 10 days It’s for the original owner only Oh on paper that’s not that great uh but In practice their warranty is bloody Amazing I’ve owned a few Savages and I’ve had to send one back which I was Not the original owner it was well Beyond a year old Um I didn’t have the receipt I was never Registered Um I literally called them up told them My issue they said you know what don’t Worry about it just send it to us we’ll Take care of you don’t worry about it so I sent it in in about I think three four Weeks later I got it back in jail and So I think it’s more for um legal Reasons that they have a crummy warranty Sorry Dad probably warranty but that’s Kind of what it is Because I believe when you have a when

You have a lifetime warranty uh there’s I think the Magnus something act that I Believe they do it for legal reasons to Have such a short warranty I believe in Some states you have to charge more or You have to have an extra fee if you Have like a lifetime warranty on certain Products so I believe that’s kind of why They’re doing it this in my opinion is Probably the best value uh Precision Bolt action rifle that you can buy for 650 you have an accurate a really really Accurate rifle that has everything You’re going to want to start and it’s a Really good platform to upgrade so if You guys enjoyed this video I do have an Entire series on Precision rifles that Are around this price so consider Checking out that playlist there’s lots Of rifles in there like the statika t3x Varmint so if you guys enjoy this video Consider hitting like consider hitting Subscribe and I will see you in the next Review Foreign [Music]

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