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Always something new and exciting from Triggertech,
Today they have announced their new Duty line
Shot Show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we are at trigger Tech At Shot Show 2023 I'm here with Trevor Trevor how you doing great thanks how You doing great we hear a lot of Clicking here at trigger Tech because They got some nice new Um triggers to announce here at Shot Show 2023. so I guess first is the AR-15 Diamond single stage which was announced At taccom uh can you run us down the Specs and uh Yeah absolutely Um so in November we launched the uh the Single stage for our AR platform Historically we had two stages in Market We heard the feedback we wanted to come Come to Market with a single stage so We've done so with both a competitive And diamond and so the the single stage The AR competitive is a fixed three and A half uh single stage and the diamond That we've got here Um much like our two stage Diamond goes Down to a pound and a half up to four Pounds of pull weight that's ridiculous I think are you guys the only ones doing That not sure to be honest if anyone Else is getting down that low What we have done is obviously we've Kept our same zero creep technology uh Our flat wire springiness so everything You've sort of come to know and love About our two stage but we've just

Totally taken out the takeoff Um similar rapid fire this thing pretty Good Um Hey listen yeah it probably depends Depends on the shooter but yeah the you Know similar over travel and reset feel As well to our existing existing product But um yeah it's right there for you Um you guys are really well known for Having premium quality uh triggers now You're also going to be coming out with Or I guess you're announcing today a new AR-15 trigger a two-stage that's a bit More Um I guess catered towards the Affordable Market Um yeah absolutely it will be more Affordable so uh our AR Duty line Um is we're going to offer it in single Stage and two stage actually it'll be Fixed three and a half five and a half Pull weights there's no adjustability in Them but these are starting at 129 us Wow pretty big departure for us amazing Uh so 129 in the US what are we talking Canadian Um we actually haven't finalized our Canadian pricing on this yet Um but it would be sort of commensured With that and what was it you know Trevor's from Canada he'll get he'll Negotiate us a good price yeah we'll see What we'll see what the rates do over The next uh over the next few weeks

Um but yeah this one um we should have This out in the next sort of four to six Weeks we've got them built up in the Plant so it's just a matter of Finalizing some some packaging and Getting them out there so four to six Weeks and we should be able to see these In the stores yeah that's the plan well Exactly so um yeah this one should be Good coming in at out at 129 is starting Point uh and this one will have a Slightly different feel break is the Same same technology in terms of the Zero creep technology but we've got Longer take up longer over travel and a Heavier reset and this Duty line really Came out of feedback we were getting From some operators that use our Triggers Um and and we had a bunch of military And Le operators who were saying listen We love the feel but need something a Little more tactile we need the longer Take up need to feel that reset a bit Heavier and we're a little more price Sensitive based on our departments and So we took that feedback back and and Came out with this Duty line here and so You'll see it's a die-cast housing Versus aluminum and as I said that that Feels going to feel a little more Tactile a little heavier so that's kind Of how you brought your price point down By doing cast as opposed to CNC aluminum

Machine absolutely yeah it's a slightly Heavier but there's way less material Waste it's just a large raw material Cost for us and because there's no Adjustability and because it's a longer Take up and over travel our assembly Cost came down as well and so we've been Able to pass that through and and find Ourselves in this sort of 129 Price Point area so they gave us the Price and air Duty the AR-15 Diamond Single stage from one to five what are We talking about for price for us and Price for Canadians yeah so the diamond Single stage is 289 us which is uh which Is actually just like our test stage Diamond yeah the price pretty much on Most of your uh here exactly uh and and Canadian dollars is 389 for the diamond Um and then uh it goes down from there Once you start getting this the Competitive the fixed pull weight single Stage comes down from there so so for The wks and the Sterlings out there in The Canadian Market we have a pretty Awesome trigger to look forward to well Trevor thank you so much for showing us These new triggers we look forward to Trying them out in the market awesome Thanks awesome Stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 Coverage [Music] Foreign

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