NEW Timber Creek Chassis Shot Show 2023

whats new from timber Creek?
a new chassis system
Shot Show 2023

Timber Creek with Garrett Welcome back to affordable optics and Rifle reviews we're at Shot Show 2023 I'm with Garrett Garrett how you doing Good how are you great now I was going By Timber Creek actually one of my Fellow YouTuber friends said they had a New chassis coming out Garrett tell us All about it all right so this is the New Timber Creek uh enforcer series Rifle chassis we released it this year In the Remington 700 short action for Obvious reasons we have multiple more Models coming along in the future Um it weighs in at a nice and light 22 Ounces it's got an oversized magazine Release which is really really nice and These are going to be shipping here Really quick so stay tuned how much you Say they're retailing for so they're Going to retail for 599.99 and this one Currently is in Remington 700 but you Have plans for other inlets what and Other inlets can we expect in the future So we're looking at the Ruger American The 1022 the long action and then we're Just going to kind of see where it goes From there sounds good well Garrett Thank you very much for showing this to You thanks to us and uh stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage thank you [Music] Thank you Thank you

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