NEW: the APEX EDGE 1-10X44 and Hunter 3-15×44

What’s New from Apex?
following their release of the APEX Rival 4-32×56.
The Apex team have been busy working on the APEX Edge 1-10×24 a FFP LPVO unlike you have ever seen before
and their 3-15×44 FFP hunting optic
stay tuned for more shot shot 2023 interviews!

[Music] Thank you And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at chacho 2023 I'm here with Vania Vania how you doing Good Ox how are you doing great so at Tacom 2022 you guys announced your new Binoculars with Um with a reticle integrated reticle Right yep that's right and it's Shot Show 2023 they came out with another new Product can you tell me a bit about it Yeah so this is our APEX Edge one to ten By 24 uh first focal plane 34 millimeter Tube lpvo one of the cool things that We're doing with this is we're one of The only ones in the marketplace that Has a exposed locking zero stop Elevation turret with really nice Positive clicks if you can hear that and Then uh locking windage turret fixed Parallax at 150 yards and nine Illumination settings plus two night Vision settings The reason why that's really important Is we have a the reticle is is super Innovating being a first focal plane Optical system we're doing a uh we'll Call it our hybrid combat or HDR reticle Which really gives you kind of The Best Of Both Worlds and no matter what kind Of shooting or hunting or whatever it is That you're doing for plinking it's Perfect for carbine platforms it's

Perfect for a lightweight honey hunting Rifle for reliever actions for pretty Much any application you can think of Except for like super extended long Range shooting so what I mean by that is Obviously Um one to ten you can mount on pretty Much anything but the reticle itself is Designed so that you can Do up close engagements really really Quickly it's like 2i open shooting the Optical system itself is a true Certified One X one of the very few on The market that's actually been Certified by a third party with like lab Level instrumentation we want to make Sure that was true on accident that when You're actually shooting with both eyes Open for example that there's actually No warping or Distortion or any kind of Like 1.1 x or 0.96 optical illusions Happening which is pretty important to Us so that and then we'll combine with The first focal plane reticle we decided To be a little bit Innovative and give You a segmented Outer Circle almost like A red dot that takes your eyes to the Middle of the optical system so that's Always kind of in the optical center and Then an inner Red Dot that if you decide To turn illumination on acts like an Inside Red Dot and then as you go past 5x that outer Red Dot disappears the Full reticle comes into view at around

Six or seven X and at 10x which is the Full magnification you effectively have A full modified Christmas tree for any Longer range shooting if you want to do Any holdovers or you can choose a dial So it kind of gives you full versatility Of however you want to shoot for any Kind of situation whether it's Designated Marksman law enforcement just Regular recreational shooting three gun Anything along the way so awesome that's That's that's a lot in one optic and the Reticle I had to look through it I'm Going to show you guys through here on The screen that's not something I've Actually seen on any other I don't think It's on any other lpbo one that kind of Disappears and then then once you get Past five the middle one's now available For you so so that's the thing we Started thinking about you know what can We do to innovate what can we do to come Out with something new that sets us Apart our price level again again like With arrival is a super aggressive for The optical quality in the system and The construction of this particular unit Like you said it's a lot of scope jammed Into one thing and and with the first Focal playing radical we decided to be Innovative and think about what are all The different applications that this Could be used for and let's try to do a Hybrid radical which is where the hybrid

Combat radical comes in that it allows Us to as much possible flexibility to Cover as many potential use cases as we Can with one product awesome now this Isn't the only new product you're you're Announcing here at Shot Show is it it's Not no we're also announcing the 3-15 Hunting scope and we can go over that One here So this is the 3 to 15 by 44 44. so 44 Millimeter objective lens 30 millimeter Tube on this one also a locking zero Stop elevation turret with a locking Windage it'll come in two different Options for illumination so one will be Illuminated the other one will be not Not illuminated by doing that we shave a Couple of ounces off it becomes a little Bit Slimmer for the guys that don't Prefer or that don't ever use Elimination but they want a lighter Weight scope Um this was made to be a first focal Plane do all hunting scope as well so It's like a very wide set of Applications whether you're in Ontario Or quevac hunter or somebody come to the Prairies the Rocky Mountains you want to Do some extended range shooting on Especially if you're hunting and you're Comfortable dialing or holding over this Is the perfect scope for you this is the One we kind of look at as the perfect Hunting scope for the precision rifle

Shooter that's what we made decided to Make so if you have a rival or if you Have any kind of exposed turret rifle Scope in your use of the mill first Focal plane system you're going to be Right at home with this optic and that's What it was made for that application Hunter 3-15 only comes in Miller radian Right now we're evaluating whether we're Going to come up with a mail-off MOA Option sorry Um like I think most Shooters are pretty Much all transitioning the meal and just Staying there yeah and you know what if They're an MOA shooter or they're Looking for an MOA hunting scope like we Don't really cater to that market so Much you know like I said we're trying To make hunting scopes for precision Rifle Shooters and 95 percent of those Are going to be Mill Mill based anyway So yeah so and well again we're trying To limit the amount of cues that we have And how many products we have to carry We're still a relatively small company But yeah awesome all right value well Thank you very much coming on the show And showing us your new products here at Shot Show 2023. thanks for coming Appreciate it Foreign [Music]

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