NEW from Sightron: the SVIII 5-40×56 40 MILs there no way your going to need more

Coming from Sightron a company well know for their height magnification optics, this year they have the the SVIII 5-40×56 FFPan impressive optical monster with 40 mils of internal adjustment

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at the sitron Growth Booth I'm here with Jeff Jeff how You doing I'm good how are you sir great So in 2023 you guys announced some Really neat and interesting Optics with Some extremely impressive specs uh this Year you made some slight tweaks to one Of them can you tell us a little bit About Um that line of Scopes and what makes Them so impressive yeah glad to Um we're referring to the new S6 5-30 by 56 Ed uh first focal plane models Um The the great thing about the scope is It's got the cytron's extra low Dispersion glass which gives you extreme Clarity and contrast Um it's a it's a real joy to look Through we've got a integrated throw Lever on the 5 to 30 zoom and you know Obviously a built-in diopter 11 Point Illumination this is a house reticle and One thing I really like about this is Only the cross is illuminated the the House part is not so it's not very Distracting to to look through Zero stop included uh real nice tactile Clicks and we got a retail price of 16.99 on this and these are going to Begin shipping March 20th okay what are We talking about in terms of internal Adjustment internal adjustments the

Windage and elevation on this particular Model is 60 on windage and 80 on Elevation Awesome now you're what is it the is it A 5 to 40 do you have in the other model Yeah so we we also have a very popular 5 To 40 by 15 by 56. uh also Ed glass also first focal Plane this thing is a monster yes it is And so it's easy to notice that this is Not a compact lightweight scope it has a 40 millimeter tube which gives you Amazing adjustments on a windage and Elevation you're looking at 20 on the Windage and 40 mils on elevation 40. That is insane it is that is for the People looking to do extreme long range Not just PRS or not just I guess it Could also be more like a dual sport Kind of thing but it's really I guess Extreme long range yeah it can be Certainly extreme long range one thing That we also have noticed is air gun and 22 Shooters love this scope because it Gives them because they Exactly and so this gives them a lot of Elevation and uh control on that Optically again it's just a beautiful Scope to look through this has a retail Price of 28.99 So we're talking premium right up there Yes absolutely and you know it's it's Not for everybody it is a little bit Heavier scope it's 49 ounces but this

Customer is usually not going to use This for a hunting scope yeah so it's Going to be you know bench rest and Things like that awesome well Jeff thank You so much for showing us I think this Would be great value to you guys this is This is incredible I really love going Through Shot Show and falling on things That I'm like wow this has incredible Value 40 mils extremely high Magnification that's actually quite rare To see like a 5 to 40 have anything Close to that amount of internal Adjustment absolutely but I guess that's A very unique product yeah well thanks For uh for joining us on this interview Thank you and stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music]

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