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Shot Show 2023
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And welcome back to affordable optics And rice reviews I'm at The Burris Booth I'm here with Jordan Jordan how you Doing doing great thanks for stopping by Thanks you guys already have been in the Industry with like range finding rifle Scopes and you guys already kind of had That covered and this year you guys come Out with something very new and very Interesting called the veracity pH Definitely so this is built on our Award-winning veracity 4 to 20 by 50. We've had that scope for a few years but We integrated some new technology into It uh we're calling it our Peak system It stands for programmable elevation Knob Um so a quick rundown you build a bullet Profile on a mobile app called burst Connect that's new for us this year as Well you guys can download it for free Right now from iOS or uh the Google Store once you get your bullet profile Built upload it to the scope via Bluetooth And then um there's a digital position Sensor in the digital or in the Elevation turret it takes your bullet Profile translates your MOA position Into yardage in an Mo or in a heads up Display [Music] You're going to find these on in stores For 9.99

And what are we talking about it and What are we talking about in terms of Internal adjustment uh you're gonna get One revolution so 34 MOA we've got 140 Grain El DM bullet programmed in the Scope right now and I'm able to dial out To just under 1200 yards Now this isn't the only new product you Guys have announced at Shot Show 2023 What else we have going on yeah so Unlike our Eliminator you mentioned Earlier we don't have a rangefinder Built in this so the the only Information that you need to know is is The known distance because you're Dialing to distance so to complement This scope we've actually got two new Range finders A range finding bino our signature lrf 10 by 42 and our signature lrf 2000 this Guy is going to range out to around 2400 Yards and this one's going to get out to Around 2 600 yards my favorite thing About these binoculars there's very very Little if any color Distortion or lack Of light transmission with the with the Heads up display that's pretty unique For a pair of laser range finding binos And then the the ranging has a scan mode Which is blazing fast so all of our Other rangefinding products The Eliminator the Oracle one of the Requirements for those rangefinders are They have to be quick to get that

Precise distance to the Target so we Took that same powerful Rangefinder Technology and put them in our Binoculars so you got to test them They're blazing fast Awesome what are we talking about in Terms of price for the uh the handheld Version how much for the binoculars map For binoculars are going to be 9.99 and I believe it's 299 for the handheld Monocular that's actually quite Competitive yeah I think so too So we've been around for over 50 years You know you say affordable I like to Think efficient we've done a really good Job perfecting our products over the Years to get that price to where it is And so we don't sacrifice on quality With anything that we make and we stand Behind it with the forever no questions Asked warranty Best warranty you'll never need That's the best part about warranties Hopefully that you'll never need to use Them right well Jordan thank you so much For taking the time to show us these new Products from Burris and stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage Perfect Foreign [Music]

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