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Shot Show 2023

Welcome back to affordable optics and Rifle reviews I heard a rumor from one Of my co-utubers that there was an Awesome new bipod at Odin works that's Right how you doing very good thank you Great can you tell me a bit about this New bipod yeah so this is actually in The Prototype stage Um but we have wanted to make a bipod For a long time so we love guns so we Make guns we make suppressors we make Everything in-house and so kind of the Next step for us was a bipod so here it Is Um we really believe in making good Affordable quality so this one's going To be full feature the legs go forward And backwards and you got different Positions in in the front and the back It's all done based off of these Triggers you have pull out legs that are Then spring retractable so very easy to Get whatever length the feet are going To use Atlas feet so any kind of Atlas Foot out there that you want to use you Can put on here Um We have uh ARCA right now we're gonna Have Picatinny it swivels the legs Actually just with a push button you Have three different positions so really Wide and then probably what I would say Is a standard and then a narrow so three Different positions and they're

Independent so you can have one out wide And then one forward you know whatever Whatever you know your particular Situation yeah yeah whatever the Situation dictates so and then if you Want you have this button here that you Can lock the head so it doesn't swivel At all if you want it to swivel you just Pull it out and then you can use tension Right here with this lever so awesome Like I said pretty much full feature We're actually going to work on color Schemes you know it's aluminum so Different colors of anodizing are really Easy So we're looking at an MSRP somewhere Around 350 to 400 Um that's competitive in facilities yep Yep so we and that's what we really want You know is affordable quality so all The features you want and then these Triggers one of the things that we're Going to do is right now they're on the Inside if you want you just undo the Hinge and you flip it over 180 degrees And then you can have the Triggers on The outside yeah just just looking at it Quickly it seemed very natural to be on The inside seems when you're Manipulating with your thumbs Well perfect thank you so much for Showing us this new bipod and we'll look Forward to seeing these out in the wild Awesome stay tuned for More Shot Show

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