Kodiak Defense NEW PRODUCTION K98 Mauser’s

so maybe you want a k98 that diesnt have “blood on its hands” maybe you want that new old feel. maybe you want to tell people “they dont make em like they used to…. but they do now” kind of thing.
so these are 100% k98 new manufacture Mausers apparently all parts are cross compatible, they will come in 8mm Mauser for the patriots and .308 Winchester for people who want to be able to afford to shoot it! cooming to Canada and USA market at some point in 2023
Shot show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews where it's Shot Show 2023 we're at a Canadian Booth Kodiak Defense the creators pretty much the Mainstreamers of the semi-automatic Canadian manufacturer wk180c gen 1 and Then the Gen 2. for sure uh then you Guys came out with the 181c now is it a 181c or just a 181 it's the one it's the WK 181c uh we wanted to keep the Nomenclature consistent what does this c Stand for well as it's a derivative of The 180b we figured it was the next Iteration the next following through for That so uh we just added a letter yeah Yeah The 181c is now currently in stores Canada wide yeah we started our first Shipment months ago like anything new Ship into the beginning are slow Everyone assumes that as soon as you Have it on the market you have 10 000 The warehouse it's not quite how it Works they should be in stores they sell It pretty quick but they are they are Going through a distributor and hidden Retailers already Some so they take AK mags and they have A dual all those things a guide rod dual Guide rod yeah so uh the internal is Very similar to the wk180c the main Change from the Gen 2 to the to the Wk180c is it takes an AK mag so we Redesigned the receiver it is a separate

Frt but still not restricted the Internal will be very familiar to anyone Who already has a wk180 though yeah so That has I guess been kodiak's bread and Butter the 180 uh the 180c for a long Time and now you guys are coming up with Something very very different from your Kind of things you guys been doing for The longest time Sure so found a good Niche and we tried To fill the market as best we could Still going strong with those we're not Moving out of production with anything We debuted the K9 attackcom finally Getting it out nailing out bugs as we Could we're moving and shaking some Other spots something we're actually not Manufacturing which is new for us but We're bringing them in we have some uh New production k98s coming in from Eastern Europe they're made in Serbia It's all the the ones we have down here Are uh in eight millimeter Mauser so They're true reproductions so they're Fully compatible with old mousers uh Yeah it should be good to go uh piece by Piece though for the shooter we're also Going to bring in some in 308 Okay so Emails away but you know but let's get Pricey uh 308 is easier to find and a Certainly cheaper to shoot I'm a Certainly Advocate one in 308 for sure I'll be honest if I'm buying one it's a 308 one but I know there's some guys uh

Who work for us who would never touch That it's eight mil or nothing I respect Both ways Um yeah I'm pretty excited about these First delivery should be the middle of February sometime and the 308s are for The a millimeters eight mils are gonna Come in first uh 308 should be shortly Thereafter with trains at times and Customs clearance and the like and then These will also be hidden the United States Market as well now we've got a Lot of them so the US viewers you might Be able to get your hands on one for Sure now where and when that remains to Be seen there's some negotiations to Happen but uh we've been getting a lot Of positive feedback about that one Everyone wants a new build that you know Hasn't been run around the ringer a Couple of 50 times yeah so that hasn't Seen War yet right it's never been in a War it came out of the factory you know Three weeks ago and it's yours uh pull Through and you should be up so you can Like soak this thing in cosmoline wrap It in the paper and then you could if You want to I mean it is part of getting A surplus rifle and that you got to Clean it out but uh I'm personally gonna Skip that step if you want to do it at Home I guess just make sure you clean it Really well afterwards yeah yeah in Terms of MSRP or Price do we already

Know what that is I can't give you a Solid one yet uh I don't have the uh the The blessing to do that it is going to Be I think he knows he just doesn't want To say all right Fair uh it's not Something we'll have to release yet uh It's gonna be cheaper than you'd find a Uh at least a decent quality one on the Surplus market so it's going to be Affordable okay Um it won't be a gazillion dollars but I Can't give you a solid price yet okay so Not a gazillion not a gazillion no under A gazillion perfect perfect now that Isn't the only rifle you guys have here You guys also have a precision rifle if I'm right yeah for sure so uh the Repetition Market uh If this one built up Um the Renova We envisioned that most people are going To want to do it themselves they're Going to want to Do in their basement the garage and it's Easy enough to do start it with an Action you get from us and you put what You want on it use the Savage Quick Fix Barrel on the front Remington action so The parts are available they're easy to Find between the two bolt faces either 223 or 308 there's something like 25 Calibers you can fit now some of those Are super Niche and Wildcat but like Whatever Barrel you want to put on as

Long as you use your gauges and Headspace it properly you should be good To go you could theoretically change out Your build every time you wanted to go Shooting I don't think that's Necessarily the best way to do probably A lot of work it would be Um but I I heard some interest and it Kind of makes sense in the I'm going to Keep a Varmint Rifle all year and then When I go and Chase Bambi in the fall I'll swap out to a 308 and then swap it Back that sort of thing makes sense to Me but bottom back and forth every Weekend that seems like a lot of time And work the advantage to starting with An action and building up is you can Have it as expensive or as inexpensive As you want within reason you can build Yourself a nice build and be looking at Two thousand twenty five hundred bucks You can build yourself an excellent Build uh where I think every part of This rifle costs more than my first car And and and you can start getting a Little more expensive it's usually the Way Customs go for sure uh but the the Highlight the better part having a Custom is while your cart appreciates to Nothing value guns don't lose value But generally no you'll be able to shoot Them long term yeah what are we talking About in terms of price point for the Action so the action alone 12.99 again

It's a slow uptick for us while we're Building up a capacity but uh those Should be available now-ish a complete Gun it depends on what you want we Envision and we don't have them Available yet but we envision if you Want us to build you the gun instead of Doing it yourself we'll do that we'll Have a couple of four models we'll offer If you're building the gun are you these Your barrels how are you uh like what Are you going to be yourself and because It's just a Savage quick fit they're Available they're out there it's not Hard to find uh they're not proprietary They're not you have to order to one Particular manufacturer who's only open Alternate Thursdays uh you can find them Same with the remnants in action you Know you throw a trigger in it and you Throw a chassis on it and you should be Good to go I will Owen thank you very Much for showing us these new uh these New rifles for the Canadian and the US Marshal we really appreciate it and stay Tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music] Thank you

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