IOR TX Raider 3-25×56: The Optical Beast

Today, we’re looking at the IOR TX Raider 3-25x 56, not to be confused with the IOR Raider 3-25 x 56. The main difference other than tube size is that this one has 40 mils of internal adjustment and one of the broadest field views in the industry – making it catered towards PRS and extreme long-range shooters.

IOR stands for Romanian Optical Enterprise, established in 1936 – they’ve been around for a while and are now no strangers to the industry.

This optic is definitely in line with its price point in terms of optical clarity and glass quality. So let’s head out to the range and have some fun!

Sweet Group At 100 Yards

That’s a sweet group. This isn’t a 100-yard rifle scope, so let’s take it up to 750 meters. We can run some steel! Beautiful, I love that! Very nice – let’s see if we can make three beautiful three-shot groups on that foreign target. Holy crap – that is an incredibly tight three-shot group! This rifle is a precision rifle, for sure. Oh, this gun is nice and accurate when shooting at 750 meters. You don’t necessarily need this optic, but it does have excellent glass quality, which makes it great for shooting at over-kill distances like thousand five hundred yards. Let’s start with fifteen, and let me look at my ballistic app before doing so.

Eye Relief and Eyepiece

At the lowest magnification, the eye box of this optic is super forgiving, however, past 20 magnification, it starts to get tight. The buttery smooth eyepiece ensures perfect image quality when setting up the scope in the right spot. This optic offers three and a half inches of eye relief.

Field of View

The field of view of this optic is beyond impressive, especially at its lowest magnification which features 38 feet in diameter at 100 yards away. Compared to similar optics with 5-25x magnifications, they typically have only 25 feet in diameter at the lowest magnification, making this one stand out. At its highest magnification, it is still very much in line with the competition offering 4.62 feet in diameter at 100 yards or 1.4 meters if looking at it in terms of meters.

Parallax Adjustment

The parallax adjustment for this optic starts down from 20 meters, however, most high end optics don’t feature any numbers when making such adjustments.

Making sure Numbers Match

Some people send back the product if the numbers don’t match perfectly. It can be extremely difficult to get them all to match perfectly, especially when you’re making thousands of these parallaxes with the same numbers in the same places. Optically, it’s nearly impossible to make them all look perfectly identical. That’s why many companies put a gradual line or nothing at all on their products. Despite this, the fit and finish of these products are still nice and smooth. Even in cold temperatures, they are buttery smooth and offer great magnification.

Adjusting Turrets

The turrets come with 40 mils of internal adjustment and also ten mils per revolution on the turrets. After about 700 US Dollars, most major brands come with a zero-stop system. This system is simple: screw down until it stops once you’re zeroed at 100, providing access to the full range of internal adjustments. Additionally, an indicator can be moved left or right depending on one’s preferences – this makes it easier to find reference points without having to remember them later on.

In terms of turret feel, they have a positive rotation but aren’t particularly audible. There is also a slight wobble, as is normal for locking turret systems; however, this shouldn’t affect performance substantially.

A Look at the Features of This Rifle Scope

Objects can do a box test, and it tracks perfectly with no dead clicks, making this rifle scope an ideal option for those looking to upgrade their optics. Reticle selection is a personal preference, and some may prefer a thicker reticle than others, but this one fits the bill. It also has illuminated buttons instead of a rotating dial, which is standard on rifle scopes.

Fit and Finish

This optic does not disappoint in terms of fit and finish, as it is a top-quality product that comes with a 30-year warranty. The company also provides a comprehensive warranty card which outlines what they cover in terms of service and repairs.

Magnification and Adjustability

The extremity of the internal adjustment can be checked by doing the box test with three mils down, three mils to the right, and three back to zero, followed by validating tracking again. My expectations were relatively high, and I was not disappointed. With magnification, there is no point of impact change other than from the locking mechanism, which keeps everything locked into place with no wobble present.

30-Year Warranty

The instrument provides a worldwide 30-year warranty from the date of purchase, as long as the original owner owns it, for defects or workmanship subject to normal use. During the first two years, Instrument will take over the cost of materials and work. This means that for the following 28 years until the 31st year, they will most likely cover any repairs or maintenance costs regarding materials and workmanship.

Wrap Up

The Iortx Raider is an excellent PRS optic, making a tremendous dual sports competition optic. It can be used in extreme long-range settings and has no issues with wobbling or dead clicks.


Manufacturer IOR
Riflescopes series IOR Tx Raider
Made in Romania
In production since 2020
Warranty 30 years
SKU 1805959960c
Variable magnification Yes
Minimal magnification. 3x
Maximum magnification. 25x
Diopter range -3 / +3 Dpt
Lens diameter. 56mm
Min. exit pupil. 2.24mm
Max. exit pupil. 6.84mm
Min. field of view. 1.43m/100m
Max. field of view. 11.79m/100m
Min. eye relief. 80mm
Max. eye relief. 90mm
Twilight Factor –
Light transmission –
Fast focus eyepiece Yes
Adjustment per click 10mm/100m – 0.10MIL
Turret Type Tactical
Turret locking Yes
Zero Stop Yes
Nr. Turret Turns MT – Multi Turn
Turret rotation direction CCW
Elevation (mrad). 40mrad
Elevation (MOA). 140MOA
Windage (mrad). 40mrad
Windage (MOA). 140MOA
Elevation Per Turn –
Reticle position 1. focal plane – FFP
Reticle illumination Yes
Illumination color Red
Daytime-usable illumination No
Auto Turn-Off No
Dot size. 0.1MOA
Parallax setting Adjustable
Parallax adjustment Yes – side focus
Parallax adj. range 20 m – Infinity
Length. 340mm
Weight. 1250g
Color Black
Working temperature range –
Power Supply CR2032
Filled with Nitrogen
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Tube diameter 40 mm
Mounting rail. No
Scope Rail Standard No
Mount rail type No
Mount length. 172mm
Objective diameter 66 mm
Eyepiece diameter 44.50 mm


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