FX Pantera: the new contender for NRL22; Shot Show 2023

I love it when a company really takes something to the next level, 22 caliber air rifles are not new, what is new is the ability to push a 40 grain projectile at the same speeds that a 22 rimfire rifle shoots, why is that important and nessesary? well there much less variables, gunpowder for instance is very temperamental and is prone to inconsistant velocity spikes, while high pressure air, not nearly as much. enjoy this new rifle from FX airguns
Shot Show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at Shot Show 2023 and I love finding or hearing about New Innovative products that really kick The butt in the industry and stir things Up and that's really going to be the Case with the new FX Pantera Zach how You doing I'm doing well how are you out I'm doing great can you tell us a little Bit about what makes this so different So revolutionary that it can compete With The 22. damn right yeah so about the Panthera it's a purpose-built gun Um it's really for that NRL PRS type Shooting that tactical State It's meant to be high volume and and Lower shot count just so most stages are About 10 to 15 rounds and we want the Maximum velocity the maximum power every Shot so it is very much purpose-built Um Differentiate from the impact so what we Got here is the plenum is moved up into The barrel here so the weight is more Centered so for precision uh positional Shooting it's a lot more comfortable With the the balance point being more in Front of the trigger guard we also move The bottle to the back smaller bottle But like we said we're just about the Low shot count but the max the max Volume of air get in through there we Got a reversible cocking lever here so

That is nice for the lefties you can Switch it from side to side so the Lefties can can maintain your your your Pistol your grip on your hand on the Pistol grip and then also be cycling the Action yep you can yep so if you do want To use this in speed you can there's Going to be some guys using the bench Rest competitions this year Um so that's exciting to see you got Both gauges your bottle and your Regulator right here so you can you can See it when you're on your rifle making Sure you're getting the max max out of Your rifle you got the the macro wheel Here and so you can do your fine tune Adjustments in your micro wheel and so That way you're getting your Optimum Speed with the pellet you are using this Is a 700 uh millimeter Barrel it's the Longest one that they have out in the Panthera and what's kind of nice is they They added the Arca rail to this built In so that way you can you can move your Bipod from front to back you got your Bag stop which is key to precision General positional shooting so that way You're you're engaged you're locked in And you're having less Sway and wobble So that's that's huge on the gun And we're we're really excited about This so so I guess previously FX air Guns didn't have any air guns that I Mean they did they do have air guns in

22 caliber but from my understand they Didn't have any of them that could push The pellet yeah to velocities that'll Compare with like a CCI standard Velocity and 22 Rimfire around what a Thousand 100 seconds 100 feet per second Yep so they put a slug barrel in here And that came standard which uh for Being the purpose of the NRL 22 to Compete with those 22 Shooters Um with the bone stock and a 40 grain or A 34 or even under you can push that Thousand feet per second we'll be able To really compete if not win uh multiple Matches this year which is exciting That's really impressive and I've and These have some pretty damn low standard Deviation here yeah a low standard Deviation Um you're we've seen multiple times with Shooting it's we we call it a repeat or Um rep yeah repeat and you're getting The same aim shot speed over and over Again which is ideal and the grouping at 100 200 is phenomenal wow so we're Excited about that and getting these Into different Shooters hands and Competing we're excited for 2023. Impressive now the the bottle size on This one is smaller than the one I have On my FX Crown Mark II Um what are we talking about in terms of Shot counts let's say if we're doing a 22 and we're doing a thousand one

Hundred feet per second so it does vary On how fast I mean we're doing a Thousand so probably right around in That 20 to 30 range Um you know as we go faster we're Probably going to drop off but like I Said at the beginning the stages are Usually eight uh 12 8 to 15. there's not Much over that Um per stage so you'll be able to fill Right after each stage and you're ready To go so in terms of caliber selections What do we have going for the Pantera Yeah so it came on the 22 the 25 5 and The 30 and you'll be able to shoot any Kind of slug with them and then also They came out with the 500 millimeter Barrel and the 700 Milli millimeter Barrel and they're going to have the 600 Following that here shortly that is what I was told so we're excited yeah I know This looks really really exciting I Think this could be a game changer in The NRL Community really we're getting Like the struggle is always you know Getting that perfect batch of ammo you Can't just use the same out it should Also be the same batch if you're running Rimfire and you have so many variables While this you know there's no Powder Variation HPA is far more consistent Than gunpowder so that's this is really A nice Innovation and I think probably The right direction yeah right direction

For sure and what the shooters are going To be able to do is they're going to be Able to sort their pellets Um you know a cross slot numbers are Across different cans of the you know The same grain and what they're going to Be able to do is find the kind of the Right flavor for their rifle And utilize that to their advantage Because we know some pellets fly better Than others in different barrels and or Slugs as well and so they'll be able to Sort those and really get the maximize Uh Precision out of them and output well Zach thank you very much for taking the Time to show us the new Pantera I really Appreciate it and let's hope we see These on the field and see how they Compete Stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 Coverage [Music]

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