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Whats New from Arken Optics
from the people that brought to you famous Arken SH-4 then the Arken EP-5
for 2023 they have announced the EPL-4 6-24×50 and 4-16×44…. and yes both are sold out again with a 2-8 week lead time. if you are looking at picking one up use code EPIKARMS
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ShotShow 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at the Arkin Booth I'm here with Josh Josh how you Doing I'm doing great man thanks for Coming by yeah so Arkin has obviously Dominated the Optics industry Like completely dominate the industry For the entry level Precision Market yep Uh and now you guys are coming out with Some new Optics can you tell me a little Bit about them so we got a lot of people That were wanting a lighter weight Hunting scope so we listened to our Consumers we came out with the EPL for 6 To 24 about 50 and we also have the 4 to 16 by 44 millimeter both of them are 30 Millimeter tubes both have the elevation And the zero stop still identical to our Ep5s or sh4s the only changes we made Were we capped the windage So basically now tool is for the windage Design you basically take the cap off And there's a little set screw cap you Unscrew that you make your changes then You slip it off and you reset it back to Zero So a lot of our Hunters wanted a windage Cap and they wanted a different reticle Which this has a lot slower and less Busy reticle Um so the epl4 6 to 24 by 50 is coming In at 4 30. and you have roughly 20 it's 20 oh sorry so they're both 23 ounce Scopes okay and they both have 25 mils

Of adjustment Um and then windage adjustments 12 mrads Or 12 mils all together Um and then the 4 to 16 by 44 is coming In right at 400 even okay and how many How much mils per Revolution it's eight Mils per ref okay so like the sh floor Right yeah going back down to the 30 mil Tube if we had to go back to the emails Per rev instead of the tin okay so and It's the same Parallax adjustment except This one we've got it all the way down To 10 yards versus 25 yards on the other Illumination still the same one to six With on and off in between every frame Yeah And if this one was first focal plane or Second first yeah All right Josh well thank you very much For showing us the new products from uh From Arkin yeah man and uh if you're Looking for someone we'll leave some Links in the descriptions below for you Guys and uh stay tuned for our Shot Show 2022 cup 2023 coverage [Music]

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