Features for the CDN-SS SEVEN S.T.A.R.S. Pro

in this interview with Jamie from Cadex we take a look at the CDX-SS Seven Stars pro, a competition driven rifle designed for the PRS competitive shooter.
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[Music] Thank you And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we are at Shot Show 2023 I'm here with Jamie from KDX Defense how you doing Jamie I'm doing Good good it's a great shot show lots of People here cadex uh the last year you Guys announced the Seven Stars pro right Yes yes we did uh it was unfortunately We didn't actually have the action here Last year we do this year so please stop By and have a look if you uh get get to See this but uh yeah we're catching up With production we had a little bit of a Delay but everything will come along Good now and uh selling like hotcakes so I actually got to try the Seven Stars Pro yesterday which was media day and Then that that rifle was freaking Accurate we were shooting at weddings And set up at 900. 960.50 950 and it was really nice the Wind oh my was it 40 miles an hour wind Um at sometimes we were up to four mil Of wind yeah I think it was between four Depending because I tried a few rifles Between four and six mils win yes Exactly so it was it was fun so and we Were shooting off a tripod too yeah yeah Yeah so we got we got everybody shooting Off the tripod everybody had fun I think We might have had one of the biggest Lineups so uh yeah there was always a

Crowd around that the cadex uh the shoes Yeah yeah for sure and then we had the Shy tech there as well for people to we Wake up everybody in the county oh yeah Yeah when it was raining and it was Crazy windy and it was cold I got I left Canada to come to the desert and I was Colder here I think you know when I like Before I ever came to the states I'm Always thinking like oh America it's Always sunny it's always summer not here And not no no it's winter time here Freezing yes exactly it was but it was Good it was good yeah no complaints Whatsoever yeah so today uh Jamie you're Gonna be showing us the weight system And how to adapt the trigger correct yes Yeah exactly so what we have here we'll Start with the trigger all of our rifles Come with our trigger but it it starts As I gotta press the sear here it start It'll ship with the two uh stage so You're gonna feel your first stage and Then it's gonna snap through and then if You are like me a single stage shooter You just locate this pin from here into This position it's a single stage Trigger Um we also have adjustability forward And back on the trigger for uh Lop of The trigger length it really marries Well with the chassis with the grip Module that also moves forward and Backwards so uh big hands or little

Hands we it'll work we can make a fit And then uh what we have we'll go to the Back I guess this is a bracket an Optional bracket So this optional bracket will go on the Rear if you're a weight up guy and you Can actually lock and M lock weights With our weights you can put about 1.4 Pounds okay onto the rear of the gun if You're if you want to Um And then on this is really about getting The balance point pretty much perfectly Yeah like uh I know some people it's a Competition to race to how much weight You can put on Um I'm a balanced guy over weight maybe It's because I'm getting old but uh yeah So we got our interior way inside Weights here they uh they come as a pair Of three they lock in you don't have to Use all three and they'll sit on top of The tabs as you go I don't know if you Can see that but you can load it up with Three or move them around just for Balance Um so fully loaded we're gonna drop in [Music] So this is about 1.5 pounds extra of Weight right there and then if you still Need more weights we've got stackable Weights so they actually They ship is one set okay so they work Out just being one set of weights

So if you only want one set or You can stack them and get them out So they work out pretty good Again it's for balance uh you know optic Weight Um Personal preference make it fit awesome Now you mentioned earlier you're going To be doing a competition where you have To do a lot of walking I'm going to try To do Mammoth okay uh next year are you Gonna have weights in it like what is Your Indigo configuration for that I'm Probably going to go I'll let you know after my cardio Actually I'll probably try to keep the Gun as it is right now I'm only running The interior weights on my personal Rifle so I'll probably do the interior Weight and then really research what Backpack what backpack I'm going to be Using for carrying and then uh cardio Lots of cardio yeah And with my limp the goal is to finish Right so being partially paralyzed it's A it's a goal for me Just to finish it There'll be uh Gorilla tape duct tape Whatever it takes to get me to the Finish Line that's all it takes [Music]

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