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Daniel defense Delta 5 Pro
Shot how 2023

Welcome back to affordable optics and Rifle reviews we're at chacho 2023 I'm Here with Chapman Chapman how you doing Nice to meet you man nice to meet you so Daniel Defense you came out with the Daniel the Delta 5 the regular one back In 2019 was it yep right around there uh We've since come out with the Delta 5 Pros this is more of our chassis gun for You Precision Shooters uh that's Actually towards a lot of recoil it's Full lunar chassis still has that cold Hammer forged Barrel that everybody Loves with that 0.5 MOA guarantee so uh Every single one of these guns will Shoot 0.5 mm away we have it in six five Creedmoor 308 and six millimeter Creedmoor uh that fits a Remington 700 Trigger but it does come with a chimney Hunter trigger which is phenomenal Completely adjustable we basically went Into this gun uh wanting to have Precision Gun with a modularity of our One of our ARS so you have an ARCA ARCA Swiss rail on the bottom we have M lock Everywhere fully adjustable stock and Then today uh at Shot Show 2023 we Actually come out with a new cool Feature so like right here we have our Folding adapter uh hinge so if you want To make it a little bit more compact you Can fold that adapter uh you can fold That stock with that new adapter you Also have the

Extended Picatinny Beast so this is for You guys who want to run a clip-on night Vision clip-on thermal uh you could run That on that Cinder Picatinny base so a Lot of fun stuff here for your Precision Shooters awesome now I have the the Delta 5 regular and I was used I think I Used about six different brands of match Ammunition and out of the six I think we Got about four of them were that were uh Sub them away and one that I think was 0.4 inch groups what process you're Doing for the barrels is this are we Talking uh button rifling are we talking A single point cut so uh they're all Cold Hammer forged in terms of that I Don't know I'm not as much of that Precision shooter guy of what they're Exactly cut to but for the people who Have the original Delta Delta 5 we also Come out with the Delta 5 chassis so Just this chassis is available on our Website and on dealers uh at Danielfins.com but so if you can drop That original Delta 5 you know barreled Action and Barrel and Trigger into that Chassis we also come with a r700 chassis So for the people who like this chassis But have their setup with their barrel And their trigger and their optic and Stuff are you ready to go you can go Ahead and get that Remington 700 chassis And drop that right in there I think part of the initial push you

Guys wanted it to be like an easy Barrel Replacement kind of system you guys have A massive barrel nut on that thing yeah Was the goal to make it so the end user Can quickly swap out barrels and Calibers just with that barrel nut you Can swap that out if you want if you Have a 6'5 or want to switch to a six Millimeter want to move to a 308 uh Again going back to that modularity and The variety of stuff that you can do With this rifle uh is completely just Based off of that barrel nut well thank You very much for showing this to us and Stay tuned for more shot show 24 speed Coverage [Music] Foreign Thank you

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