Colt CBX: The new Precision rifle on the Block!

colt while know for their military rifles and semi auto’s
now came out with a PRS ready precision bolt action rifle
Shot Show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews I'm here with Paul Paul from Colt how you doing Paul how You doing brother I'm doing great now You guys have been involved in the Firearms industry for a long time but I Don't recall you guys ever men coming Out with a precision rifle for the PRS NRL type Community yeah so we're really Excited about it the cbx rifle precision Rifle platform kind of set up for PRS One of the things I really love about it Is the six lug bolt so the Bolt's very Strong Um both capable of higher pressures Today we're doing it in six five and 308 But clearly we can go to different Caliber sets in the future other thing I Really like about it is the bolt throw Itself is a 60 degree bolt angle Definitely have much clearance as much As you would need if you had a night Force or high-end Leopold skull plenty Of room other thing I like about it is The the rail itself the rail is built on A 20 MOA platform but it takes Remington Attachments through and through pitch Threads so that if you want to put Remington type bases and or rings you Can do that which is again we're trying To make it as easy as we can for the Consumer very cross-compatible yeah Speaking of which you know Arco rail Make it easy for them to attach a bipod

M lock this is a stock this Precision Attack comes from MDT Um very rigid platform great for PRS Shooting also the grip itself can be Modified if you want another type of M4 Style grip you can this one we really Like though because it has a palm swell That's really bi-directional so if You're on the left side or the the right Side in my opinion but order the strong Side you can do that The other thing I like about is the Safety you talk about some of the things That are different from this product and Products that are out there from others That look like this this product has a Tang safety so either on the left side Of the right side really nice to be able To manipulate and it comes to feed this Product as aics so you know we're trying To do everything we can to today's you Know modern Shooters looking for also Thread up top so if you want to change Into a muzzle brake and or a suppressor Cheek can be changed the size of the Cheek and also the length of pull can be Adjusted so and then the best part of All this product comes to us in a Package at 18.99 so that's actually Quite competitive you know you're Talking about the production division You have an opportunity to potentially Participate in that the barrel nut Attachment is also very different very

Much akin to a barrel nut we set the Head space so if you ever want it down The road to put on a different type of Barrel structure that would be afforded To you as well is it a Savage thread Barrel wrong type this I would say that Type of barrel structure so yeah not the Same threads not the same okay what are We talking about in terms of barrel Construction are we talking about single Point cut button rifling hammer called Ford Um it's more of a button rifle approach It is a Colt Barrel so you know there's Been a lot of talk about Um some of the similarities with the Cz-600 being the six lug bolt but that's Where the similarities kind of draft off The trigger itself is set at around Three pounds although the user can make That change as they wish you'd have to Take the stock off to change the uh the Weight of the trigger pull and the other Thing is the safety this is a very Different safety design than what you Find on on a CZ 600 for instance what Are we talking about in terms of the Trigger is this a cold manufacturer Trigger or is this it's gonna it's a It's a cold proprietary trigger yeah and What are we adjustable from in two Um it comes at three pounds you can Heavy it up you can go as north of near Around 5 pounds and it can go sub you

Know two and a half pounds So if it's covering pretty much all the Bases that people are looking for for Today's shooting and the calibers you Know we're not going to go right now at Least initially to focus on six five and 308 those are where a lot of the Business is done and we wanted to put it Out there so and we're really excited About the the rifle the other thing About it is the weight you know even Though it's a Precision flat platform It's a big a big Rifle the product weighs just under 11 Pounds so it's not that crazy if you Wanted to bring it on a pronghorn hunt Or you want to shoot something at longer Distances it can be done well Paul thank You very much for taking the time to Show us your new PRS your new precision Rifle and we look forward to seeing this In the field and seeing how well it does Thank you [Music] Oh

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