Blackhound Emerge 3-24×56 Review

In this video we review the Blackhound Emerge 3-24×56, an optic packed with all the features you are looking for be looking for, for competitive PRS shooting. The first thing you are going to notice is the fit and finish, on the Blackhound Emerge nothing was stiff everything from the focus parallax and the magnification were super smooth. also the Turrets, super positive not an once of movement between clicks.
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If you are looking for a more affordable Blackhound optic take a look at the Genesis or the Evolve line

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in this video we were using Warne Scope rings

specifically it has
– a Zero stop
-32 mils of elevation travel
-Wide magnification 3-24×56 or 3-18×50
-Great optical quality
-Scope rings
It comes with more everything you are going to need to get out to the range

specs :

FIELD OF VIEW 35- 4.5 (@100yds)
PARALLAX 20 – ∞ yds
LENGTH 12.72″
WEIGHT 1.82 lbs
info from the website:
About the Blackhound Evolve 5-25x56The Blackhound Emerge 3-24×56 is a full-feature optic, designed for the rifle shooter that requires perfection in accuracy. This optic lends itself to short and long-range applications, from a bench gun to your mountain rifle. Clarity and durability ensure reliable and repeatable performance. With 100+ MOA of adjustability, the option for a 2nd turn indicator and zero stop, this optic is for shooters that want to dominate their game and not break the bank doing it. Built in Japan with premium HD glass and fully backed by Blackhound Optics “Our Promise”, your optic comes with all mounting accessories needed to use your new scope with one purchase, down to the torque specs. This optic is THE complete package.

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And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews if you're in the Market for your next PRS type rifle Scope this one might be a good option For you we're looking at the black count Emerge 3 to 24 by 56. so if you're not Familiar with the black Hound brand I Want to say about four or five years ago They came out with a black Hound Genesis Which was a 6 to 24 by 50 magnification Optic first focal plane with a zero stop Now at the time that was kind of unheard Of there was nobody else pretty much Doing that now since then times have Caught up but they always seem to be Offering a very good value for a very Good price and I think this black Hound Emerge is a very good representation of That this one specifically is the 3 to 24 by 56 so they have three different Models in the emerge line they have the Four to 32 which only has 25 mils of Internal adjustment they have this one The three to twenty four which has 32 Mils of internal adjustment and the 2 to 12 which has 30 mils of internal Adjustment this is a first focal plane High magnification Christmas tree Style Reticle with illumination now the price Point is retailing at least for the 3 to 24 is sixteen hundred dollars so if You're looking at pick one up I'll leave Some links in the descriptions below but In my opinion the 3 to 24 is probably

Their best value option so we have a ton Of internal adjustment we have 32 mils Wide magnification pushing for 32 Magnification does seem a bit much I Mean think of your shot if you're on a Barricade and let's say you're at the Highest magnification of 24 versus their 32 magnification and you take a shot You're going to jump a little bit off Target finding your Target on a 32 Power Scope is going to be a lot more of a Challenge than it would be on a 24 power So that's partially why I feel like this Is a better option also because it has More internal adjustment The comparison pretty much ends there Now in terms of glass quality what are We looking at Well this is a 5G Tower at about 2 000 Meters which is I think a little bit Over 2 300 yards or so so two kilometers Away and you should be able to tell a Good amount of detail in this optic Now this is a barn at 400 meters Also glass quality representations with Cameras they never really come out quite Like they look Through the optic you're dealing with a Lot of variables some Optics just come Out terribly some Optics come out Better than two thousand dollar Optics Which I've seen frequently also what Probably doesn't help is our eye box so The eye box in this 3-24 in my opinion

Is a little bit tight which is probably Also contributing to the image quality In that recording session in in the Image that you guys are just seeing also The fast Focus eyepiece is quite smooth It's not too stiff and it has a three And a half inch eye relief next the Field of view is also 35 At the lowest magnification of 3 and 4.5 At the highest magnification of 24. so At the lowest magnification very very Wild field of view so if you were Comparing this to let's say a 5 to 25 Most 5 to 25s at the lowest Magnification of five have 25 feet at 100 yards well this one at the lowest Magnification of three has 35 feet at 100 yards so much much wider hold 10 Feet bigger so that in my opinion is a Decent Advantage although with the Highest magnification it really doesn't Matter anymore it's still pretty much Around five next let's head out to the Range and have some fun Thank you [Applause] I believe that was dead center You guys can probably tell better than Me Foreign [Applause] That is a really good group That was nice all right I don't wanna Cook my Barrel out too quickly so I'm

Gonna have to let it cool down before we Try ourselves at a thousand three Hundred and ninety five yards Now 1495 yards All right [Applause] Yeah further right come on Foreign [Applause] My hits my misses out at range really Isn't that hard with this optic it's a Quality optic with Quality Glass next Let's talk about the focus Parallax so At the lowest it starts at well actually It seems to start lower than 20. and as You're noticing there are pretty much no Numbers this is a growing Trend in terms Of Optics companies just because it's Really difficult to get the numbers to Match perfectly also the focus Parallax Is really nice and smooth on this optic They did a great job make sure the fin Finish pretty much overall the Magnification on this optic really nice And smooth I mean it's got a throw lever Which I mean even if it didn't have one This is really really nice and smooth You you really aren't going to get much Better even with 2 500 Scopes they're Pretty much going to be just this smooth Next let's talk about the turrets so we Have 10 mils per Revolution 32 mils in Total of internal adjustment and it does Have a zero stop now with this zero stop

Mechanism it does limit us to 19.5 mils Of internal adjustments so whether you Have 32 will with the zero stop engaged You only have 19.5 I guess the consolation factor is that I Mean 19.5 meals is ridiculously far with A 6.5 Creed more I'm shooting a thousand Five hundred yards and I'm dialed 16.2 Mils so Even with lots to spare so it really Depends on your purpose keep in mind Most of us who are needing 32 meals we Know it's we know that we need it Otherwise you're probably buying more Horsepower than you need now let's go Test the turrets All right let's do the Box test let's go Three MOA Down Mills down Okay and three right Back to zero and back to zero Looking good Let's test the tracking Let's go three mils down Six six Nine Twelve Looking good let's see how much more Internal adjustment has That's it So technically 19 males of internal adjustment with the Zero stop engaged which it's not really Optional So as you can see it's not going to let Us go much past our initial zero so it

Actually lets us go uh 0.2 mils passed But this is our original zero Uh that's what happened that's the zero Type of system it has so uh And that's it Perfect that's it let's see if there's Any point of impact change with Magnification [Music] Good So it obviously does a box test just Find it tracks really really well as We'd expect at this price point now a Lot of the Optics in this day and age You know once they get past seven eight Hundred dollars they're really close in Tracking and most of the time it's not That discernible to the uh to even my Tests if you had a tall Target test They're all going to be very very close And I guess it would be more interesting To see is a sample of 10 not just one So if you are looking to test your own Turrets I'd recommend taking a look at Box to bench precision's targets so you Can actually test your own Optics you Can test your own turrets and also this Turret system does have a second Revolution indicator so this little Button pops up once you're on your Second revolution Although it doesn't come up very high Lastly is the warranty so I feel like Almost all across the board with this

Optic they did a phenomenal job Reticles really are coming down to Personal preferences and in this one I Feel like they could have designed it a Bit better So I typically of the opinion a floating Dot in the middle is much more desirable I do like having numbers on my windage And a little bit more of a Christmas Tree going outwards as it goes down the Thickness in my opinion is a good Thickness but I feel like they were Missing a few things when it came to the Reticle design Which you know leaves them a little bit Of room for improvement and I don't Think there are any other options Available for reticle choices although With the amount of shooting that I've Done I seem to get used to pretty much Anything lately so I feel like I'm Losing my opinion on radicals I used to Be very particular and now I just use so Many different Optics that It doesn't seem to matter as much Anymore I know that's not good for an Optics Reviewer uh it does have illumination As you can see And we have an offsetting between each Setting And also the elimination is quite bright Now this optic doesn't just come like This in the Box it does come with scope

Rings now most of the time whenever an Optics company gives you free scope Rings with your optic but usually not That great and that's exactly the case With this optic if it didn't come with Scope rings I would say this is still a Great value in terms of an optic Now with the scope rings I mean it's Still a great value in terms of an optic But the scope rings are really not that Great once you see uh that kind of tape In the bottom of those scope rings That's typically indicative that they're Not very good quality so if you were to Buy something like this I'd recommend Getting something like Typically my ballpark is don't spend Less than about eighty dollars U.S or About a hundred dollars Canadian on good Quality scope rings that's pretty much The minimum anything upwards of that is Generally going to be very good quality For example The Vortex Pros the MDT uh Premier line uh the worn line which is Something that we've been using more and More in our in our Optics reviews and They are excellent quality like they Actually OEM for many other companies Which is why they make really good Quality optics for themselves as well so If you're looking for a one-piece Mount Definitely take a look at the one piece Worn Optics Rings why good quality Optics well I've actually used a lot of

More budget ones in the past and I've Noticed the scope sliding in the Optics In in the scope rings So yeah you are you need to spend at Least a hundred dollars Canadian Actually I think it's turning into more Like 130 140 Canadian to get good Quality scope rings things that are Usually included with rifle scopes are Typically of modest or insufficient Quality well I mean I'm sure these scope Rings will do in the meantime I'd say go Shopping for some good quality scope Rings and you'll be set for life In terms of warranties they do have a Lifetime warranty yes as pretty much any Scope company does in this day and age Any defects and they will be taking care Of you so that's my thoughts on the Blackhound emerge if you're looking for A good quality optic the black count Emerge is an excellent quality optic With great fit and finish but in my Opinion the only part I can find to Really hold it back is probably it's Radical to Sun I feel like they could Have done a bit better on that but Anyway thanks for watching affordable Optics and rifle reviews I'll see you in The next review Thank you [Music]

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