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The Accufire Omnis
As someone who has tried almost every kind of downrange camera spotting scope spotting scope camera adapted even a Nikon p1000 and that has actually been what I have been using in my videos for the last season, an excellent shooting filming product but not perfect, this Accufire Omnis takes where the Nikon P1000 left off with a 125X zoom with superb image stabilization great picture that doesn’t “hop” under recoil like my p1000 does, dont like proprietary camera batteries? me neither and apparently neither do the guys over at Accufire, proprietary batteries suck! so that added a cable that would plug into any generic battery power bank, (Brilliant!) also if you really like batteries you can put batteries in it. this compact unit even has touchless controls through your phone or touch controls on the camera itself it even has reticle in the camera or additional downloadable reticles for your favorite reticle, that’s and its not even more expensive than a quality spotting scope!
shot show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews Brett Shot Show 2023 I'm here with Brandon Brandon how you Doing man great it's been a great show So having fun yeah your booth is busy Yeah you know we tried this uh the shoot House in the back to try to draw people And I kind of you know I'm not gonna lie Stealing some of Retro's everyday line The Retro iPhones and shirts area so It's been wild man it's been wild so It's been fun so So range day on Monday the first day of Shot Show I was going through the long Range shooting and I noticed this camera Now as myself I do a lot of long range Shooting but I especially do a lot of Long range shooting filming and this Thing absolutely caught my eye because It seems to check all the boxes that That I actually need Brandon can you Tell me a bit about everything and Anything about this absolutely so what You have here is called our omnis our Original product was the back side of This it was actually a weapon mounted Scope we still sell a lot of them from Disabled and blind Hunters but we spent A lot of time at the range and we were And we we decided let's try to put a 10x Optical uh Optical magnification on the Front of this and see what we can do and Originally actually was a 240x Magnification it was wild way too much

Because the image stabilization so we've Narrowed it down to start from back to Front here front to back whatever you Want to call it we got a three inch Screen so you can really see everything So if you can spot for yourself watch Everything all that good stuff but also It's a 30 by 120 digital spotting scope Okay under it's 1249 dollars and SRP so The most you ever pay for should be 1249 That's actually quite reasonable and That's the idea too so all of us want to Make things that are budget our entire Line we make it for the idea of state And local PD in mind right well all These guys can pay for this out of Pocket so let's make it affordable even Our first thermal three thousand dollars Right Budget is important to me because I grew Up broke and I don't like I don't like How expensive things are so this is also So 12.49 for this it records we have an App you actually control the entire Thing from the app so let's say you're If you're a police officer we have a lot Of police officers use this put it on The front on their Dash and then they Will you know control it from the back Seat so they can do observation record Everything send it to the judge and say Hey look uh here's this guy right now Let's go and get our warrant and get it Over with

Um also infrared night vision capable so You've got a good guy good IR light you Can see as long as our IR light lets you See but on the other side of that if You've got an IR Spotlight somewhere or If you've got a good uh just light Anywhere we've seen on porches from Three miles you can identify people Coming in and out of in and out of Houses and stuff like that And inside of that too we actually have Reticles right so if you actually are Going to do some spotting all of our Reticles in our traditional scope are Also in here as well too so you're able To really see what you're looking at and And the the coolest thing about this When you're doing long-range shooting is The vapor trails right yeah because it's Digital you can see every you can see 22 Trails which is just wild to me you know Um and you know the ability to record And also using the app you can spot for Yourself you know if you want to lay it Down on the ground and all that stuff Too so a lot of function a lot of a lot Of uh ease for for spotting another good Thing too your eyes not on spines go all Day long getting the eye twitch you know All of a start getting that little your Muscle starts twitching after all day That's gone Um all your buddies can watch all your Buddies can talk crap you know say hey

Miss you know but anyway that was the Idea we called our Bob Ross our happy Little accident but it's been great uh And we actually have cases for these now Too we partner with savior so we've got A really good case for under 50 bucks uh That'll keep this protected and carry Around with you too so yeah because Personally what I you was using and Currently I'm using is the Nikon p1000 And so far that has been great in terms Of image but what I noticed with that One is I take a shot the whole image Jumps it's like ah I get scared and then It settles back down and usually can Spot it occasionally it's a blur when it Hits yeah well while we were arranged That I got some footage through this and There was seem to be none of that I mean I guess I'm sort of asking like why why Doesn't yours do that so one of the Things is we are a technology company All the way through right I'm an Electrical engineer I'm a Super Geek We're all super geeky so the best way to To we have fine-tuned every sensor every Every display we could we've fine-tuned It if they wasn't good enough for us and On the office because we're super picky About our stuff it wasn't good enough to Sell so the best way to answer that is Kind of our secret sauce is we tweak Every chipset everybody knows you can There's with thermals there's three core

Manufacturers so everybody's got the Same thing but what do you do with it After the fact so that's the biggest Thing we just tweak and tweak and tweak Until it's perfect so that's better Sensors More attention to detail okay so we got The MSRP uh you said for 1100 or 1400 One of the two yeah so it's 12 49 uh is What you'll see it for Um and then you know we've got military Discounts and that's a big thing too This is a law enforcement tool as well So what about just plain old government Employees you guys got the worst Absolutely man so yeah absolutely we Gotta take care of the gs's man Um also are they available now if like Absolutely yeah so we've got plenty of Inventory if you buy them we'll ship Them realistically as soon as we get Back from Shot Show obviously they Probably won't see this video by then But we are shipping fast and also the Good thing is we've got our International channels set up now too so We can ship internationally very quickly Too so wow yeah okay awesome so I'll Leave some links in the descriptions Below for you guys if you guys want to Find one of these but I'm absolutely Gonna probably get my hands on one of These for filming okay well thank you so Much for showing this to me and this

Looks like a awesome product yeah I Appreciate it but we're really excited About it so thanks for your time man Thanks stay tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music]

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