Best Scope For 17 HMR – Top 5 17 HMR Scopes Review

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Are you looking for the best scope for 17 hmr? If you don’t have time for the details, here are the top 7 best 17 hmr scope reviews in this video.

01. Leupold Riflescope VX-Freedom 1.5-0.157×0.787 in

02. Bushnell Engage Riflescope

03. BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Multi-Grain Turret

04. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescopes

05. Mira de precisión Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10 x 50mm Matte Duplex

06. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopios

07. Vantage IR Riflescope 4-12×40 AO, 1”, Rimfire .17 HMR (Etched)

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Finding the best 17 hmr scope can take a lot of time. So, in this video, we will narrow down the 7 top new 17 hmr scopes on the market this year based on price, quality, performance and durability.

Here you can find the best 17 hmr scope and we’ve checked their extra features. All you expect to do is watch the video and see which is the best scope for 17 hmr.



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[Music] What’s up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Experience exclusively with BSA sweet Series scopes Utilizing trajectory compensation Technology originally developed for Military snipers BSA sweet series Scopes Accommodate most popular hunting Calibers each scope features three Turrets ballistically calibrated to the Most common bullet weight for that Caliber ensuring pinpoint accuracy at Virtually any realistic distance The Versatile Suite 270 for instance Features turrets calibrated for 100 130 And 150 grain bullets Add in tough and durable construction Super clear fully coated lenses and

Included rings and screw-on lens covers And the BSA Suite series is your Clear Choice for advanced hunting Optics One of the BSA Suite series most popular Scopes the suite 22 is now available in Three versions all featuring adjustable Objectives and turrets for 36 38 and 40 Grain bullets available versions now Include three to nine by forty four to 12 by 40 and a compact version built for The Ruger 1022 and other small frame 22 Caliber rifles Accommodating one of the most popular Calibers today the all-new Suite 6.5 Creedmoor features turrets calibrated For 120 129 and 140 grain bullets [Music] This tough four and a half to 18 by 40 Features an adjustable objective super Clear fully coated lenses a 30 30 Reticle and two-piece Weaver rings No matter which calibers you prefer You’ll find that BSA sweet series Scopes Are built tough to provide years of Pinpoint accuracy so you can truly focus On a better hunting experience What’s up everybody today we’re going to Talk about the crossfire 2 3 to 9 by 50 With the straight wall BDC reticle now This scope is pretty easy to explain and Understand because it is the same great Optic that we’ve already had with the Crossfire 2 3 to 9 by 50 with the Regular dead hold BDC reticle inside so

You’re still getting a one inch tube cap Turrets fast Focus eyepiece and the same Great Optical quality now with a Dedicated straight wall BDC reticle now For some of you straight wall cartridges Might just be something that you get Into if you’re interested in it or it’s For fun but for others in particular States when it comes to hunting season Straight wall cartridges are an absolute Necessity due to regulations so we Wanted to have an optic that was just For those folks they can still use the Great BDC reticle functionality in their Particular State now the most optimal Cartridge to use with this reticle that Was really the target cartridge in our Development and the spacing between the Hash marks will be the 450 Bushmaster But this reticle will work well with Other straight wall cartridges as well Such as the 350 legend or the 4570 Government of course as with any BDC we Did our best to make a ballistic curve And hash mark spacing that will work With most applications but it’s never Going to be perfect for every Application out there so depending on Your grain weight bullet the velocities You’re pushing out of your rifle and a Number of other factors as well there May be some discrepancies that you can Figure out pretty easily using a Chronograph and a ballistics calculator

And for those of you who may be Wondering what zero distance is Recommended for this reticle we Optimized it for a hundred yard zero and There you have it that’s a quick rundown Of the crossfire 2 3 to 9 by 50 with the Straight wall BDC reticle inside if you Have any other questions on this scope In particular or any of our products let Us know in the comments below and keep In mind we’re going to have more videos Coming out on exactly how to use this System with your straight wall setup hey Guys it’s John here from loophole I’m a Former Army sniper current long range Instructor and if you haven’t been back And here’s a look at our vx3i rifle Scope [Music] You know size doesn’t always matter vx3i Gives you high quality performance in a Rugged ultra light package with a wide Range of magnification options and our Twilight Max light management system There’s no situation that this scope Cannot handle the first thing you’re Going to notice when you pick one up is How light it is for example this four And a half to 14 comes in at just under 13 ounces making it literally the Lightest scope in its category after a Three hour stock in a 10 mile hike back To Camp you’re going to be really glad You saved on some weight the next thing

You’ll notice is the vx3i’s elite Optical performance and that starts with Our Twilight Max light management system Which is all about helping you see more And less light it’s combination of Technologies means spending another 15 To 30 minutes hunting and shooting as The sun’s coming up or going down so go Check out our video on our patented Twilight light management systems for All the details there’s also a ton of Models to choose from no matter what Hunt you’re going on or what rifle you Have there is one of these for it large Cal Safari rifles all the way to long Range Precision rigs we’ve got you Covered and they all come standard with Mil-spec scratch resistant lenses easy Turn power selectors in super precise Adjustments and like all loophole rifle Scopes this vx3i is 100 waterproof fog Proof Punisher tested and verified to Perform under the harshest conditions And that’s why it’s backed by our full Lifetime guarantee if this scope doesn’t Perform as promised we’ll repair or Replace it for free whether you’re the Original owner or not and of course this Vx3i is made right here in the USA this Is the first focal plane Diamondback Tactical At the intersection of precision and Value the Diamondback tactical first Focal plane rifle scopes deliver an

Impressive array of features and Performance The XD Optical system and fully Multi-coated lenses transmit a crisp Bright sight picture The first focal plane glass edge reticle Keeps subtenches accurate throughout the 4X Zoom range Exposed tactical turrets and a side Parallax knob gives Shooters the tools Needed for long distance precision Shooting The single piece 30 millimeter tube is Ruggedly built to withstand recoil and Impacts Strong o-ring seals and nitrogen purging Guaranteed waterproof and fog proof Performance Purpose built to extend your effective Range and stretch your dollar the Diamondback tactical comes equipped with The features you need at an unbelievable Price And it’s covered for Life by The Vortex VIP warranty [Music] Hi I’m Steve wild and today we’re having A look at the hawk Vantage three benign By 40. Foreign [Music] [Music] More introductory range but nevertheless It’s still a nice scope it’s got a

Monotube one-inch construction which Makes it very solid and robust it’s got A three and a half inch eye relief so Probably not for your Magnum calibers But we’ve got it paired up on a sale 101 308 here which is a nice hunting rifle I Think it worked very well it’s got 11 Layer Optical Coatings so when that Light does start to drop it really sucks In what available light you’ve got left So you can hunt that little bit longer Which is what it’s all about it’s also Got the glass etched reticle in the back With illumination got five set in Illumination which is on the side turret There in green and red it’s a nice clear Mill Dot reticle and with the Illuminations and the lights getting bad You can just switch that on and it pulls The reticle out of tree it’s also got The high torque Zoom ring which is nice And chunky you can grab all to that if It was cold and you’ve got your gloves On nice and crisp and correct it feels Positive also got the fast Focus eyebell Which is on the back of the scope there Under these dots caps we’ve got the Finger touch turrets which are a quarter MLA they’re really simple to use nice Click on them when you adjust them so You don’t feel as if you’ve missed Anything and like I say they’re under These well screwed down turrets so You’re not going to get any dirt or dust

Or anything in there and it all fits Together really well it’s nice and Lightweight it comes in at 430 grams and 315 millimeters long which with a Hunting package that we’ve got it on Here like Woodland stalking you don’t Want to be carrying a lot of weight all Day but it’s also capable if you wanted To stretch it out a bit say you’re Taking your your longer up to a 200 yard Shots whatever you’re comfortable with Really it’s a perfect tool for the job Although it is the entry level scope it Doesn’t feel like that it feels like the Endurance the higher end it’s still got The same build quality as what you’d Find in those Scopes but in a smaller Package and it does its job well I think The only thing to do now is get some Rounds down range and get it zeroed up For this rifle Foreign [Music]

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