7 NEW Handguns, Shotguns & Rifles JUST REVEALED For 2023

7 NEW Handguns, Shotguns & Rifles JUST REVEALED For 2023
Here’s a first look at the the new handguns, shotguns, rifles and revolvers of 2023! In 2023 gun manufacturers released new and innovative designs that cater to the ever-evolving needs of gun enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement, and the military. From pistols to shotguns, rifles to revolvers, there are plenty of new firearms hitting the market this year that are sure to impress both experienced gun owners and those new to the hobby. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the new guns that have been recently released or are expected to be released this year.
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Despite the Dual challenges of record High gun sales Nationwide and supply Chain slowdowns several manufacturers Are continuing to expand their catalogs Check out these new bits of guns and Gear to grow your Firearms wish list Rock Island Armory STK 100. With its first striker-fired pistol Rock Island Armory has taken a proven Operating system and priced it well Below the typical cost of an aluminum Framed semi-auto The recent exploration of Glock patent Protections presented armscore the Opportunity to refine the operating System and engage its engineers in Designing a gun that's desired among Competition shooters An all-metal pistol that's Optics ready Features a low bore axis great trigger Is reasonably priced and reliable Built around an aluminum frame the 17 Round nine millimeter offers the Advantages of metal such as a bit more Heft for excellent recoil mitigation Further enhancing the pistol is a beaver Tail that helps facilitate a fundamental High grip positive grip texturing a Picatinny accessories Rail and front and Rear caulking serrations The stk-100 also comes optic ready with A slide cut for the addition of a red Dot For those looking for the benefits of a

Striker-fired handgun with the addition Of all metal construction STK 100 is one of only a few guns that Will get you there This metal construction comes at the Retail price of a polymer framed gun is Icing on the cake Sig Sauer M400 dh3 Developed in collaboration with the World's top multi-gun shooter Daniel Horner the M400 dh3 rifle has all the Custom features you need for three gun Competition the cerakoted elite titanium Finished Sig M400 dh3 is a direct Impingement AR-15 pattern rifle Featuring a 16 inch barrel with a 223 Wild chamber that can handle either 223 Remington or 556 NATO ammunition Attached to the barrel is a three Chamber compensator to reduce muzzle Flip and keep the rifle steady Shrouding this Barrel on compensator is A slick low profile three-gun style M-lok free-flow tan guard The stock is a three gun competition Style that is fully adjustable A Tim need two-stage Daniel Horner Signature trigger provides ignition and All the controls are ambidextrous and Are set up to the exact way that Daniel Horner has him on his own personal rifle The rifle ships with the 30 round AR-15 Magazine best of all Sig prices its race Gun Within Reach of nearly any Competitor Citadel boss 25.

If you are used to shooting ARs and love Them for their detachable magazines and Modular machined aluminum feel citadel's Boss 25 might be for you This six round eight pound semi-auto From Legacy International has all the Features of an AR-15 including a Collapsible stock picatinny rail with Clip-up sights and AR-15 style controls Except that it shoots 12 gauge shells Rounding out the boss 25's features are A chrome-lined Barrel textured four end And adjustable cheek rest MSRP 599 dollars The Springfield Armory nine millimeter Garrison Even updated 1911s remain a welcome Throwback to the Golden Age of American Handguns Balancing advancement and tradition Perfectly Springfield armory's nine Millimeter Garrison is an ideal pistol For someone looking for Modern Performance with throwback appeal The gun Pops in regards to the choice of Finishes which include a richly blue Carbon steel or very Dynamic stainless Steel Combined with thin line hardwood grips The gun cuts the classic 1911 profile While offering a bit of contemporary Bling Skeletonized Hammer extended beaver tail 5 inches forged match grade barrel and

Low profile high visibility sights also Bring out the most in the pistol Anderson Manufacturing kyger 9C Anderson Manufacturing has joined the Ever-growing ranks of gun makers Offering their own in-house clones of The eminently popular Glock g19 Semi-automatic pistol Chambered in nine millimeter Luger the Striker-fired kyger 9C is named after The Kiger Mustang the milled Billet 416 Stainless steel slide has a g19 profile With front and rear caulking serrations The Glock compatible sight system Consists of a white dot post site up Front and a dovetailed blackout Target Site at the rear The 3.91 inch barrel features a Gen 5 Style recessed crown the Barrel in the Slide are both treated with a durable Matte black diamond-like carbon coating The grip frame provides an integral Accessory rail textured finger rest Trigger guard and pebbled grip texturing This pistol ships with one Magpul gl9 15 Round magazine the company will be Offering individual Glock compatible Components later in the year Voodoo Gun Works Mobius Voodoo Gun Works the leader in Precision Rimfire rifles breaks tradition to Redefine the 1911. the vote of Mobius Blends Innovation Aerospace Manufacturing techniques and the

Personal Touch of highly detailed Craftsmen to reimagine an American Classic while still honoring the Excellent original John Browning design The Mobius is currently available in Three full-size models chambered in Either nine millimeter or 45 ACP Eeling to the traditional 1911 fans all Three models will feature Voodoo logo VZ Grips Novak sights and will ship with Three magazines Now for the twist staying true to our Rimfire Roots the fourth model is a Target 22LR of the highest standard The target 22LR has its own proprietary Adjustable sights slide mounted optic Ready pick Rail and ships with two Magazines The 22LR slide assembly with mag will Also be available as a conversion kit to The standard Mobius 1911. the NT USA Apc-9 based on the company's popular Submachine gun which is seen use with The US Army and Air Force the semi-auto Only BNT USA apc-9 provide a compact Capable pistol caliber Carby to the U.S Consumer Market albeit only an NFA Regulated short-barreled rifle Configurations The newly designed MBT stock is a Folding telescoping design which makes The platform easily collapsible for Transport and storage while also Providing eight length of pole positions

And three cheek height settings for user Fit The ambidextrous controls provide an Easily accessible magazine release Button located just forward of the Trigger guard while a safety selector is Located above and to the rear of the Trigger akin to those found on AR style Rifles at the top end of the gun is a Folding non-reciprocating charging Handle that's accessible from either Side of the receiver The BNT USA apc-9 limited is available In 8.9 inches and 6.9 inch barrel Configurations and the suggested retail Price on both models is three thousand One hundred dollars [Music]

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