7 Best Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense -The Ultimate Guide

7 Best Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense -The Ultimate Guide
Hopefully, you never have a situation where you would need to defend yourself and your loved ones in your home, but if so, you want to have a shotgun that you can operate effectively.
At this moment I have a safe full of nice and expensive firearms. But…it is a shotgun that sits by the bed. Why? Because, per trigger pull, it delivers the most devastating payload possible from a controllable, shoulder-fired firearm. However, finding the right one for you might take a little thought and time, but there is a shotgun out there for everyone. We’ll dig into what you need to know as well as our top recommendations. Watch till the end to find out which gun is right for you.
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At this moment I have a safe full of Nice and expensive rifles and handguns But it is a shotgun that sits by the bed Why because per trigger pull it delivers The most devastating payload possible From a controllable shoulder-fired Firearm However finding the right one for you Might take a little thought and time but There is a shotgun out there for Everyone We'll dig into what you need to know as Well as our top recommendations Watch till the end to find out which gun Is right for you Benelli M4 Tactical The number one shotgun in our list is This Legend the Benelli M4 tactical on a Technical level we don't think the Benelli M4 actually belongs this high up The list anymore there are simply better More tactical options so if you're Looking for peer performance keep Watching for added capacity and fast Reloads if you want the Benchmark though The tried and trusted Tech that is also An absolute work of lethal art then the Benelli M4 is still the daddy This is a Sublime handling shotgun that Feels tight as a drum in terms of Tolerances and yet butter smooth in Terms of the action It's a work of Wonder and a shoot of an Lem4 is to love one it is also the 12

Gauge that the Navy Seals the United States Marine Corps and just about Everybody else uses In the Heat of the Battle that has to mean something From loading it through emptying all Eight rounds of heavyweight Buckshot Into a Target is a chance to play with Pure Precision Engineering You can feel it in every part the Self-cleaning Auto regulating gas Operated piston is just Stellar you can Strip it in the field in seconds thanks To the socom requirements and it's up There with the best of them in terms of Accuracy Kalashnikov ks-12t shotgun This is a modern sporting rifle spitting Out 12 gauge shotgun shells from a Detachable box magazine you can change In a second It takes drum mags you can have 50 Rounds and the Kalashnikov ks12t will Turn you into a one-man Wrecking Crew This is an update on the classic AK-47 Design with an AR-15 style stock proper Grip and Picatinny rails giving a quad Rail up front The classic lever action safety remains With a red dot and some serious slugs or Other heavyweight shotgun ammo this Mag-fed shotgun could be a monster It comes loaded with 10 rounds and you Can pop out a MAG and start firing again In under half a second

Technically we think this is the best Shotgun here organize this list price Low to high and it's also one of the Cheapest which counts for a lot if we Were braver we'd say it might even Topple the Benelli Rock Island Armory brf 14. Well technically not classified as a Shotgun The Rock Island vrf 14 is Nevertheless a 12 gauge and like its Bigger sibling is a gas operated Semi-automatic This short barrel shotgun comes with a Five plus one magazine but you can Switch it out for a 19 plus one and that Makes it a pure Home Defense option There's no stock to speak of so this Really is Ria's answer to the sharkwave And tac-14 options from the big players Mercifully Rock Island included an ample Pistol-style grip to maintain the Vrf-14's controllability featuring Rubberized finger grooves This is a 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun Though and the mags do add another Dimension to your defense shotguns as we May have mentioned once or twice Panzer arms bp-12 the Panzer Bullpup Shotgun is pretty deep into gimmick Territory if you want to take the Cynical approach it's a mag-fed shotgun In a basic Bullpup without some of the More important features if you're being Kind and that makes it a pretty good

Start as semi-auto shotguns go The semi-auto shotgun resembles a Colt M4 AR-15 and that is hardly a new idea But it really does work here as a Functional semi-automatic shotgun for Everything from defensive duties to Shotgun hunting I would love to see someone pull this Semi-auto shotgun out at a field sport Event too The fold down sights could easily be Switched out for a red dot then you've Really got something here Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical A pillar of the pump shotgun world for Longer than I've been alive Mossberg has Never really wowed the Firearms Community with their semi-auto guns Until its 900 line at least The latest version to hit the market the 940 has quickly become a staple of the Shotgun world and has really impressed Us Possibly their finest offering of the 940 line is the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical With an 18 and a half inch barrel gas Operated semi-auto operation 12 gauge Chambering and accepting both two and Three quarter and three inch shells the 940 protac has a hidden asset it's able To load seven in the tube One in the Chamber and one more ghost loaded into The carrier for a total of nine shells

On tap Put another way that's 81 pellets of Double odd Buckshot 189 pellets of Number four Buck or nearly 4 000 grains Of lead if you're slinging slugs If you're looking for home defense Overmatch this is a compelling option All of this said and we haven't even Named off half the features yet it Boasts oversized controls comes threaded For accu-choke tubes and has a red fiber Optic front bead additionally a shield Rmsc pattern mini Red Dot cut made Directly into the receiver gives it the Ability to accept the perfect siding Option for a home defense firearm Bottom Line This is a beast of a shotgun Fostech origin 12. It looks crazy the price is crazy and The backstory is crazy but everybody That is shot the fostech origin 12 comes Away saying the same thing This gun is the real deal This is a gun that started life in movie Games in the Warface franchise Now it has crossed the Divide it's real And you can buy one you can choose the Longer shotgun or a shorter AR pistol Type layout or AK pistol if we're being Precise it offers a wide range of Configurations the fostech is heavy but It's a beast of a weapon and apparently You just can't get ahead of it in terms Of the cycling speed

That's impressive and we also think it's The world's fastest shotgun Kaleshnikov comrade 12.5 The Kalashnikov comrade is an incredible Shotgun that could easily be your winner This will send the purists into a total Meltdown but seriously this was so close To being the overall winner for the best Tactical shotgun of 2022 and might get There again It's an AK receiver style shotgun black Finish of course with a 12 and a half Inch barrel and a butt stock that you Normally find on an AR pistol Then there are the mags which you can Upgrade to a 10 round option if you're That way inclined I am You can also slot in just about any Sega Mag including the 50 round drum Magazines we all know and love This is a seriously flexible and potent Weapon that is a Close Quarters combat Megastar and the Box magazine shotgun Concept means you can switch between Buckshot and slugs to give the gun Totally different characters and totally Different ranges The short barrel turns serious Buckshot Into pure evil At Close Quarters while Slugs will be effective at anything like Personal defense distances You'll lose some range that you'll get With the 18 and a half inch barrel Version that's inevitable but you can

Get an awful lot in return Pick your 12 gauge ammo with care and You've got the ultimate bedside weapon Bear defense just about anything you Want in the end It's almost a concealed carry pistol That packs buckshot Think about that it's easily the best Tax shotgun on this list and we're Waiting for the finale and Mossberg fans And the healthy debate we know is on the Way [Music] [Music] Thank you

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