7 Best Tactical Lever Action Rifles You Must Own In 2023

7 Best Tactical Lever Action Rifles You Must Own In 2023
In this episode we will present our picks for the best Tactical Lever Action Rifles.
There’s no hard and fast rule on what constitutes a tactical lever-action. Certainly, many write them off as merely polymer-stocked iterations of the originals. True, some wear plastic, but not all. And really, there are some nuances to what’s offered, besides dark finishes and ominous names, such as Marlin Dark Series and Henry Model X.
To the quick of the matter, tactical lever guns are generally modernization efforts, retaining the heart of the carbine—receiver, etc.—and offering more utility. The tactical lever-action more than holds its own in today’s rough-and-tumble world. Here are ten tactical lever action rifles I’ve found that particularly excel in the role.
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The fact that so many gun lovers are Hunting for a lever action rifle it's Not really surprising but if you're Looking for the best one we've got you Covered because today we'll be looking At 10 of the most advanced tactical Lever action rifles you can get right Now Stay tuned because we'll also introduce A special budget-friendly Lever Action Gun that comes with unique features and Is Affordable to all of you Stick with us till the end of this video To find out Patriot Ordnance Factory tombstone A modern lever action rifle chambered in Pistol caliber the tombstone is Detachable box magazine fed instead of Utilizing a traditional magazine tube The gun comes standard with one 20 round Magazine or an optional 10 round Magazine for compliance States or those Who prefer a low profile look Chambered in nine millimeter the Tombstone features a threaded 16 and a Half inch free-floating fluted barrel And comes with a removable dual Port Muzzle brake The integrated XS ghost ring sights are Easily adjusted for Sight picture Alignment while its receiver has a Milled Picatinny top rail for easy Installation of a red dot sight or Variable powered optic

The Firearms handguard is a monolithic 10 and a half inch m-lok modular Receiver rail with M lock slots at the Three and nine o'clock positions with Picatinny rail sections at the 6 and 12 O'clock positions An interchangeable Magpul SGA 870 nylon Stock keeps tombstones total unloaded Weight to an ultralight five and three Quarter pounds The MSRP for the POF USA Tombstone lever Action carbine starts at 1962 dollars Bite life Industries herring The Herring is a thorough modernization Of the lever action rifle concept itself It's designed with performance Configurability ergonomics ease of use Optical compatibility and hard-working Utility in mind It leverages the vast MSR accessory Industry in an identical way to a Standard AR-15 for different calibers Barrel lengths Optical sights silencers And accessory mounting needs Also like an AR-15 the Herring utilizes Off-the-shelf AR-15 bolts and Barrel Extensions which gives it even greater Flexibility and allows it to access the Huge catalog of calibers and Commercially available Barrel units for That rifle Mechanically the Herring uses a rotating Bolt like an AR rifle but the bolt

Carrier is cycled by a manually actuated Articulating lever While hearing rifles will be primarily Chambered in 556 NATO and 300 Blackout They can be reconfigured for virtually Any AR caliber from long range wonders Like hornady's six millimeter Arc to Short-range bruisers like 450 Bushmaster Henry model X Henry adds quite an expansive lineup of Lever action guns but with the exception Of some all-weather models most of the Rifles and shotguns in the company's Lineup are pretty traditional featuring Blue steel wood furniture and steel or Brass receivers The model X Series released in 2020 Changed the game the company went all in On the Tactical lever action concept This year releasing not one but three Blacked out tactical lever guns in one Fell Swoop There's the big boy X model chambered in 357 mag or 44 mag and 45 Colt and two Lever action X models chambered in Either 4570 government or 410 bore All of the guns include polymer Furniture an enlarged Loop threaded Muzzle and a section of picatinny rail On the forend for accessories Citadel levtech 92. The Citadel levtech 92 lever action is a Modern day twin to the legendary Winchester

1892. its short action in Stout's 16 and A half inch barrel give it a quick Handling feel While its black synthetic stock and Stainless steel barrel and receiver make It a highly durable choice for the Hunter who needs one gun to do it all The top picatinny rail is perfect for Mounting Optics whether you want a red Dot sight for quick Target acquisition Or scope for taking more accurate long Distance shots while the skeletonized Forehand is loaded with M lock Attachment points Additionally it comes with a peep rear Sight and a blade front sight installed The stock is made from lightweight Synthetic material and the loop has been Enlarged for use with gloves A slide loading gate allows you to Quickly load rounds into the tube to Ensure you never run dry If you're looking for a 357 Magnum lever Action rifle but wants something with a Little more modularity you can't go Wrong with the Citadel levtech 92. Mossberg 464 SPX This is probably the most standoutish Lever action I've seen it truly is Modern sporting rifle meets old-school Traditional The main features of this rifle are its Threaded barrel fiber optic sights and a Full set of synthetic furniture

The ability to use standard AR-15 stocks On setup on this particular model is its Most outstanding feature aesthetically Some folks are really not going to like It Functionally it adds a whole world of End user customizability Rossi polymer Rio Bravo 22LR Honestly you needn't have a tactical Bend to go with this Rossi Snappy and Responsive the polymer Rio is like most 22lrs just plain fun and difficult not To love it's got a lot going for Beyond Enjoyment making it a candidate for a Bug out gun or a Home Defense option Nearly anyone in the family can wield Effectively Among the most noteworthy it's ample 15 Round tubular magazine gives the five Pound rifle plenty of Firepower Outside a foreign Invasion it should Prove to have enough on tap to face down Most circumstances though I confess the Addition of a side loading gate would Improve peace of mind As for the stock it's a very simple Polymer Affair that doesn't stray too Far off the reservation The exception being the six M lock slots On the front of the four they're well Placed near the top and just the right Position to intuitively operate a light No matter if you're right or left-handed Sites are fiber optic three dot Green in

The rear and red up front very basic but Familiar to most Shooters and Eye-catching in all but low light Conditions Marlin 336 dark There are plenty of similarities between This gun and the 1895 Big Bore This rifle features a black stock and Metal receiver with a parkerized finish It has an overall length of 34.5 inches And a barrel length of 16 and a quarter Inches We see this as an ideal brush or deer Gun it holds five rounds in the tubular Magazine This sharp looking gun also has modern Flares like a suppressor-ready threaded Muzzle As a bonus Marlin includes a paracord Wrap on the loop lever and a paracord Sling Head to the gun range sighted in and You're basically ready to hunt So is the whole relaunch of the lever Action rifle really practical My answer is an enthusiastic yes having The ability to suppress your Firearms Has become more and more appreciated in The last few years and many of these Tactical lever actions offer that Ability right out of the box I personally would love to pick up one Of these rifles chambered in 4570 Government as a bare moose gun

What about you is the modern tactical Lever action a practical update or is it Something companies came out with simply To sell more guns let us know on social [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you

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