6 Hot New Handguns For 2023

6 Hot New Handguns For 2023
For 2023, gun enthusiasts will see the emergence of some interesting and promising trends. We could never bring you all the new products from the show, but here’s a selection of the most important and interesting handguns from the 2023 SHOT Show! Stick around the whole video because we will reveal which gun is the best based on accuracy, concealability and affordability.
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For 2023 gun enthusiasts will see the Emergence of some interesting and Promising trends We could never bring you all the new Products from the show but here's a Selection of the most important and Interesting handguns from the 2023 Shot Show Stick around the whole video because We'll reveal which gun is the best based On accuracy concealability and Affordability Smith and Wesson m p 5.7 The m p 5.7 is a full-size handgun with A 22 round magazine capacity and an All-new system that's designed to Maximize Effectiveness while minimizing Recoil it incorporates a gas operated Tempo barrel system to effectively Harness the 5.7 by 28 millimeter round Creating a lighter recoil for an overall Better shooting experience in addition To harnessing extra capability from each Fired round the system also provides for Fast easy extraction after unlocking The m p 5.7 includes an Optics Ready Cut Slide ideal for micro slide mounted Red Dot electronic sights The 5-inch Barrel on these pistols also Has a threaded muzzle cut the extremely Crisp single action trigger of the Pistol is enhanced by the flat face of The trigger shoe Each m p 5.7 ships with two 22 round

Magazines and the suggested retail price On the gun is 699 dollars Mc9 Gun Shoppers looking for a solid Concealed carry home defense or pure fun Range gun should take a close look at What the mete mc9 has to offer The nine millimeter mete mc9 hosts a Standard 12 plus 1 capacity or 15 plus One with its included extended magazine Total length comes to just 6.1 inches With a width of 1.12 inches and a height Of 4.52 inches Sporting a 3.18 inch barrel the gun Weighs in at 21.2 ounces making it Lighter than the somewhat comparable Glock 26 with two extra rounds added to Its native capacity In keeping with the modern Red Dot Trend The mc9 comes with an Optics ready Package with 100 co-witness capability Each gun will come with two magazines an Iwb holster three back strap sizes tool Kit with included punch Speed Loader Pinky rest and cleaning kit Initial options will come in Black Flat Dark Earth and two-tone black FTE with a Relatively entry friendly price tag of 439.99 though cheaper options are likely With that being the stated MSRP Beretta adx cheetah Beretta's bringing back its 380 with the Introduction of its adx cheetah Providing a compact ergonomic handgun

With heightened capacity compared to Other 380 ACP chambered options on the Market The adx incorporates the classic opentop Slide design popularized by the Beretta 92 series and is outfitted with the slim Vertex grip complete with an easily Accessible frame mounted safety as well As a Picatinny accessory rail At the top of the gun users will find an Optics ready slide and the pistol ships With a cover plate that incorporates the Rear sight One of the standout features of the Beretta adx cheetah is its adjustable Extreme s trigger which features over Travel adjustment that allows Shooters To shorten the trigger's reset travel to Just one millimeter the gun uses a Double action single action operating System with a skeletonized hammer that Speeds up lock time Despite the gun's compact size it Incorporates a 13 round flush fit Magazine providing plenty of capacity in Its 380 ACP chambering Equipped with a 3.9 inch barrel the Beretta adx cheetah measures in at 6.8 Inches long 4.9 inches high and 1.4 Inches wide Unloaded the pistol weighs 25 ounces Suggested retail pricing on the new Offering is 799 dollars Shadow systems dr-920l

With an impressive 5.3 inch sight system Looted Barrel patented optic mounting System and excellent reliability the Shadow system's longslide dr-90l pistol Is an impressive full-size handgun Shadow systems dr-90l full sight radius Barrel offers best-in-class accuracy and Control during rapid fire the long slide Configuration soaks up recoil making it The Brand's fastest uncompensated design The reduction in felt recoil and Improved shot to shot recovery of the Dr-90l gives Shooters an edge when Accuracy and speed matter The dr90l's frame features configurable Ergonomics interchangeable back straps Allow Shooters to adjust the grip angle To fit their natural point of aim an Extended beaver tail and aggressive Trigger guard undercut work to Dramatically reduce recoil and increase Controllability The frames wrap around grip texture is Aggressive enough to keep the gun firmly In the shooter's grip without being Uncomfortable for daily wear The drop safe flat-faced aluminum Trigger has a 4.5 to 5 pound trigger Pull and a crisp tactile reset Shadow system's patented optic cut Allows Shooters to mount the mini Red Dot optic of their choosing available Immediately at dealers Nationwide the Dr-9020l retails for

1175 dollars Glock g47 The most prominent release from Glock This shot season is the new g47 There aren't many major departures from Well-known and well-liked Glock features Rather a fine tuning of sorts in Layman's terms the g47 is essentially a G17 length MOS slide that's mounted on a Gen 5 g45 frame The frame does not extend to the front End of the slide unlike most Glock Models and it looks like the g34 style The g47 frame is ergonomically sound and Features interchangeable back straps and Raised grid pattern texturing like other Contemporary Glock frames it lacks Finger grooves many shooters were Grinding them off anyway The frame has a single shot accessory Rail that will accept a light the slide Is the same overall length as the g17 And features front and rear caulking Serrations and an MOS Optics cut It accepts standard 17 round double Stack g17 g19x g34 and g45 magazines as Well Walther P99 as final Edition Rounding out our Roundup is what seems Like a fitting farewell note while There's P99 came out in an entirely Different market and world when it was First rolled out in 1997 and the guns Served as the basis for walther's later

Designs including the PPQ and PDP For its time it was an Innovative design With a unique double action single Action trigger system a slide mounted to Conquer Striker status indicator and an Ambidextrous paddle style magazine Release After 26 years in production Walters Saying goodbye to its P99 but it's going Out with a bang thanks to the P99 as Final Edition Made with the desirable olive drab Polymer frame the gun makes for a Fitting homage to a firearm that once Was the choice of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond The suggested retail price on this last Model is 849 dollars [Music]

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