Air rifles continue to be insanely popular, and that’s pushing innovation forward. The best new air-guns on display at SHOT Show are a great example of that continued improvement. We’re seeing air guns become more affordable, accurate, powerful, and handier in the field. We’ve included an air rifle in our list that is so powerful that could replace your hunting rifle. Stick with us, till the end of this video to find out!
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Air rifles continue to be insanely Popular and that's pushing Innovation Forward the best new airguns on display At Shot Show are a great example of that Continued Improvement we're seeing air Guns become more affordable accurate Powerful and handier in the field We've also included an air rifle on our List that is so powerful that it could Replace your hunting rifle Stick with us till the end of this video To find out Stoeger xm1 bull shark For 2023 Stoeger has opened the cage and Let out a unique Bullpup airgun Configuration with its xm1 bull shark in 25 caliber This integrally suppressed bullpup rifle Is a pre-charged pneumatic system and Available in three caliber offerings 177 22 and now 25 which Inc which increases The gun's utility across a wider range Of users The xm1 has a picatinny rail for Optics Interchangeable grips and cheek pieces And comes with a series of colored Recoil pad spacers to adjust length of Pole A front mounted vertical grip is Provided and can be added for enhanced Control and maneuverability Each bull shark comes with a two-stage Adjustable trigger system and rotary Magazines

The latest 25 Cal Edition to the bull Shark lineup launches alloy pellets out At about 1 000 feet per second Day state alpha wolf The new alpha wolf is a user Programmable electronic air rifle that Stands as a technological showcase for Day state It is a Bullpup configuration with a Beautifully designed laminate skeleton Stock incorporating an adjustable cheek And butt pad that provides an ergonomic Platform for almost any shooting Discipline The alpha wolf is regulated and can be Fine-tuned for a specific projectile or Application and features an onboard Chronograph quick and easy Barrel Changes and touch screen programming for Electronic air regulation Another breakthrough feature is the Double magazine loading system that Provides a high shock capacity without The need for a Reload In keeping to the day-state tradition This rifle has an excellent adjustable Trigger with a very tactile blade design I think that this would be a perfect rig For the serious competitive shooter to Look at Umarex Hammer carbine few companies Continually offer the depth of products Selection as Umarex USA The Umarex Hammer carbine is a 510 Cal

Pre-charged pneumatic air gun designed For big game hunting For 20 or 2023 humorex has addressed Several key components of its previous Hammer rifle to make a carbine version That is 9 inches shorter lighter more Powerful and just as feature-rich The hammer carbine has a four shot Capacity at full power thanks to a big Boost in air volume from the enlarged Carbon fiber tank The new Hammer Barrel from Walther is Also threaded for accessories as with Its predecessor the hammer carbine has a Straight pull action with an eight pound Caulking Force two and a half pound Trigger picatinny rail for Optics Magpul Pistol grip three safeties accessory Slots and more Hats on jet PCP pistol The jet is a new pre-charged pneumatic Air pistol Actually this air powered handgun has More to offer the rig comes with a Removable buttstock that easily converts It into a handy little carbine as well Available in three calibers 177 22 and 25 the jet is perfect for target Practice small game hunting and plinking The jet is a side lever action Multi-shot PCP equipped with a removable Air cylinder and built-in pressure gauge A variation is also available designated As the jet 2 which is built with dual

40cc air cylinders The jet generates plenty of power for Small game hunting and the removable air Bottles will keep you shooting over a Long weekend in the field Air Venturi avenge X Series Meet The Avengers a 21st century PCP air Rifle featuring a different level of Modularity Think AR-15 only easier The event checks lineup offers 177 22 And 25 Cal arrangements with eight Different stocks to choose from it's a Plug-and-play system that will allow its Operator to configure the rifle however Needed In addition users will be able to tune Myriad aspects of The Avenge X air rifle System for Optimum performance The rifle's action comes with a Reversible side cocking lever and Universal rail for optic mounting a 210cc air tube and 390cc carbon fiber Bottle will be available along with the Company's classic stock as well as Bullpup and tactical stocks Umarex no toss The notas is a compact and lightweight 22 caliber PCP carbine that can serve as A quiet fun gun for backyard plinking or Go into the woods with you for a day of Squirrel hunting with a retractable and Light stock this is a gun that is well Suited for just about any sized shooter

And is a gun that will grow with a young Shooter the no toss utilizes a quick Cycling side lever action that auto Indexes a rotary magazine for rapidly Blasting reactive targets or a fast Follow-up on game

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